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ARTICLE: Burying and carrying-out waste: Why are we so far behind the US?

Jake Chapman writes about the taboo subject of pooing outdoors and what we should do with our poo... One spring, Heather Morning and her fellow rangers witnessed a blooming of a different kind in the Cairngorms National Park: human faeces, preserved by the previous...

ARTICLE: The Approach, by Paul Pritchard

This is an extract from Paul Pritchard's fourth book. The book begins and ends with the ascent of the Totem Pole 18 years after he had a devastating brain injury on the very...

REVIEW: New Totem Cams: Black and Orange

In 2015 Rob Greenwood reviewed the Totem Cams. It was a glowing review as the Totems really are an impressive bit of kit which perform excellently whilst providing something...
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Born in the mountains out of specific requests from The North Face global athlete team for increased performance and breathability in their waterproof gear, FUTURELIGHT™ is the world’s most advanced breathable-waterproof outerwear technology.

FUTURELIGHT™ is a revolutionary way to stay dry inside and out. The North Face tapped into a production method called nanospinning, which creates nanosized fibres that allow superior air permeability while maintaining waterproofness. If feels so soft, it’s like a second skin and has been tested by an elite athlete team in the toughest conditions on Earth.

Made using recycled fabrics, non-fluorinated DWR and production partners with a shared commitment to sustainability, responsible manufacturing, and eco-driven innovation, FUTURELIGHT™ will change what consumers expect from waterproof outerwear gear.

Find out more...

COMPETITION: Win 1 of 2 Rab Microlight Jackets

Our Rab Microlight jackets have been tried, tested and loved for over a decade. The Rab Microlight Jacket seamlessly entered the lives of climbers, hikers and...

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New The North Face Futurelight Range Available At Ellis Brigham

The North Face has been enabling exploration for more than 50 years by disrupting the industry and pushing boundaries in product innovation, and FUTURELIGHT™ is the next chapter in that storied heritage.

FUTURELIGHT™ was born in the mountains out of specific requests from The North Face global athlete team looking for increased performance and breathability in their waterproof gear.

Ellis Brigham are delighted to have been launch partners on the new FUTURELIGHT™ range. Having tested it ourselves we found it to be everygood as it claims to be - FUTURELIGHT™ definitely ticks all the sustainability boxes as well and delivers improved performance - check it out instore or online today.

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