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Hidden gem at Sma' GlenMike Jeffers110-May-21
Hangingstone Quarry TopoFiend826-Aug-19
Trying to overcome mid-March heatstroke and commit to the damn move.LakesWinter115-Apr-19
Cat Crags TopoFiend315-Jan-19
Fiend at Cae Du.David Hooper910-Jan-19
A nice V,5 from early Scottish Winter Season.Fiend307-Dec-18
Widdop at dusk.Fiend220-Nov-18
Lanking it as usual.Robert Durran219-Nov-18
Come 'ere you little cam slot...BelleVedere219-Nov-18
The Blubberhouses Rasp...petegunn214-Nov-18
The best F7-ish face climbing in the Central Belt...Fiend130-Oct-18
Hidden gems ahoy in LancashireFrank the Husky208-Oct-18
Northumberland's best sea-cliff.petegunn302-Oct-18
Tools Of The TradeFiend130-Sep-18
Edinburgh International Climbing Arena - RathoFiend528-Sep-18
Hanging out at Red Rocks.Fiend126-Sep-18
Re-creating the "classic" guidebook photo.Fiend113-Sep-18
Clawing back some inspiration.Fiend228-Aug-18
Trearddur for beginners.Steve Perry221-Aug-18
Something or other.emmanderson23207-Aug-18
Freshly rebolted burl.Fiend124-Jul-18
World class bolted rubble.Fiend421-Jun-18
Nice little scenic sandbag for starters.PaulTclimbing221-Jun-18
Grand and gruesomePaulTclimbing121-Jun-18
Witches Point.Fiend320-Jun-18
Decades overdue FAFiend504-Jun-18
Typical Scottish sport climbing environment.Robert Durran403-Jun-18
A new route at a fine cliff.Fiend131-May-18
More mint connies.Robert Durran231-May-18
Not struggling too much with route-finding...Fiend130-May-18
Bone dry burlFiend130-May-18
Fiend in action...Robert Durran212-Apr-18
Hidden gem at High Crag.Fiend115-Mar-18
Proper winter climbing at the Stell.Fiend213-Mar-18
Feeling a bit moribund on the usual morpho bollox...Fiend108-Mar-18
A wee Curbar adventureFiend108-Mar-18
Final crux.Fiend108-Mar-18
Goats you don't want to mess with.capoap127-Feb-18
Another nicely protectable Hetchell lead.Fiend130-Oct-17
Proper climbing at Newtyle Quarry.Steve Perry218-Sep-17
Avoiding the dismal no-star, no-E-grade-tick headpointing bullshit experience.Robert Durran308-Sep-17
Clockwork tw*t.IceBun301-Aug-17
Endless Fiend?Fiend101-Aug-17
What on earth is a "golo" anyway??petegunn104-Jul-17
Crux run-out on an amazing slab.Fiend119-Jun-17
Deep Water Pimpernel....starting up one of Scotland's best lines in one of it's nicest areas.Midgetgem301-Jun-17
Onsight is the only way for a route this nice and steady.Jus425-May-17
Attempting a Leaning Jowler....Martin McKenna - Rockfax123-May-17
Team Stannerz-Fiend-GXP send train smashes the arsehole off Leigh Woods.Stanners512-May-17
Brimham 3x3 - RotiferJus226-Apr-17
Brimham 3x3 - Beatnikpetegunn325-Apr-17
Elegant wee highball with two bomber pegs.Fiend124-Apr-17
Day 5 burnout on vertical holds.Fiend118-Apr-17
Bad beta for a brilliant bloque.Fiend118-Apr-17
Exemplary footwork as usual.Fiend217-Apr-17
Stupid solo despite plentiful protection...Fiend117-Apr-17
You watching us, right???althesin208-Jan-17
Getting there before the McRockfax consumerist whordes do.Mick Ward104-Nov-16
Going for the slab smear online-cam gear clip power shart.petegunn231-Oct-16
Fiend Alone with Jeanette, Pots and Pans QuarryJus230-Oct-16
Indulging in some genuine DesireSean Kelly217-Sep-16
