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User(s): Rog Wilko
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From BideanRog Wilko114-Feb-22
The Howgills seen from Scout Scar on a peerless day.Greenbanks409-Jan-22
Fang Buttress, Gouther Crag, SwindaleRog Wilko305-Jan-22
Snow on the Southern Fells May 5, 2021Rog Wilko205-May-21
Tranearth Quarry IcefallRog Wilko314-Mar-21
Birkside Gill, ThirlmereRog Wilko114-Mar-21
Cosy belay on Parsley Fern GullyRog Wilko114-Mar-21
Western flank of Pic de Midi d'Ossau seen from the 3 lakes walk.Rog Wilko126-Oct-20
Sobrenada, Eagle CragRog Wilko123-May-20
Line of Hot Flap, Watchtower Face Mt ArapilesRog Wilko130-Mar-20
Ali Ait AbdallahRog Wilko119-Mar-20
Premier Pas and MomoRog Wilko119-Mar-20
Arapiles sunriseRog Wilko426-Feb-20
RavensRog Wilko425-Jan-20
Langdale Pikes seen from Holme Fell.Myfyr Tomos219-Jan-20
Grasmere as Lowther estates want to see it.Rog Wilko116-Jan-20
Grasmere from Loughrigg TerraceRog Wilko116-Jan-20
Ordesa Canyon.Rog Wilko116-Oct-19
Les Laquettes, Reserve Naturelle de Neouvielle.Rog Wilko116-Oct-19
Rocher d'Esquit, Sector Grotte, Sans Nom area.Rog Wilko110-Oct-19
Crummock Water and the Buttermere Fells from Brackenthwaite Hows (Turner's View)Rog Wilko122-Jun-19
Porth Saint, RhoscolynRog Wilko112-Apr-19
Coniston Fells under heavy snow.Rog Wilko131-Jan-19
The Bluffs and Tiger Wall, Mt ArapilesRog Wilko216-Jan-19
Abbing off the Pinnacle, Tiptoe RidgeRog Wilko111-Jan-19
Kachoong Cliffs, Mt ArapilesRog Wilko111-Jan-19
Mount Arapiles, morning lightRog Wilko111-Jan-19
Harlequin Cracks area, Mt ArapilesRog Wilko111-Jan-19
Osons l'UtopieRog Wilko121-Nov-18
The Bluffs, Mt ArapilesRog Wilko119-Oct-18
White Scar seen from Dallam Park, MilnthorpeRog Wilko116-Oct-18
La Piste aux EtoilesRog Wilko127-Sep-18
Rocher de PratRog Wilko127-Sep-18
Sector Belle Montagne, Rochers de BarmeRog Wilko230-Jul-18
Rochers de Barme, left hand sector (Sector Dents Blanches)Rog Wilko130-Jul-18
Rochers de la Latte, Sector ChouetteRog Wilko129-Jul-18
Approaching Rochers de la Latte.Rog Wilko129-Jul-18
The starts of Symphonie and Dragon, Sector Rochers de la LatteRog Wilko129-Jul-18
Looking over to Great End from the top of Gillercombe Buttress.Rog Wilko115-Jun-18
Carreg y Foel Gron seen from the road.Rog Wilko125-May-18
Sound of Ulva, Mulluistgr327-Apr-18
School Crag, Isle of Mull.Rog Wilko123-Apr-18
Kentmere Fells from Scout Scar.Rog Wilko111-Dec-17
The valley of the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river, downstream from Dettifoss, IcelandRog Wilko109-Nov-17
Anica KukRog Wilko128-Aug-17
The Inland Crag, Gola IslandMick Ward221-Aug-17
Albatross Zawn, Cruit IslandRog Wilko120-Aug-17
Albatross Zawn, Cruit IslandRog Wilko120-Aug-17
The Outdoor Climbing Wall, Cruit IslandRog Wilko120-Aug-17
Main Wall, Gola IslandRog Wilko120-Aug-17
On Buzz Light Year, Narrow Zawn, Gola IslandRog Wilko120-Aug-17
Maid of GolaRog Wilko120-Aug-17
Details of rock at Craig y Tonnau (see Wilko326-Jul-17
