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This week we have a Ski Special on UKClimbing and UKHillwalking. The ski week kicked off with a brilliant piece; Scotland: 10 Best Beginner's Ski Tours. Later in the week we have some instructional and advice pieces on the different types of skiing, which are most applicable to climbers, and what kind of skis set up you need for your chosen discipline.
Feature: 2nd Descent of Mont Blanc's Sentinelle Rouge Couloir
Ben Briggs on the summit of Mont Blanc, 3 kbLast spring British climber and skier Tom Grant and friends made the second descent of the Sentinelle Rouge Couloir on the Brenva Face of Mont Blanc. This huge and technical ski line had waited 35 years for a repeat.

This is Tom's account of an amazing day on the wild side of Mont Blanc...

*
Photo of the Week
Andrew Marshall climbing past the pinnacles on the Aonach Eagach, 64 kb
"Andrew Marshall climbing past the pinnacles on the Aonach Eagach" © wee jamie
North Wales Climbs Rockfax Cover, 177 kb

North Wales Climbs Rockfax

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The most popular Climbing Forums in the world, with 7,400 new messages last week. Talk about the routes you're going to do, ethical debates, foreign trips, winter routes and conditions or expeditions. Some of the busiest of the 800+ topics this week included:
*  Top Lonely Leads in the UK
*  Dream tick for 2014
*  Lakes conditions
*  Multi-pitch anchors when climbing as a three
*  Don't miss and Don't bother...
*  Burrington Combe
*  Getting old..
*  Back to back screwgates?
*  Gorms......
*  UKC Fit Club Week 359
The No.1 poster in our Top 40 Posters this week was crayefish.
50% off Edelweiss Ropes!!, 152 kb

50% off Edelweiss Ropes at

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Latest News
All the Latest News from the UK and around the world. No more waiting for next month's magazine:
Sombre Heroes, 4 kb
Gallery of the Week
Our Photo Gallery contains a unique collection of over 172,300 images from UKClimbing users, with 240 new photos added this week.

As a registered user you can upload your photos into your personal gallery, as well as voting on any photo on the site. This week we had 2,067 votes, and the top voter was Mark Collins.

Congratulations to Nadir khan, our Gallery of the Week as voted by UKC users.

Events Diary
All the dates you need in our Events Diary for Competitions, lectures and even club meets:
Latest Articles
Read our Latest Articles for inspirational rock destinations, interviews, gear reviews, competitions and much more:

Scotland: 10 Best Beginner's Ski Tours: Untracked back country snow and that elusive Scottish powder: Sound good? If you fancy the idea of Scottish ski touring, but you're unsure where to start, then check out these...
Interview: Jim Mann's Winter Bob Graham Record: In December 2013 Jim Mann broke the record for a Winter Bob Graham Round. His 'very satisfying' time of 18hrs 18mins shaved about two hours from his own previous record...
Low to Mid Grade British Sport Climbing : In this article Mark Glaister details the best sport climbing venues throughout the UK for the mid to low grade climber. Showing that from the South West to Scotland, there...
Opinion Piece: Nat Parks, Unsafe in Coalition Hands?: The vice chair of the Dartmoor Preservation Association believes that National Parks in England and Wales are under existential attack from a government keen to...
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