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Eyeing up the slot hold after the hard pull on to The Beastpetegunn117-Jul-23
The superb highball of Cullen de Chien ?Fraser103-Jun-23
Beautiful day on the blocks ?Mick Ward114-Feb-23
Gully 1 & Viking ButtressMark Eddy120-Jan-23
Smearing in crampons, Lakes Classic Rock routes!Albion102-Jan-23
Disappearing edges on Classic Lakes routes!alan moore201-Jan-23
First led ascent of The Black Russian at Armathwaite.petegunn111-Nov-22
Gently does it! A superb couple of pitches.petegunn306-Jun-22
Classic mini adventure on The Souter. A must for any sea stack afficionados.IanMcC113-Dec-21
Right Hand Block, Kelton Hill Cragpetegunn105-Dec-21
The Subsidiary Block, Kelton Hill Cragpetegunn105-Dec-21
Main block Kelton Hill Cragpetegunn104-Dec-21
How do I get up there?Dave Musgrove230-Apr-21
Chapel Fell TopLankyman119-Oct-20
Steep approach up to Sandbed Ghyll CragRick Graham421-Jul-20
How many Bendcrete walls are left? The Sands Centre Carlisle Climbing wall 1985 - 2020.petegunn104-Jul-20
Sands Centre Carlisle Climbing wall 1985 - 2020petegunn204-Jul-20
Another Bendcrete wall goes The Sands Centre Carlisle Climbing wall 1985 - 2020petegunn103-Jul-20
Sands Centre Carlisle Climbing wall 1985 - 2020petegunn103-Jul-20
Sands Centre Carlisle Climbing wall 1985 - 2020petegunn103-Jul-20
The superb highball of Jeff's Wallpetegunn126-May-20
Armathwaite Sandy Bay Problems FRCCpetegunn124-May-20
Graph of climbing careerpetegunn110-Aug-19
Honeycomb Boulderclaire14101-Dec-17
The Slab at Armathwaite Stays pretty decent now the trees have gone.JCurrie213-Nov-17
Hetherington's Bay Bouldering Topopetegunn116-Aug-17
Harrop Tarn Cragpetegunn126-Jul-17
Matt heading for the brightness on LightMichael Hood322-May-17
An original Underwood whole-plate camera in action. One used by the Abraham BrothersCaptain Solo113-Mar-17
Les Trois MamellesIanMcC208-Sep-16
Are those Lions?petegunn614-Jun-16
Eyeing up the top holds on Scratchjim jones115-Apr-16
Brown Cove Crags Winter Topopetegunn421-Jan-16
First ascent of A Bit on the SideLankyman201-Nov-15
Broomlee Lough and its unclimbed roofs?petegunn126-Oct-15
A Bit on the Side goes up the centre of the impressive wall, the photogenic arete is Full Frontal.Fiend225-Oct-15
Willing it to stick!petegunn120-Mar-15
Thought roofs were supposed to keep you dry? It was raining!petegunn227-Feb-15
Not this time!Ropeboy207-Oct-14
Paper MoonFiend315-May-14
Success on Lenny LimpetThe Pylon King311-May-14
The Bicton Boys taking the easy way off the Ladram LadyMick Ward113-Jan-14
The Secret Garden (New Problem)petegunn713-Jan-14
A bit stiff for HVS Thought we were on Finale Groove!Ciderslider228-Dec-13
Everybody StreeeeeeetchFranco Cookson127-Mar-13
Elimininate Wall (Twin Cracks) Showing selected problemspetegunn211-Aug-12
The Main Wall (Aretes) and The Pod area. Showing the best of the problemspetegunn111-Aug-12
The far Area (Cherry Tree Crack) Showing selection of problemspetegunn108-Aug-12
Manta Forcepetegunn106-Jul-12
Scratch Aretepetegunn209-Jun-12
Launchy Gill just before the thawpetegunn118-Dec-10
Good balancy moves on Gillette Directpetegunn112-Sep-10
A wonderful place to get away from it allYrmenlaf206-Sep-10
Chock Gully in superb conditionpetegunn110-Aug-10
A good route on East Raven Crag LangdaleMick Ward130-Mar-10
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