Best 4b pitch in LangdaleRog Wilko212-Jul-17
Newbiggin CragMick Ward213-Apr-16
Deepdale and the Fairfield plateauRog Wilko126-Feb-16
Tarn Crags seen from across Grisedale.Rog Wilko125-Feb-16
Central Chain, Blea Water CragRog Wilko321-Feb-16
Coniston Fells in Winter GarbRog Wilko215-Jan-16
Gimmer Crag and the Langdale Pikes from Crinkle CragsRog Wilko104-Nov-15
The Coniston Fells seen from Crinkle Crags.Rog Wilko103-Nov-15
Sector Les Bloques, Marabio.Rog Wilko122-Oct-15
Main slab of Sector Placas, Rabanal de LunaRog Wilko122-Oct-15
Part of Sector Playa, Cuevas del MarRog Wilko122-Oct-15
Sector U, RemignyRog Wilko109-Oct-15
Mendes, Raven Crag, Great LangdaleRog Wilko129-Sep-15
Roque Nublo (Gran Canaria) and Mt Teide (Tenerife) from the slopes of Pico de las NievesRog Wilko111-Feb-15
Harter Fell seen through Wrynose Pass, viewed from Caudale Moor.Rog Wilko108-Feb-15
Langdale Pikes Jan 19 2015Rog Wilko119-Jan-15
Red Screes and Kentmere Fells from WhitbarrowRog Wilko118-Jan-15
Spillikin Ridge, Harrison StickleRog Wilko114-Dec-14
South Lakes panoramaRog Wilko130-Nov-14
Hailstone CrackRog Wilko127-Nov-14
Grandmother conquers Le Geant de ProvenceRog Wilko109-Nov-14
Line of Pogner les ShakesRog Wilko108-Nov-14
Boiler Slab, showing the lines of Dulfer, Column and "new" route PilasterRog Wilko808-Oct-14
The big slab at Giltar SlabsRog Wilko224-Apr-14
Rusty SlabRog Wilko123-Apr-14
The Atridae, Mt ArapilesRog Wilko121-Dec-13
Pitch 1 Spiral StaircaseRog Wilko114-Dec-13
Tiptoe RidgeRog Wilko114-Dec-13
Skink pitch 3Rog Wilko110-Dec-13
Skink, pitch 3Rog Wilko110-Dec-13
The Billabong, Mt ArapilesRog Wilko108-Dec-13
Last pitch of SkinkRog Wilko108-Dec-13
The traverse on SkinkRog Wilko108-Dec-13
The Bluffs, Mt ArapilesRog Wilko108-Dec-13
Mackenzie Gorge, Grampians National Park....Rog Wilko108-Dec-13
Taipan Wall, Mt Stapylton, GrampiansRog Wilko108-Dec-13
L'Ortale, sector Stella/Luna, Restonica.Rog Wilko127-Oct-13
One of the easier and most accessible of the crags at Bavella.Rog Wilko110-Oct-13
Cuccia Secteur DroiteRog Wilko110-Oct-13
Cuccia Secteur GaucheRog Wilko110-Oct-13
West coast of Hoy seen across the Pentland Firth from near Dunnet HeadRog Wilko301-Sep-13
Zoe romping up the final pitch of Cleopatra.Rog Wilko115-Aug-13
Zoe on Pitch 2 of CleopatraRog Wilko215-Aug-13
Zoe on Pitch 1 CleopatraRog Wilko115-Aug-13
Outflanking the overlap on first pitch of NocturneRog Wilko129-Jun-13
Crossing Rannoch Moor, 1954.Rog Wilko520-Jun-13
Aiguille de BuisRog Wilko119-Mar-13
Murmoroa, at Baume Rousse.Rog Wilko119-Mar-13
Bow Fell from Crinkle Crags.Rog Wilko116-Dec-12
Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell from near Red TarnRog Wilko116-Dec-12
The mountains around Riano, Northern SpainRog Wilko327-Nov-12
First snows of winter, Picos de Europa. Picu Conhurtau seen from near Llago de EnoRog Wilko923-Nov-12
Newbiggin Crags, Farleton Fell.Rog Wilko122-Nov-12
Norway's answer to El Cap?Rog Wilko327-Jul-12
The Romsdalshorn from VengedalRog Wilko127-Jul-12
