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Night bouldering at OtterspoolDavid Hooper114-May-12
Mike00010David Hooper106-Apr-12
Bags laid down while photos are taken along sour milk gillDavid Hooper118-Feb-12
The wild rock landscape of la casse desert below the Col D'Izoard - QueyrasDavid Hooper101-Jan-12
Toby contemplates a Lumpy Universe (E2/3 5c)David Hooper114-Dec-11
Commencal FLame LTD Ti custom buildDavid Hooper115-Aug-11
As seen in MBUK and MBR. 50 stitches and 4 titanium plates.David Hooper116-Jul-11
Bouldering isn't all about the boulderingDavid Hooper126-Jun-11
Capel Curig and the Snowdon Range from Clogwyn MawrDavid Hooper126-Mar-11
Sunset shadows, Snowdon group from Llynnau MymbyrDavid Hooper110-Mar-11
Carn Mor Dearg sunriseDavid Hooper123-Feb-11
Mankind's fruitless journey through the bleakness of life unnoticed by the dead tree as it slowly rots away.David Hooper130-Dec-10
ling hut torridonDavid Hooper128-Dec-10
Moel Siabod from Tyn y CoedDavid Hooper227-Dec-10
Sunset at Lyme ParkDavid Hooper127-Dec-10
Last of the setting sun's light on the Carneddau, moonrise, from Y GarnDavid Hooper123-Dec-10
elaine at Gisburn Forest...water jump..lolDavid Hooper119-Dec-10
In condition? Leaving the axes at home for a winter ascent of Embankment 2...the way it should be done.David Hooper112-Dec-10
Now I do like that view!David Hooper202-Dec-10
The 21 bends of the Alpe d'HuezDavid Hooper118-Nov-10
Lochaber - When Autumn and Winter meetDavid Hooper126-Oct-10
africa ribDavid Hooper123-Oct-10
i took this after watching a unknown male climber from sweeden attempt to lead masters edgeDavid Hooper121-Oct-10
Christina Schmid, Mammut AthleteDavid Hooper126-Aug-10
Cheesy GrinDavid Hooper121-Aug-10
Haslingden County Primary BoulderDavid Hooper109-Aug-10
Iceland 2010- trekking down into the active geothermal caldera of the Hags Mountain - KerlingarfjollDavid Hooper105-Aug-10
Iceland 2010 - Gulfoss againDavid Hooper105-Aug-10
Kaieteur Gorge GuyanaDavid Hooper105-Aug-10
Iceland 2010 - Kelingarfjoll from Gygjarfoss - there is a legend about Dante & the Holy Grail hereDavid Hooper104-Aug-10
Juliette & Isabelle belaying on Idwal slabsDavid Hooper104-Aug-10
Mrs Only a HillDavid Hooper122-Jul-10
DenniDavid Hooper126-Jun-10
NeistDavid Hooper122-Jun-10
the view of the Clach Glas traverse from near the summit of BlavenDavid Hooper101-Jun-10
Late afternoon sunshine at Llyn Padarn. Looks like a good moment to climbing on Cloggy!David Hooper126-May-10
The Soul Of A Mountaineer - He Has That 1000 Yard Stare In His Eyes - Snowdon from Yr Aran in backgroundDavid Hooper224-May-10
Evening sunlight, Llyn Glas and Crib Goch, Cwm Glas.David Hooper126-Apr-10
Another 'Place of Transference'. From slide to computer....David Hooper112-Feb-10
Place of transferenceDavid Hooper109-Feb-10
Northwest ridge of Nevado Chopicalqui seen from close to the summit, 6345m, Cordillera Blanca, Peru.David Hooper130-Jan-10
Mick Ward warming up on the traverse 'Jugs of Joy' at 'The Nook'David Hooper124-Jan-10
First climb of the decade. Which one?David Hooper122-Jan-10
Looking back at Y Lliwedd, where we have just climbedDavid Hooper117-Jan-10
Nantlle ridgeDavid Hooper115-Jan-10
Jeff approaching cave belayDavid Hooper114-Jan-10
A Treacherous Beauty - Avalanche conditions on SnowdonDavid Hooper109-Jan-10
Vaynol. LlanberisDavid Hooper107-Jan-10
Nr Auzangate, Cordillera Vilcanota, PeruDavid Hooper116-Dec-09
High pressure conditions on Llyn GwynantDavid Hooper114-Oct-09
Al Evans on the way back from the Alps in 1969David Hooper126-Sep-09
