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Feature: Ten Tips For Bouldering Outdoors

In this article, Dave Flanagan gives 10 tips on how to improve your bouldering experience when venturing outdoors for the first few times. 

*
Photo of the Week
Martin Moran guiding Steve Ward and Gordon Speir on the Liathach Traverse, 30 Dec '13, 51 kb
"Martin Moran guiding Steve Ward and Gordon Speir on the Liathach Traverse, 30 Dec '13" © Ben Tibbetts
Ueli Steck Lecture, 44 kb

Ueli Steck

On the 23rd of January, Ueli will take to the stage at the Royal Geographical Society to share inspiring stories of his recent adventures.

Time:?7pm, 23 January?2014

Location: Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR

Tickets: £15

Book now at World Expeditions

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The most popular Climbing Forums in the world, with 8,700 new messages last week. Talk about the routes you're going to do, ethical debates, foreign trips, winter routes and conditions or expeditions. Some of the busiest of the 1100+ topics this week included:
*  Lights, winter, responsibility: an unscientific...
*  Wild Country rock recall is a farce.
*  What did you pay for what your wear outdoors?
*  UKC Fit Club Week 356
*  Clanking Fekking Hexes!
*  Nearly car doored, again - grrrr
*  Mammut Smart Belay Device
*  Remergence - Grade discussion
*  Ice Axe Modifications
*  Alpine Grades comparison?
The No.1 poster in our Top 40 Posters this week was Choss.
Banff Uk Tour 2014, 102 kb

Get tickets here

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Latest News
All the Latest News from the UK and around the world. No more waiting for next month's magazine:
Tufas?! In Margalef?! A nice change from the usual pocket pulling..., 4 kb
Gallery of the Week
Our Photo Gallery contains a unique collection of over 171,500 images from UKClimbing users, with 222 new photos added this week.

As a registered user you can upload your photos into your personal gallery, as well as voting on any photo on the site. This week we had 1,454 votes, and the top voter was richardeb.

Congratulations to ali k, our Gallery of the Week as voted by UKC users.

Events Diary
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Latest Articles
Read our Latest Articles for inspirational rock destinations, interviews, gear reviews, competitions and much more:

INTERVIEW: Dougal Tavener: Dougal Tavener is a British Guide living in Chamonix, France, and is a talented and very well-rounded climber, having onsighted up to E7 in North Wales, redpointed up to 8b+/c, climbed hard...
DESTINATION: Sport Climbing in Yangshuo, China: Yangshuo is a new destination to climbers, but with it's high quality climbing, wide variety of styles, stunning scenery and the added positives of being a little...
COMPETITION: Win a Winter Climbing Package with Abacus...: Win a five-day one-on-one winter climbing package with Mike Pescod of Abacus Mountain Guides, courtesy of Jöttnar.
A Lucky Break On Beinn a' Chaorainn: On Sunday 29th December site user Peter Corrigan and his walking partner Sue fell through a cornice on Beinn a' Chaorainn. Peter first posted this account in the forums,...
Ten Tips For Bouldering Indoors: In this article, Dave Flanagan gives 10 tips on how to improve at bouldering indoors and also how to use bouldering to improve your climbing outside... 
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