Part of sector Plommehagen, KvamRog Wilko117-Jul-12
Psycho buttress, Sector Plommehagen, Kvam.Rog Wilko117-Jul-12
Sport climbing at GjokeredetRog Wilko117-Jul-12
The start of Les Oliviers, Mont Coudon.Rog Wilko131-Mar-12
A two pitch offering at Baudouvin, Mont CoudonRog Wilko130-Mar-12
On Citerne 3, Mont FaronRog Wilko130-Mar-12
Mont Coudon, Sector les Des.Rog Wilko329-Mar-12
Mont Faron (Citerne), ToulonRog Wilko328-Mar-12
Two good "4s" on Citerne 3Rog Wilko127-Mar-12
Lingmoor Fell, with a panoramic view of Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and Langdale Pikes.Rog Wilko108-Feb-12
Striding EdgeRog Wilko104-Feb-12
Red Screes at DawnRog Wilko129-Jan-12
Langdale Pikes and Ling Moor TarnRog Wilko114-Jan-12
Chardonnet and Vertes from Aiguille de TourRog Wilko230-Dec-11
Useful road sign!Rog Wilko728-Nov-11
End of a perfect day.Rog Wilko109-Nov-11
No titleclimbing_goose930-Oct-11
The valley above Saou.Rog Wilko121-Oct-11
Baou de Quatre OuroRog Wilko220-Oct-11
La GravilleRog Wilko118-Oct-11
RemignyRog Wilko118-Oct-11
Remigny Secteur Grand MurRog Wilko118-Oct-11
Pilier de Soleil (top right) and some alternative attractions.Rog Wilko118-Oct-11
Descending Napes NeedleRog Wilko104-Aug-11
Mittagfluh showing the line of Sud KanteRog Wilko201-Aug-11
Sandwood Bay V Diff?Rog Wilko419-Jul-11
FlashermanRog Wilko113-Jun-11
Badrallach Crag.Rog Wilko309-May-11
Raven's Nest to Gairloch Wall, Loch TollaidhRog Wilko208-May-11
Route to Laxford Bay SlabsRog Wilko108-May-11
FoinavenRog Wilko108-May-11
Laxford Bay SlabsRog Wilko108-May-11
Badrallach Crag (left)Rog Wilko108-May-11
Debbie on Tall PallRog Wilko108-May-11
FlamingoRog Wilko108-May-11
Grooved AreteRog Wilko215-Apr-11
Where are those footholds?Simon Holden (LCandCC)130-Mar-11
Evening light on the Dents de MorclesRog Wilko225-Feb-11
Rutting stagRog Wilko224-Jan-11
Birkett's GullyRog Wilko115-Jan-11
Birkett's GullyRog Wilko115-Jan-11
Cautley Spout top pitchRog Wilko109-Dec-10
Cautley SpoutRog Wilko109-Dec-10
Cautley SpoutRog Wilko108-Dec-10
The majesty of Scafell RangeRog Wilko303-Dec-10
The Vision ThingRog Wilko117-Nov-10
Aiguilles VerteDavid Dear108-Nov-10
Murmoroa, Baume RousseRog Wilko118-Oct-10
Maryline, top pitch.Rog Wilko117-Oct-10
On Les Guepes (normale), Rocher de Saint-JulienRog Wilko117-Oct-10
L'Autoroute du SudRog Wilko117-Oct-10
Walker's WallRog Wilko114-Sep-10
Crummackdale Olympus areaRog Wilko229-Jun-10
Classic GritGordon Stainforth226-Jun-10
Approaching the dubious flake on second part of pitch 1, Carpetbagger.Rog Wilko125-May-10
The less than appealing start to Carpetbagger.Rog Wilko125-May-10
Carpetbagger pitch 2Rog Wilko124-May-10
Carpetbagger, starting pitch 2.Rog Wilko124-May-10
The line of CarpetbaggerRog Wilko124-May-10
La Garce (right) and La Niquedouille (left)Rog Wilko120-May-10
Carrock Fell.Rog Wilko111-Apr-10
Sforzando, Gouther Crag.Rog Wilko111-Apr-10
Starting Ninja.Rog Wilko106-Apr-10
St Sunday CragRog Wilko322-Mar-10
Great End and ScafellRog Wilko109-Mar-10
