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Reports from the Sportscotland Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) kick off for the season this week, in all five of their standard forecast areas.

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Reviewed: Bouldering Essentials Review
Front cover of Bouldering Essentials, 5 kbDan Varian reviews the new Bouldering Essentials book by David Flanagan...

"Upon my first flick through of Bouldering essentials there were two main emotions fighting a war of synapses across my brain. One was a bitterness that I wasn't 13 again opening this book for the first time as a fledgling rock climber and, in a flutter of pages, getting all the answers in one brilliant and inspiring dose of fantastic photos and information. The other was a smugness (13years on) of, yep know that, know that, ooh thats a good point, that's a good point too... he's giving away all our secrets!"

*
Photo of the Week
Pebble Arete Sunset, 46 kb
"Pebble Arete Sunset" © Dan Arkle
OS newsletter mailshot, 64 kb

Order Your Customised OS Map Here

Ordnance Survey Custom Made maps make an ideal personalised gift for anyone with an interest in the British outdoors. You can choose a centre point and scale, then upload your own cover image and add a title to create a unique map.

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The most popular Climbing Forums in the world, with 7,300 new messages last week. Talk about the routes you're going to do, ethical debates, foreign trips, winter routes and conditions or expeditions. Some of the busiest of the 900+ topics this week included:
*  Pull ups vs climbing grade
*  How Did You Transition to Leading Trad?
*  What head torch should I buy?
*  UKC Fit Club week 351
*  Lowering off pair of bolts without chains
*  IV 7 - Any others?
*  Why do men think it's ok to give women...
*  Very basic GPS's
*  What the most stunning moment in UK climbing...
*  Breakaway Thread
The No.1 poster in our Top 40 Posters this week was Blue Straggler.
Jottnar Newsletter, 32 kb

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Latest News
All the Latest News from the UK and around the world. No more waiting for next month's magazine:
Doyden at sunset, 4 kb
Gallery of the Week
Our Photo Gallery contains a unique collection of over 170,400 images from UKClimbing users, with 210 new photos added this week.

As a registered user you can upload your photos into your personal gallery, as well as voting on any photo on the site. This week we had 1,390 votes, and the top voter was Mark Collins.

Congratulations to Mike421, our Gallery of the Week as voted by UKC users.

Events Diary
All the dates you need in our Events Diary for Competitions, lectures and even club meets:
Latest Articles
Read our Latest Articles for inspirational rock destinations, interviews, gear reviews, competitions and much more:

COMPETITION: Win a Pair of Ueli Steck Tickets: Win a pair of Ueli Steck tickets for his unmissable lecture at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 23 January 2014.
COMPETITION: Win a pair of Tenaya Oasi Rockshoes: Oasi are the favourite shoes of Alex Megos, Tenaya sponsored climber. Just answer one simple question on this simple competition to stand a chance of winning a pair...
Win £445 (rrp) worth of Sherpa Adventure Gear: Win £445 (rrp) worth of Sherpa Adventure Gear . content in November 2013: A summary of all the latest content on from the past month, including: 9 new articles, 34 product announcements and 6 independent gear reviews from the UKC...
Interview: Colin Donnelly, a Fell Running Great: Colin Donnelly is one of Britain's all time fell running high achievers. Several of his 1980s records still stand today, including the Welsh...
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