Adam and Eve on TryfanDavid Hooper116-Jul-09
Decay and Hope in the White PeakDavid Hooper114-Jul-09
Team tactics. Which belay method would you prefer - 1 alert partner or 12 red helmeted beginners?David Hooper110-Jul-09
Engorged tickDavid Hooper109-Jul-09
Rosco and MeDavid Hooper117-Jun-09
Elgol Sunset and the CuillinDavid Hooper217-Jun-09
Etive SlabsDavid Hooper115-Jun-09
Sunset slab sportDavid Hooper111-Jun-09
Spring In CorpachDavid Hooper120-May-09
Sunset from Goatfell towards Cir Mhor, ArranDavid Hooper117-May-09
oceanDavid Hooper130-Apr-09
The Todra Series - Sunrise at Erg ChebbiDavid Hooper218-Apr-09
The Todra Series - the eyes of a childDavid Hooper115-Apr-09
The Todra Series - Camels at Erg ChebbiDavid Hooper115-Apr-09
Cotopaxi SunriseDavid Hooper214-Mar-09
Jobo RabzangDavid Hooper109-Mar-09
Ingerland, from the Berwyns, the Wrekin clearly in viewDavid Hooper203-Mar-09
The Windmills of lovely, so inefficient, so subsidised...David Hooper403-Mar-09
LagangarbhDavid Hooper103-Mar-09
Clogwyn y Garnedd on 5/2/09David Hooper106-Feb-09
Evening sun looking to Snowdon from Carnedd DafyddDavid Hooper127-Jan-09
The delights of base camp, Peruvian sardines everyday! We couldn't think of anything else....David Hooper123-Jan-09
Frosty Deliverance, Stanage. New Year's Day 2009.David Hooper116-Jan-09
Matterhorn - hornli ridge and east faceDavid Hooper115-Jan-09
HoldDavid Hooper115-Jan-09
Nick Willis attempting Ulysses' BowDavid Hooper112-Dec-08
Moon over SiabodDavid Hooper111-Dec-08
Dave Johnson mid-fall off White WandDavid Hooper111-Dec-08
the northern corriesDavid Hooper104-Nov-08
jude calvert-toulminDavid Hooper116-Oct-08
Giant Puff Ball Fungus, Brazos Mountains, Northern New Mexico.David Hooper130-Sep-08
Beautiful field of Obsidian close to Hrafntinnusker, IcelandDavid Hooper218-Sep-08
The wanderers return.David Hooper120-Aug-08
Alftavatn, Iceland - PanoramaDavid Hooper105-Aug-08
Sareks National ParkDavid Hooper105-Aug-08
The HandDavid Hooper102-Jul-08
The bouldering shedDavid Hooper102-Jul-08
Fall leaves in granite poolDavid Hooper114-May-08
Llyn Padarn PanoramaDavid Hooper117-Apr-08
Tom RipleyDavid Hooper117-Apr-08
Gurning high on Kirkus's CornerDavid Hooper128-Mar-08
Sunrise on Dove CragDavid Hooper122-Mar-08
Fingers Ridge (IV,4)David Hooper119-Mar-08
brixton climber in London. Dulwish wallDavid Hooper219-Mar-08
Khan Ondor Hills of MongoliaDavid Hooper818-Mar-08
Keeper of the dinorwic slate minesDavid Hooper217-Mar-08
Vulture drifting past our belay half way up Fire tower RiglosDavid Hooper215-Mar-08
Relaxing after a day's boulderingDavid Hooper114-Mar-08
Stag in Glen OrchyDavid Hooper114-Mar-08
Intelligence vs. Counter-intelligence: The unmistakable approach to Lower Sharpnose, North Devon.David Hooper114-Mar-08
Seconding Topp, KrokanDavid Hooper111-Mar-08
Fiend at Cae Du.David Hooper111-Mar-08
Dinorwic Autumn PanoramaDavid Hooper208-Mar-08
The Lleyn Peninsula from Foel Goch with temperature inversionsDavid Hooper125-Feb-08
brixton climber in south sandstone.Bowles RocksDavid Hooper125-Feb-08
View from World's End, ClwydDavid Hooper125-Feb-08
Ted on PyloneDavid Hooper118-Feb-08
Interior of GerDavid Hooper230-Jan-08
Snowdon from Glyder FachDavid Hooper118-Dec-07
La PerserveranceDavid Hooper127-Nov-07
Looking towards the Langdale Pikes from ElterwaterDavid Hooper118-Nov-07
Cliff performing his impersonation of the lizzards in Font!David Hooper109-Nov-07
Mick Ryan on Pinnacle Route, Tryfan, North WalesDavid Hooper107-Nov-07
David HooperDavid Hooper406-Nov-07
Heitlistock and clouds, SwitzerlandDavid Hooper306-Nov-07