St Sunday Crag and Fairfield from Dollywaggon PikeRog Wilko403-Mar-10
Evening light on Dow CragPaul Dooay322-Feb-10
Cascate de Lillaz pitch 2Rog Wilko117-Feb-10
In winter's gripjonoh225-Jan-10
Lovely ice.Rog Wilko108-Jan-10
Mystery Picture. Where is it?Rog Wilko1006-Jan-10
Montserrat.Rog Wilko209-Dec-09
Whitbarrow panoramaRog Wilko107-Dec-09
Half domeAndrew Sandercock106-Dec-09
Montserrat pinnaclesRog Wilko201-Dec-09
MontserratRog Wilko425-Nov-09
Pavey Ark from LingmoorFiend1021-Nov-09
Narrow ButtressThe Pylon King406-Oct-09
Jugendweg, penultimate pitch.Rog Wilko204-Oct-09
Gable cragRog Wilko102-Oct-09
Raven's Crag, NW Highlands.Rog Wilko227-Sep-09
Wreckers' SlabRog Wilko222-Sep-09
Baggy PointRog Wilko121-Sep-09
Climbing at Carn BarraRog Wilko118-Sep-09
SlickRog Wilko207-Sep-09
Bryce CanyonRog Wilko106-Sep-09
Northwest BooksRog Wilko106-Sep-09
On ZZ, Lavorgo.Rog Wilko105-Sep-09
Steingletscher Sector PlattenRog Wilko105-Sep-09
Gerstenegg Sector FoxieRog Wilko105-Sep-09
Fieschertal sector Burgwand route MauerlauferRog Wilko105-Sep-09
Harristickorner and Spillikin RidgeRog Wilko104-Sep-09
Galtigenturme, showing line of route and useful funicular railwayRog Wilko104-Sep-09
BergseeschijnRog Wilko103-Sep-09
BergseeschijnRog Wilko103-Sep-09
On the BergseeschijnRog Wilko126-Aug-09
On the Gastlosen Ridge, SwitzerlandRog Wilko125-Aug-09
ThaneRog Wilko124-Aug-09
DialecticRog Wilko124-Aug-09
Le RazoirRog Wilko430-Jul-09
WinterRog Wilko125-Jul-09
Bramble ButtressRog Wilko124-Jul-09
Taipan Wall glows in the light of the setting sun.Rog Wilko222-Jul-09
Lighthouse AreteTall Clare121-Jul-09
Mt Stapylton & Taipan WallRog Wilko215-Jul-09
Mystery pillar.Rog Wilko515-Jul-09
ButtermereRog Wilko713-Jul-09
Cave Belay, end of pitch 1, Threadneedle.Rog Wilko107-Jul-09
Kirk Fell, Pillar and Ennerdale seen from Engineer's Slab.Rog Wilko128-Jun-09
Emerging into the sunshine.Rog Wilko128-Jun-09
Gable CragRog Wilko128-Jun-09
Gable Crag seen from High Crag, Buttermere.Rog Wilko128-Jun-09
Bowfell SunsetRog Wilko316-Jun-09
IngleboroughRog Wilko111-Jun-09
Moon over FairfieldRog Wilko106-Jun-09
Grey KnottsRog Wilko106-Jun-09
Autumn in LangdaleRog Wilko106-Jun-09
Cairn Lochan, Cairngorm Northern CorriesRog Wilko106-Jun-09
Winter's day, Great Langdale.Rog Wilko106-Jun-09
Climbing an unclimbed (?) crack at Carreg-y-BarcudRog Wilko206-Jun-09
Baosbheinn and the Torridon peaks seen from the summit of Raven's Crag (Gairloch area)SonyaD427-May-09
Looking south across GairlochRog Wilko221-May-09
SinecureRog Wilko114-Apr-09
Aaros and ArdusRog Wilko230-Mar-09
Shepherds OverviewRog Wilko430-Mar-09
Muldoon - the MVS that thinks its an E2.Rog Wilko228-Mar-09
Red Screes from my garden.Rog Wilko128-Mar-09
Coniston Water and Fairfield.Rog Wilko427-Mar-09
Stepping off the Jetty.Rog Wilko127-Mar-09
The great 4th pitch of SirenRog Wilko113-Mar-09
Pinnacle Face (centre) and Watchtower Face LeftRog Wilko112-Mar-09
The Pharos, Mt Arapiles, showing the line of LamplighterRog Wilko111-Mar-09