Top trundling fun.Fiend712-Sep-16
The arête is not in!Long Pinky212-Sep-16
Training for Sandford Quarry....Mick Ward224-Jul-16
The key to bold friction slabs: Stay calm and don't pani......ooops, too late.Fiend224-Jul-16
Baldy on Baldest at the Lovely St LoyFiend119-Jul-16
Cornish Cream, slightly clotted.Kafoozalem215-Jul-16
CecilewannaswimAlasdair Fulton213-Jul-16
Team Brizzle-Weeg Coalition in da muthafuckin house.Steve Perry213-Jul-16
Warming up nicely in the CrematoriumSteve Perry104-Jul-16
A cool and breezy Crematoriumjon104-Jul-16
On the compelling line of Suspense (E4 5c), Stennis Ford, PembrokeFiend104-Jul-16
Pleasant easy bumbling to recover from the walk-in.Sean Kelly215-Jun-16
Fat weak DVT cripple in compression stockings makes it to Neckband Crag alive.Fiend114-Jun-16
The positions! The positions!Fiend214-Jun-16
American Excess.Fiend410-Jun-16
The usual grim bank holiday honeypotting.Myfyr Tomos307-Jun-16
"Get down you cowardly thing!"Fiend107-Jun-16
Not a bad place to be laid to rest....Fiend107-Jun-16
American Excess.The Pylon King207-Jun-16
Take sliders and a huge cam.The Pylon King219-May-16
Page 103...Jon Read419-May-16
Gritstone new route season 2016 opens.Kafoozalem319-May-16
Grim urban crag outlook.alan moore219-May-16
Happy times at St Levan's.andy_pemberton211-Apr-16
2 star classic photo tick on major Yorkshire roadside crag, during a good dry spell.Fiend306-Feb-16
Testing hanging belay options...Will Hunt206-Feb-16
I can see it, but can I reach it?Dr_C213-Oct-15
Pondering on stuff...Fiend212-Oct-15
Psyching up for desperate crux 1 of 3...Sl@te Head411-Oct-15
A fun ride in a lovely spot.Ropeboy211-Oct-15
Crunch time!pneame208-Oct-15
I know kung-fu?Mick Ward208-Oct-15
Cheeky trespasser in Dali's HoleFiend107-Oct-15
Fiend keeping the various belayers amused with his tip-toeing antics.Oli526-Sep-15
Pen Trwyn Send Train.Mick Ward211-Sep-15
The best mid-extreme in Wales??Ropeboy208-Sep-15
Crimson Cruising.Mick Ward201-Sep-15
Is this the slate you are looking for?Fiend131-Aug-15
Young and easy...?Fiend128-Aug-15
About to make a Tentative Decision...Fiend321-Aug-15
Brilliant road-side slab.Mark Collins221-Aug-15
The best HVS on grit....Welsh grit...The Pylon King120-Aug-15
Slack on red....SLACK ON RED!! Pumped clip o' doom.jon120-Aug-15
As fine a slab of Killas as you could want.Fiend114-Jul-15
Now, where does the line go??Fiend114-Jul-15
Crucial Rock 5 on the first pitch...Fiend114-Jul-15
Inspecting the Arma plating on a Lakes soft-touch gem.Scott Quinn205-Jun-15
Alone with an Awesome AreteLone Rider207-May-15
Shirt off, beanie on. It's the only way for a problem this good in weather this warm.The Pylon King118-Mar-15
2nd ascent of Apprentice Wall on a stunning wintery afternoon.Ropeboy220-Jan-15
Clatteringshaws Loch.Fiend119-Jan-15
No snow at Garheugh...The Pylon King717-Jan-15
Nipping in whilst the boulderers rest sore skin.jas wood209-Jan-15
Cranking on rough holds on Smooth Wall.The Pylon King209-Jan-15
A perfect first E3 for the Ratho-trained climber with a good set of cams.DannyC122-Dec-14
Typical Scottish Highlands weather at Tynrich.Stevie989122-Dec-14
The usual Stanage sunset bollox.Mac fae Stirling105-Dec-14
Hot and bothered in mid-NovemberRopeboy214-Nov-14
