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Dry tooling at Masson Lees Quarry in the Peak is well established. Last week an M11 was added by Andy Turner.

Read the report Dry Tooling at Masson Lees

In more traditional news; British alpinists Matt Helliker and Andy Perkins have made the autumn season's first ascent of Beyond Good and Evil on the North Face of the P?lerins above Chamonix

Read more at Beyond Good and Evil - Great Conditions in the Alps
Feature: Dolomitic Revenge ? The Way of The Mountains!
Calum Muskett under the 1155m. wall of Tempi Moderni, South Face of The Marmolada, Dolomites., 4 kbLast month we ran an account of Jerry Gore's Insulin Challenge - Divine Providence ascent. This was the first stage of Jerry personal challenge of climbing three of the most famous routes in the Alps; Divine Providence on Mont Blanc, Tempi Moderni on the Marmolada and La Vida Es Silbar on the North Face of the Eiger. Less than a month later, Jerry managed to make the third and final ascent - Tempi Moderni.
*
Photo of the Week
Paul Murdy showing us how its done on Regent Street E2 5c, 29 kb
"Paul Murdy showing us how its done on Regent Street E2 5c" © JRae
BMC Winter Lectures, 194 kb

Are you a would-be winter warrior?

Don't miss the BMC winter skills lectures this November: the ideal way to get set for the season.

Tamsin Gay (Mountaineering Instructor) and Tim Blakemore (British Mountain Guide) will get you ready for winter at these excellent Lowe Alpine sponsored lectures. Topics covered include: avalanche awareness, equipment and clothing, navigation, footwork, route planning, climbing and much more.

Free prize draw for audience members.

Click Here For More Information: Venues and Tickets

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The most popular Climbing Forums in the world, with 7,900 new messages last week. Talk about the routes you're going to do, ethical debates, foreign trips, winter routes and conditions or expeditions. Some of the busiest of the 1100+ topics this week included:
*  Can you be a climber and have an enviromental...
*  Overhyped Rock Climbing Areas
*  Landrovers on the Gatesgarth Pass,
*  Routes with trad grades but no protection ?
*  Getting into Trad
*  UKC fit club 290
*  Standing whilst belaying from the top of a crag
*  your favorite strava segment
*  FRCC Odd grade
*  Best place to live for climbing, skiing,...
The No.1 poster in our Top 40 Posters this week was Blue Straggler.
Berghaus, 46 kb

Realise your potential. Achieve your dream. Live for Adventure.

Make sure you have the right gear for your next adventure from

The Berghaus athletes push our products to the extreme, so you can be assured that they will withstand the harshest conditions, wherever the adventure takes you. Whether you're hiking in the mountains, exploring a new trail, or striding out to your next summit, we have the kit you need to make it happen.

Shop from the largest range of Berghaus product at

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Latest News
All the Latest News from the UK and around the world. No more waiting for next month's magazine:
Greg - Le Feu Sacre, 3 kb
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As a registered user you can upload your photos into your personal gallery, as well as voting on any photo on the site. This week we had 1,726 votes, and the top voter was ITS.

Congratulations to salancaster, our Gallery of the Week as voted by UKC users.

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