Approaching crux crack at the end of P 1, Dunes.Rog Wilko110-Mar-09
Spring snowfall South LakesRog Wilko105-Mar-09
Ben Lawerswaterbaby114-Feb-09
Kentmere Fells from Scout ScarRog Wilko205-Feb-09
Watchtower Face, Mt ArapilesRog Wilko114-Dec-08
Dow Crag and The Old ManRog Wilko112-Dec-08
The PharosRog Wilko111-Dec-08
Winter Sunset over WindermereLiam Copley608-Dec-08
The Pikes from Little LangdaleRog Wilko208-Dec-08
The Organ PipesRog Wilko108-Dec-08
Bard ButtressRog Wilko108-Dec-08
Tiger WallRog Wilko108-Dec-08
Tiptoe RidgeRog Wilko108-Dec-08
Dunes pitch 1Rog Wilko108-Dec-08
Mitre RockRog Wilko108-Dec-08
Arapiles panoramaMorgan Woods208-Dec-08
Willyabrup, Western AustraliaRog Wilko105-Dec-08
Typical Mt Arapiles multi-pitch climbingRog Wilko205-Dec-08
Hot Flap pitch 2. Grade 14. Left Watchtower Face, Mt Arapiles.Rog Wilko104-Dec-08
Biceps WallRog Wilko118-Oct-08
Red Dell (living up to its name)Rog Wilko115-Oct-08
TranearthRog Wilko108-Oct-08
Great LangdaleRog Wilko207-Oct-08
Langdale Pikes and Pavey ArkRog Wilko106-Oct-08
Side Pike showing Panatella and Spider Crack area.Rog Wilko105-Oct-08
Raven East, Far East and Far Far EastRog Wilko105-Oct-08
Raven Crag, showing descent routeRog Wilko105-Oct-08
Looking down Grisedale to Place FellRog Wilko126-Sep-08
Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell from Pike o'BliscoRog Wilko125-Sep-08
Tarn Hows and Langdale PikesToccata325-Sep-08
OgwenRog Wilko125-Sep-08
A Weather Front Passes (Low Pike, Ambleside).Rog Wilko125-Sep-08
Derwent WaterLiam Copley222-Sep-08
SlackRog Wilko115-Sep-08
It's V. Diff. Jim, but not as we know it.Rog Wilko115-Sep-08
Blackie on Depression DirectRog Wilko115-Sep-08
The Joy of Jersey 3The Pylon King408-Sep-08
The Joy of Jersey 1Rog Wilko108-Sep-08
Grisedale TarnBigHell129-Aug-08
Singing Kettle (first ascent)Rog Wilko121-Aug-08
The wanderers return.Rog Wilko321-Aug-08
Crag topo Kettle Crag LangdaleRog Wilko121-Aug-08
Panzer, Watchtower Face, Mt Arapiles.Rog Wilko116-Aug-08
Chardonnet, Aiguilles Vert etc from LeysinBrandon Copley116-Aug-08
Zoe on HarijanRog Wilko114-Aug-08
Zoe on Chlorophyll Cluster, (E1) St Loy, CornwallAlasdair128-May-07
Zinalrothorn, Ober Gabelhorn and Matterhorn from Pigne de la Leericoides123-Feb-07
Rock fall (2) at Raven Crag WalthwaiteRog Wilko408-Feb-07
Winter dawn over WindermereRog Wilko108-Feb-07
Rock fall at Raven Crag WalthwaiteRog Wilko107-Feb-07
Zoe on Scratch Arete (HVS), TremadogMartin Jones115-Dec-06
Consolation for rubbish weather. Windermere and Langdale PikesRog Wilko114-Dec-06
Rog enjoying ridiculous exposure on Syrinx, (severe) Mt Arapiles Australia.Stu Tyrrell112-Dec-06
Debbie Wilkinson leading Parasitos (6a+) at Ghost Kitchen, KalymnosRog Wilko111-Dec-06
Hey, I know someone else saw this shot first, but I couldn't resist it, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery..Rog Wilko111-Dec-06
Zoe Wilkinson on Harijan, TrowbarrowRog Wilko109-Dec-06
Glencoe, March 06Rog Wilko118-Sep-06
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