Diabeg in perfect early winter nick.Ropeboy114-Nov-14
Wind and light.Jus212-Nov-14
Conventional onsight of Sunshine SupermanStevie989207-Nov-14
Corridors of PowerThe Pylon King207-Nov-14
Wide open mills325-Oct-14
Pfalz local pondering on the idea of banning chalk but allowing metal protection and massive ringbolts.ElArt124-Oct-14
Glen Shian topoFiend712-Oct-14
Glen CroeFiend308-Oct-14
Irresistable line.Rachel Slater106-Oct-14
Putting the new trousers to test on a Central Belt classic.Steve Perry203-Oct-14
Fat weak DVT cripple in compression stockings makes it to Aonach Dubh alive.Mick Ward324-Sep-14
Clean, delicate, bold and exposed.The Pylon King124-Sep-14
Purrfect rock, purrfect location.The Pylon King320-Sep-14
PurrfectionThe Pylon King218-Sep-14
No Frustration, just pure pleasure.The Pylon King319-Jul-14
Just from lowering off Crucial Times...Fiend216-Jul-14
Mid-crux, pre-runout, maximum exposure.Burnsie202-Jul-14
Might look familiar? A bald Fiend on an unnamed problem, Castle Hill, NZcrankey202-Jul-14
Different beach, different crags, same West coast midge and rain hell.The Pylon King230-Jun-14
The usual West coast midges and rain hell.colinthrelfall530-Jun-14
Fiend getting his esoterica tick on Solitude Standing, Ham Hill QuarryTommy Alsop830-Jun-14
Kintra locals - would you trust their beta??The Pylon King524-Jun-14
Hydraulic Dogs topo line start E2 5b ***Ropeboy213-Jun-14
Pondering on a preposterously proportioned protruberance.Stu Tyrrell205-Jun-14
Secluded fun.Ropeboy224-May-14
They're not small they're just far away.Jonny Tee 69323-May-14
Secluded fun.Lankyman422-May-14
Who Rattled Your Cage?Samuel Wainwright1118-May-14
Who Rattled Your Cage?Ropeboy108-May-14
Serenity FAFiend105-May-14
Serenity FAFiend105-May-14
Z-Plane FAFiend105-May-14
Best view from a sport crag in Scotland.The Pylon King303-Apr-14
Potentially classic sandstone flakeline bolted to buggery.victorclimber201-Apr-14
After a shite summer, the weather gods mock us with a nice November.Jus303-Mar-14
Stone Valley local about to unleash some cutting edge wisdom on North West Scotland grades.Cog114-Feb-14
View from PatonesFiend108-Feb-14
Old skool through choice on DIY - no pads, no spotters, no jumping off.The Pylon King716-Dec-13
All going Hunky Dory, thanks.Ciderslider214-Dec-13
Relaxing on a winter sun sport climbing trip to Peaks grit.John Stainforth107-Dec-13
Scottish Winter Season - time for the suntrap crags in great nick!Ropeboy425-Nov-13
Glen Etive Guardian.kwoods128-Oct-13
Au revoir Diabeg.felt203-Oct-13
The last moves to sanctuary...Ropeboy220-Sep-13
The truth behind False Stackjon304-Sep-13
Refined and elegant climbing well away from the Original Route tourist path.Rachel Slater201-Sep-13
No, go f*ck YOUR face instead.Stanners130-Aug-13
Drowning in sweat but still having fun on one of the cooler days (32'C)spa_bob222-Aug-13
What does it all mean?Mick Ward222-Aug-13
Corner Of The Gods!The Pylon King421-Aug-13
Pure awesomeness.Julesthe1st221-Aug-13
A route which involved a bog-standard "crossover to a mono-gaston on a juggy pebble"The Pylon King121-Aug-13
A typically awesome scenario in Pfalz.The Pylon King121-Aug-13
Fat doormaus in a hole!!Fiend121-Aug-13