Capel CurigDavid Hooper106-Nov-07
magpieDavid Hooper104-Nov-07
Talking TacticsDavid Hooper130-Oct-07
Dinorwic AutumnDavid Hooper228-Oct-07
Table de Roc, Aiguille du TourDavid Hooper123-Oct-07
Otterspool Promenade Wall - LiverpoolDavid Hooper422-Oct-07
Refuge de l'etang du PinetDavid Hooper106-Oct-07
Swapping over at belay 2 Mike to lead the 3rd pitchDavid Hooper103-Oct-07
"You can't out-stare me!"David Hooper127-Sep-07
It's worth getting up early some daysDavid Hooper126-Sep-07
Snowdonia from Moel Fammau - PanoramaDavid Hooper226-Sep-07
Tre Cime LavaredoDavid Hooper126-Sep-07
Welcome to ParadiceDavid Hooper126-Sep-07
Mongol family moving to their winter pasturesDavid Hooper125-Sep-07
Otterspool Promenade Wall - LiverpoolDavid Hooper216-Sep-07
Top of PortfolioDavid Hooper116-Sep-07
Tension (VS 4b) route mapDavid Hooper211-Sep-07
S Face of Grand Combin, from Velan HutDavid Hooper105-Sep-07
Alexandro and me cooking for the clients.David Hooper120-Aug-07
Gem on Via Ferrata Du MontDavid Hooper119-Jun-07
Mystery ToadDavid Hooper111-Jun-07
Looking back to The Gribin from The Bowling GreenDavid Hooper107-Jun-07
If Carlsberg made crags...David Hooper104-Jun-07
Aiguille Verte and Dru, ChamonixDavid Hooper110-May-07
Marianne Bordevik climbing at Ramberget, Telemark, Norway.David Hooper125-Apr-07
River Mana - Rjukan Lower GorgeDavid Hooper205-Apr-07
Me leading Weeping Wall right hand. WI5+. CanadaDavid Hooper103-Apr-07
Royst, Syd and the ShadowDavid Hooper103-Apr-07
Ett konstverk ar ett korn av naturen sedd genom ett temperament (1 0f 4)David Hooper103-Apr-07
Tom at PortlandDavid Hooper103-Apr-07
Abseil Stake Comet butress GuisecliffDavid Hooper102-Apr-07
Rocks on Upper Sprint, LongsleddaleDavid Hooper131-Mar-07
Crib Goch & Y Lliwedd from Glyder FachDavid Hooper209-Feb-07
Roadside Boulder (in the Llanberis Pass, Snowdonia)David Hooper105-Feb-07
A wee keek at the crux.David Hooper122-Jan-07
Devil's KitchenDavid Hooper122-Jan-07
Ptarmagan RidgeDavid Hooper120-Dec-06
Rock Formation at Fleswick BayDavid Hooper105-Dec-06
crimp to sloperDavid Hooper123-Nov-06
peruvian advertisingDavid Hooper123-Nov-06
On the Fiamma, Bregaglia alpsDavid Hooper121-Nov-06
Sea cave at RhoscolynDavid Hooper121-Nov-06
Mt Blanc range and Val Veni from Mont Favre spurDavid Hooper121-Nov-06
The crowd goes wild...David Hooper121-Nov-06
Quechua horse wranglers wife near tinquiDavid Hooper120-Nov-06
Wilderness gullyDavid Hooper120-Nov-06
Ice Screw FountainDavid Hooper120-Nov-06
Glen Etive from top of the slabsDavid Hooper120-Nov-06
Sunset at venue, worth staying for.David Hooper119-Nov-06
Tinqui, Peru - the original one horse town.David Hooper119-Nov-06
Dinorwic Slate Cutting ShedDavid Hooper219-Nov-06
The oldest guide ?David Hooper119-Nov-06
Puffball at Robin Hoods StrideDavid Hooper118-Nov-06
Me on Tody's WallDavid Hooper118-Nov-06
Me starting up Idwal StreamDavid Hooper116-Nov-06
Enjoy YourselfDavid Hooper115-Nov-06
Hell's Gate belayDavid Hooper107-Nov-06
Dolmen - CornwallDavid Hooper206-Nov-06
Cordillera Ausangate - PeruDavid Hooper306-Nov-06
Devil's SlideDavid Hooper104-Nov-06
Echo StoneDavid Hooper104-Nov-06
Dovestones Reservoir - PanoramaDavid Hooper204-Nov-06
One friend too manyDavid Hooper103-Nov-06
Blaisen Snout, HardangerjokulenDavid Hooper124-Sep-06
Stanage in winterDavid Hooper121-Sep-06
Britomartis HVS.GogarthDavid Hooper114-Sep-06
Llyn ElsiDavid Hooper114-Sep-06
Un-named climb - Hoggar MountainsDavid Hooper112-Sep-06
Dave Hooper Vemorkbrufloss vest.vemork Bridge.RjukanDavid Hooper118-Apr-06
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