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Gallery for Ant roberts

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Deema Mizayen calmly despatching Five Finger Exercise at Cratcliffe Tor
© Ant roberts, 11 Oct 2020
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Ben Rouse, walking up Boulevard
© Ant roberts, 29 Sep 2020
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Ben Rouse making an early start on the Zinalrothorn, photographed here on the Glacier de Mountet
© Ant roberts, Aug 2020
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Ben Rouse and Dan Bradley dodging rain showers on 'nightmare of brown donkeys' High Tor
© Ant roberts, Jul 2020
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Aaron on the crux move of Les Chinoise at Intake Quarry
© Ant roberts, Jun 2020
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Ben Rouse, calmly dispatching Downhill Racer
© Ant roberts, Mar 2020