A mulltiplicity of excellent cracks.Colin Moody413-Jan-13
5m out, 30m to go.Ropeboy713-Jan-13
Warming up at the lovely Golden Walllyons307-Nov-12
A boulder with a view.The Pylon King105-Nov-12
Relaxing inside Elisa Johanna, after climbing the eponymous route.The Pylon King121-Sep-12
Sair Fecht - unusually fair for Floor's Craig.Ropeboy221-Sep-12
Fashion icon in action.Fraser109-Sep-12
Staccy P.Fiend123-Aug-12
How much rock do you need?Fiend218-Aug-12
Fiend somehow pumped out of his bawbag.jon231-Jul-12
Mullshroom boulder 3catt214-Jun-12
Essential route-finding beta.Tom Last307-Jun-12
Scotland's (solitary?) summer. In March.Enty307-Jun-12
The Balcony revised topo.Fiend106-Jun-12
Yeah not bad.Tom Last330-Apr-12
Who needs Barbados eh?Sean Bell427-Mar-12
Lovely Lake Lomond.Stanners718-Mar-12
Delectable delicacies.The Pylon King214-Mar-12
One point of contact to celebrate the one wobbly abseil bolt driven into mud.john irving206-Mar-12
Captain Footwork Singing A RainbowThe Pylon King609-Feb-12
Black Orc first ascent.aln204-Feb-12
Dragon scales!Ropeboy330-Jan-12
Fiend higher up Ceud Mile Failte, Larbrax, GallowayDuma Brickhill428-Dec-11
Erratic exploring in InchbaeThe Pylon King207-Nov-11
Preparing for some Insanity with the time-honoured methods of faffing and over-camming gear.eduardo231-Oct-11
Howlerhirst!The Pylon King302-Oct-11
Howlerhirst!Russell Lovett102-Oct-11
Fiend heading for the tantalising foliage on Ancient Briton, Jack RockThe Pylon King313-Sep-11
As usual, the magical crags of Northumberland cast The Spell over Fiend.Ben Gilbert109-Sep-11
About to Toss The Wobbler.Ropeboy206-Sep-11
Arran-dom wee soft touch arete.The Pylon King318-Aug-11
Arran stone garden.Jon Greengrass318-Aug-11
Lines and contrast and stuff.Brendan317-Aug-11
Yes, you can ride on it... Fiend of Destiny ;)The Pylon King412-Aug-11
Belay above The Orchid HunterThe Ivanator201-Aug-11
Still lost...The Pylon King429-Jul-11
Nice face climb at UtbyRopeboy229-Jul-11
Nice arete at Utby.Jon Read228-Jul-11
Bohuslan bathtime - the weekly wash.The Pylon King328-Jul-11
Nice arete at Utby.The Pylon King127-Jul-11
Not burnt out yet.The Pylon King127-Jul-11
Typical West Coast clag and drizzle at Loch Tollaidh.Fiend502-May-11
Not a midge in sight.The Pylon King102-May-11
Bollox conditions at the Ship BoulderThe Pylon King102-May-11
Cold wood 2brian cropper202-May-11
Easter hordes.Jon Read202-May-11
Looks oddly famulliar?gungan202-May-11
Beautiful but banned :(jon402-May-11
FiendThe Pylon King121-Nov-10
The essential faffing process.Fiend713-May-10
Arse shot vs. cool rock architecture, part 1.Fiend413-May-10
Arse shot vs. cool rock architecture, part 2.Fiend112-May-10
One of the best lines in Scottish winter conditions.Fiend313-Mar-10
Exactly one year on...Fiend323-Feb-10
Making good use of a cold Scottish winter.Fiend221-Feb-10
Lounging around after a fine afternoon at La Panocha.magpie111-Jan-10
Sizzling in the sauna-like late December heat.The Pylon King206-Jan-10
Early 2009, early afternoon, -2°C.The Pylon King615-Dec-09
The Boomer!Fiend411-Dec-09
Baslow boulderer ponders on the essential meaninglessness of sitting starts.magpie1008-Dec-09
