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David 'Heavy' Whalley is one of Britain's foremost experts on mountain rescue.

Read David's article: Mountain Accidents and Media Sensationalism - An Expert's View
Photo of the Week
The 'Classic' Shot of Paralogism, 35 kb
"The 'Classic' Shot of Paralogism" © andi turner
The big and the beautiful - the Pro Guide and the new Wildfire..., 38 kb

Salewa Launches In The UK

With a heritage of 78 years alpine experience behind them, Italian outdoor brand Salewa are entering the UK this spring. Starting with a range of their award winning shoes, rucsacks and sleeping bags, Salewa gear will be distributed by Wild Country from their base in Tideswell and available across the UK in specialist shops.


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The most popular Climbing Forums in the world, with 9,400 new messages last week. Talk about the routes you're going to do, ethical debates, foreign trips, winter routes and conditions or expeditions. Some of the busiest of the 1000+ topics this week included:
*  probe, shovel and beeper for UK?
*  Radio Scotland 13/02 -Restricting access in bad...
*  more bolts at Stoney?
*  In winter, a compass without a map...
*  Falling off Aladdin's Mirror Direct
*  No need to pay for parking at Pen y Pass !
*  Frequency of winter accidents in the UK
*  "English Visitors Must Follow Safety...
*  Running in shorts
*  Chris Boardman on Cycle Lanes
The No.1 poster in our Top 40 Posters this week was IainRUK.
Sport Pursuit, 45 kb

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SportPursuit is the UK's first member's only flash sales site offering sporting men and women access to great running and outdoor brands at unbeatable prices in 7 day pop-up sales. The team at SportPursuit are continually scouring the globe to get their members exclusive deals on the best brands.

Previous great sales that our members have had access to include:

  • Columbia
  • Helly Hansen
  • Bestard Hiking
  • Clif Nutrition

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Latest News
All the Latest News from the UK and around the world. No more waiting for next month's magazine:
tim blakemore leading sickle, ben nevis, 3 kb
Gallery of the Week
Our Photo Gallery contains a unique collection of over 155,800 images from UKClimbing users, with 191 new photos added this week.

As a registered user you can upload your photos into your personal gallery, as well as voting on any photo on the site. This week we had 1,808 votes, and the top voter was Mark Collins.

Congratulations to mac fae stirling, our Gallery of the Week as voted by UKC users.

Events Diary
All the dates you need in our Events Diary for Competitions, lectures and even club meets:
Latest Articles
Read our Latest Articles for inspirational rock destinations, interviews, gear reviews, competitions and much more:

Mountain Accidents and Media Sensationalism: The recent cluster of winter mountaineering accidents in the Scottish Highlands has filled the national media, and there have been predictable calls to regulate and...
It was twenty years ago today...: On reaching a milestone of twenty years of climbing and the birth of his first child, UKC User Rampikino takes a trip down memory lane to the routes he first climbed, whilst at the...
Ireland in Winter: Ireland's mountains aren't renowned for reliable snow, but never say never. Outdoor writer and photographer Adrian Hendroff offers plenty of reasons to get out there and make the most of the fickle...
Obituary: George Shields, 1930 -2012: Paul Ross remembers George Sheilds, pioneer, adventurer, Creagh Dhu member. "Consider that your only protection was with quarter inch slings (some times doubled) over spikes if...
Ice climbing in Setesdal, Norway: With cheap flights, easy access and reliable ice conditions, Norway's Setesdal valley is an ideal alternative to Rjukan for climbers looking for something a little bit different this...
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