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Gordon Tinnings soloing MBDAl Evans125-May-18
Brian Croppers WeddingAl Evans126-Feb-16
Jeffcoat's Pinnacle - veterans ascent.Al Evans129-Jan-15
Looks good! but its 'Ruff' :-) BovrilAl Evans105-Aug-14
Dave Barrans on Aegialis 7cAl Evans126-Jul-14
MUMC Journal's brilliant climbing picsAl Evans208-May-14
Photo quiz 18.Al Evans206-May-14
Photo Quiz 17Al Evans128-Apr-14
Our first night was incredibly cloudy, the light pollution from Keswick lit up the sky just enough for me to snap this photo.Al Evans106-Apr-14
Top of Wrecker's SlabAl Evans101-Apr-14
Graham Little on FA Archaeopteryx, Shelf Wall, IslayAl Evans131-Mar-14
An early ascent at the RoachesAl Evans224-Mar-14
Battleship LandslideAl Evans121-Mar-14
Gabriel Regan, Simon Horrox, James Moran & John ReganAl Evans118-Mar-14
KemicsAl Evans114-Mar-14
An excellent little route. On-sight soloed. Very positive holds but be careful!Al Evans110-Mar-14
Barrel Traverse DWS. S0 6c***Al Evans109-Mar-14
Al Evans soloing Parkers EliminateAl Evans101-Mar-14
Incubus (HVS 5B)Al Evans101-Mar-14
Fiddling in gear before the crux of SuspenseAl Evans125-Feb-14
Never too youngAl Evans125-Feb-14
A very young Katy Whittaker on Bosigran RidgeAl Evans123-Feb-14
Angela Soper leading Original Route, Slipstones. 2009.Al Evans123-Feb-14
Dad back in the dayAl Evans112-Feb-14
Anyone know who this is ?Al Evans128-Jan-14
Mountain biking past the Abdet pinnacles (Pena de los Cuervos)Al Evans125-Jan-14
The line of Giant, Cilan HeadAl Evans220-Jan-14
Beachy Head after the rockfall.Al Evans120-Jan-14
Jim Moran seconding the first ascent of FreebirdAl Evans219-Jan-14
Stu Halliwell coming down off Sron na Ciche July 1967Al Evans119-Jan-14
Segaria North Face tufaAl Evans119-Jan-14
Conservation 'workers' at TrowbarrowAl Evans114-Jan-14
Al Evans on the first ascent of (I think) Dandelion Wine Chapel Head Scar early 1970'sAl Evans214-Jan-14
Windy ButtressAl Evans112-Jan-14
A young Al Phizacklea on a new route in Norway 1970'sAl Evans203-Jan-14
JNBAl Evans101-Jan-14
Dave Parker soloing the second ascent of The Pill, Farelton CragAl Evans130-Dec-13
Orang Utang, Winter 1980 with massive snowdrift below!Al Evans129-Dec-13
Ron Fawcett circa 1970's on All Quiet/Western FrontAl Evans127-Dec-13
Al Evans in his younger days demonstrating a fine 'cool' lead circa 1970Al Evans227-Dec-13
Fuse WallAl Evans108-Dec-13
Long Hope Route Topos, St John's Head, HoyAl Evans101-Dec-13
Looking towards mount RainerAl Evans109-Nov-13
Jean's Hut removal notice - Winter 1986Al Evans121-Oct-13
Mountain Craft Spring 1968Al Evans121-Oct-13
Ist ever CC Meet on Lundy.Al Evans214-Sep-13
John 'ackers' Atkinson on Ben Nevis early 1960'sAl Evans128-Aug-13
Ron Fawcett on the 5th ascent of Sentinel CrackAl Evans126-Aug-13
Lycra revival!!Al Evans123-Aug-13
An early ascent of The Thimble by John GillAl Evans120-Aug-13
Jim O'Neill low on the first (top-roped) ascent of The Beatnik (6a), Helsby, CheshireAl Evans120-Aug-13
Pat Parsons on DiagonalAl Evans309-Aug-13
Lancashire brick and guide.Al Evans209-Aug-13
Remember Last SummerAl Evans305-Aug-13
Tiger Routes TopoAl Evans218-Jul-13
Tim Dunsby on a first ascent at Swanage, just left of Far from the Madding Crowd.Al Evans316-Jul-13
The Ingot (in the corner) at Ladybower Quarry with E.N. 24 to the left.Al Evans127-May-13
Tony Marr on Arete Direct, Simons Seat. 1984.Al Evans118-May-13
CC Lundy trip,2001, Bideford Quay.Al Evans403-May-13
Bosherton Easter 1979.Al Evans616-Apr-13
Geoff Milburn, Jim Moran and the historically famous 'Piggy'Al Evans105-Apr-13
Al Randall Keith Sanders 1973 AvonAl Evans118-Feb-13
Doctor's Gate Trespass 1927Al Evans108-Feb-13
Pen y Fan, NE faceAl Evans123-Jan-13