Intelligence vs. Counter-intelligence: The unmistakable approach to Lower Sharpnose, North Devon.Fiend903-Dec-09
Our hero's hands after such treatment.chris j530-Nov-09
Favourite campsite view.The Pylon King424-Sep-09
Good Morning Cadair!Fiend122-Sep-09
NHS Approved* Thrombosis Recovery Schedule in Llanberis Pass.Fiend118-Sep-09
Local activist kindly warns aspirant visitors that Craig Cywarch is a heap of rambling bollox.SonyaD323-Jun-09
Indian Summer: Essential Crux SequenceThe Pylon King603-Jun-09
Fiend learning his Grammar.The Pylon King514-May-09
Usual grotty quarry bollox :).grumpybearpantsclimbinggoat913-May-09
Industry, religion, nature.Astral Highway720-Apr-09
Leaving Carrock Fell...Fiend214-Apr-09
8 hours of effort for 3m of climbing.Tom Colquhoun1008-Apr-09
Scottish Winter climbing at it's best.robdan128-Feb-09
Fiend on a boulder.beegsyboy526-Feb-09
Fiend arsing around with his top off yet again.The Pylon King807-Jan-09
Curbar dusk.Fiend616-Dec-08
Fiend spotted in his natural habitat - esoteric quarried bollox (but a superb route).The Pylon King804-Dec-08
Big up the fat weak punter massive. Fiend representing, yo.Ropeboy626-Nov-08
Early Tuesday morning at CurbarThe Pylon King411-Nov-08
Fiend consumed by BloodlustAlasdair Fulton311-Nov-08
Late Monday afternoon at StanageFiend303-Nov-08
Fiend bouldering on grit.Souljah727-Oct-08
Fiend swearing his way up Galileo, Shining Clough - transcript available on request.JDSwain427-Oct-08
Fiend committing to the first crux of Poetry Pink, Rainbow Slab.Fiend127-Oct-08
Top quality Welsh mountain outcrop.The Pylon King230-Sep-08
Winter retrospective 2: Working towards the awesome El Poussif, Isatis.Fiend329-Sep-08
The brilliant and probably underrated problem on the "other" end of The Pebble.simon c328-Sep-08
Classic little gritstone crimpy wall micro-route.DannyC422-Sep-08
Classic little gritstone crimpy wall micro-route.The Pylon King109-Sep-08
Sailing into the Scottish sunset etc etc.Fiend1209-Sep-08
Fiend fiddling with his nuts.Oli405-Sep-08
Sharpcliffe RockFiend316-Aug-08
Lundy with it's own personal cloud.James Moyle328-Jul-08
Am Buchaille vs. The HaarFiend111-Jun-08
Sunset near Sheigra.Alasdair Fulton109-Jun-08
Fiend having fun on a typical Torridon sandstone soft-touch.Fiend322-May-08
Winter retrospective 1: First ascent of Parthian Shit, Wyming Brook.Fiend722-May-08
Scottish "Winter Season" bollox finally over, thank god.Fiend221-May-08
Kalymnos? Diabaig!Fiend120-May-08
Fiend looking after his elbows at Bellus.The Pylon King207-May-08
Fiend stretching up a nice arete at 91.1Fiend128-Apr-08
Some snowy lump of rock somewhere.The Pylon King325-Apr-08
Indian Autumn: Walking into somewhere beautiful.andi_e323-Apr-08
Indian Autumn: Fiend timidly negotiating the 2nd Cheese Band (out of 6) on Hysteresis, Mousetrap ZawnIanJackson423-Apr-08
Fiend braving bleak mid-July conditions on Pocket Wall, Standing StonesAlex Thompson107-Apr-08
A Blinding Flash of inspiration...The Pylon King115-Mar-08
Calm? No....Fiend on the crux, sketching like Rolf bloody Harris...The Pylon King115-Mar-08
Fiend oozing up the first ascent of The Slither, Buchan West Crag, Galloway HillsDuz Walker721-Feb-08
Indian Summer: Emerging from the abyss.TobyA422-Nov-07
