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ARTICLE: Close to Home - Climbing & Travel in a Post-Pandemic World

Toby Dunn examines the possibility of a post-pandemic world where travelling abroad is a different prospect. He argues that climbing and travel are intrinsically linked, but that local experiences can be just as enriching.

ARTICLE: How Lego helps a Blind Climber to Route-Read

As Matthew Shifrin ties-in at his local climbing wall in Boston, his belayer breaks open the Lego. A baseplate, some bricks and tiles are clicked together in a mishmash of...

REVIEW: Black Diamond Vision MIPS helmet

Crossing over from the bike and skiing industries, MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) helmets are designed to offer increased protection to the brain from...
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SMC's Highland Scrambles North now available on Rockfax Digital

Over the past year the Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC) has been working with Rockfax to digitise their back catalogue of climbing guidebooks. Earlier this year Scottish Sport Climbs was added to Rockfax Digital, joining Scottish Winter Climbs and some select crags from Scottish Rock Climbs and Polney from Highland Outcrops South.

Highland Scrambles North represents the first of the SMC's scrambling guides to be released in digital format and covers the wealth of scrambling across the grade range to be found north of the Great Glen and in the Western Isles.

"The North-West Highlands and Outer Hebrides contain some of the best scrambling anywhere in Scotland. If you enjoy unfrequented rock on wild, rugged peaks then this is the place for you..." - Dan Bailey, SMC Highland Scrambles North Review - UKH

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COMPETITION: Win a Black Diamond Street Creek 24 pack

By combining haulbag durability with urban functionality, the Street Creek 24 is your go-to commuter pack, perfectly suited for early morning missions to the gym, and...

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A perfect summer evening at Super Crag
Hamish Frost

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