Indian Summer: The tranquil beauty of the mountain enviroment.Stu Tyrrell219-Nov-07
Indian Summer: Fiend hurriedly escaping the basking creatures below.The Pylon King219-Nov-07
Corsica: Fiend on some more random chipped overgraded bollox.Fidget216-Nov-07
Corsica: Fiend's typical inelegance and Corsica's typical rock features.el diablo116-Nov-07
Topo for Buchan West Crag, Galloway HillsFiend604-Aug-07
Coastal scenery off Carn GowlaCJD427-Jun-07
A brilliant mid-grade gritstone arete with tastily bold climbing on great rippled rock.Fiend418-May-07
Fiend heading for the Morgue. Featuring climbingpixie waiting for his downfall.Fiend117-May-07
Fiend flashing the elegant Ripple via inelegant thrashing around.kevin stephens303-May-07
Pastoral pocket pleasures on De Sade, Wharepapa South, Wharepapa, NZWill Hunt213-Apr-07
Fiend experimenting with a novelty bouldering mat at Froggatt.TN320-Feb-07
Leek from the Roaches Skyline.Fiend218-Feb-07
Celebrating the start of summer on 1st February with some exemplary footwork.TimS409-Feb-07
Fiend resplendent in full autumn camo and in classic Rasping mode.Clauso508-Feb-07
Swanning around on the "essential crux sequence" (© Pylon King)The Pylon King417-Jan-07
Fiend reaching the limit of his esoteric bollox tolerance at some god-awful road cutting in North Walesrice boy812-Nov-06
Fiend scarcely believing he's in the middle of the Rainbow Slab.Fidget608-Nov-06
Self portrait at Earl CragJules B429-Sep-06
Earning the post-Ysgo curry: JawbreakerDave Flanagan204-Sep-06
The very essence of Ysgo: The Incredible Shaking ManAdders204-Sep-06
'twixt light and shade - Fiend keeping his toes intact on The Pobble, Souter Head, Aberdeenkevin stephens330-Aug-06
Porth Ysgo: American RafikiFiend125-Aug-06
Cleaning and climbing, banter and barbeques, fun, frolics and fresh new routes - the 2006 Egerton meet.The Pylon King522-Aug-06
Fiend, still under a Delusion but nearly there...The Pylon King310-Jul-06
Fiend sweating under his own Delusion, a new route at EgertonThe Pylon King104-Jul-06
A modern Briton on Ancient Briton, Jack Rock.The Pylon King231-May-06
Outward Bound on the softest touch in Northumberland...The Pylon King330-May-06
Practising for real climbing - sequence on Thimble, Wanaka, NZAllister Clark110-May-06
Garheugh Point, Galloway. The thin crack just right of centre is the main slab route Two Tyred. No idea what the coocoon is.stu7jokes104-May-06
A less climbed Scottish sea stack - The Souter, near Berwick.Fiend127-Apr-06
Fiend clutching at straws ho ho on Strawclutcher's Wall, Meikle Partans, Aberdeenkevin stephens209-Mar-06
Fiend feeling puny on the appropriately named Weakling's Wall, Brown Crag, Aberdeenkevin stephens209-Mar-06
Mr Smooth himself, pimping away at Caley...Adders309-Mar-06
Fiend just making Joes Arete, The Roachesstow209-Mar-06
Fiend learning some technique on an unnamed problem, Castle Hill, NZkevin stephens209-Mar-06
Multiple choice: Is Fiend: 1) Shitting himself; 2) Cacking himself; 3) Bricking himself; on The Brush Off??sneaky butcher126-Feb-06
A perfect view from the Cwm Dyli boulders.blod308-Mar-05
Fiend tucking into Brunch, a new problem at Garheugh Point, Gallowaysimon c230-Aug-04
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