Martin Berzins doing the first ascent of White Wash at BrimhamAl Evans123-Jan-13
Alevans on 'sleeping oxygen' at camp six on Everest West Ridge 1988Al Evans222-Jan-13
Filming on Everest West Ridge 1988Al Evans222-Jan-13
Speedy lady about to head down the Borrowdale RoadAl Evans113-Dec-12
PHOTO QUIZ 14Al Evans113-Dec-12
Rocksport August 1969Al Evans130-Nov-12
Froggatt GroupAl Evans123-Nov-12
Second free ascent of Scoop Wall, Stoney Middleton.Al Evans317-Nov-12
Dad's route book 1969Al Evans111-Nov-12
Somebody in Cova Bulumina, Costa BlancaAl Evans224-Oct-12
Dovedale group nov 82Al Evans206-Oct-12
last page of Hurlstone guideAl Evans102-Oct-12
description of Hurlstone pointAl Evans102-Oct-12
The 80th birthday of the lad on the right.. Keswick 90's..Names? Photo Tony TooleAl Evans119-Sep-12
The Edelrid rope girl, an ad in Mountain later piblished in CragsAl Evans230-Aug-12
Nicky Evans with TapirAl Evans723-Aug-12
The Invisible Wind at BlacknorAl Evans106-Jul-12
Resluts of 7th day of clean-up of Watty QuarryAl Evans106-Jul-12
Al Evans leading Bull's Crack at Heptonstall 1974Al Evans403-Jul-12
Al Evans leading Left Wall, 1969?Al Evans402-Jul-12
Nicks Arete, Segaria roadside boulder, first ascent 2008.Al Evans101-Jul-12
Pulling onto the Ochre Slab, Vector, 1981.Al Evans129-Jun-12
The South West Face of ChangtseAl Evans227-May-12
Sandbach Marathon sometime in the early 80'sAl Evans123-May-12
The Great Tibetean Plateau.Al Evans123-May-12
The Azure Window, GozoAl Evans117-Apr-12
Rivington Pike Good Friday 2012Al Evans109-Apr-12
When we were very young and it Snowed a lot. The road junction below Stanage.Al Evans104-Jan-12
Up yonderAl Evans106-Oct-11
Johnny Dawes checking out the Azure Window, GozoAl Evans104-Oct-11
Heibeler prusik clamp (also know as death on a stick)Al Evans121-May-11
Lau Bij (5+), Valeille, Cogne - Pitch 1Al Evans126-Mar-11
PHOTO QUIZ 7Al Evans209-Feb-11
Green by name...Al Evans118-Jan-11
Kern Knotts 1954Al Evans115-Jan-11
Les Bonnington at Bell Hagg mid 1960'sAl Evans108-Jan-11
Miss Buxton 6Al Evans129-Dec-10
Al and Mita at CalpeAl Evans128-Dec-10
Craig y Rhaeadr - Central Icefall and Cascade 23/12/2010Al Evans127-Dec-10
Paint Spills and Concrete.Al Evans123-Dec-10
The last Mountain CraftAl Evans120-Dec-10
Al Evans and Merv Middleton at camp five snowhole.Al Evans220-Dec-10
1965 BMC GuideAl Evans119-Dec-10
Fun on Cracken Edge 1935 StyleAl Evans119-Dec-10
Early history of the new Alpine Club presidentAl Evans110-Dec-10
second pageAl Evans110-Dec-10
First page of a John Sheard article on bouldering circa 1976Al Evans110-Dec-10
Chrome Moly.Chouinard Lost Arrow.Al Evans223-Oct-10
A young women and her pet cat at Joshua TreeAl Evans123-Oct-10
Al Evans on the first ascent of Charisma, St Govans Head, 1980Al Evans109-Sep-10
Who/where is this?Al Evans208-Sep-10
PHOTO QUIZ 4 - WHO'S THIS ?Al Evans106-Sep-10
PHOTO QUIZ 3 -WHO'S THIS ?Al Evans102-Sep-10
Nick Colton on first full one day traverse of Segaria Main Ridge.Al Evans107-Aug-10
Base Camp for the 1924 Everest Expedition (Mallory and Irvine)Al Evans221-Jul-10
Swan at Rubicon WallAl Evans110-Jun-10
GooncrackAl Evans110-Jun-10
The start of an unsuccesful attempt on a 98m virgin seastack, Co DonegalAl Evans123-May-10
The Wizard E8 6cAl Evans123-Feb-10
man of hoyAl Evans123-Dec-09
First ascent of Barbarossa, Gogarth Upper TierAl Evans223-Dec-09
Crescent Arete (HVS 5b, V2, font5+, ....)Al Evans121-Dec-09
chrislycett87Al Evans121-Dec-09
Napes NeedleAl Evans121-Dec-09
Knight's Move - 1980Al Evans121-Dec-09
North Face Les DroitesAl Evans121-Dec-09
SaffronAl Evans121-Dec-09
Montessa crag (like grit?)Al Evans121-Dec-09
Ray Shaw on Stanage Edge in 1978 Route Name (cant remember) so if anybody out there knows it let me knowAl Evans121-Dec-09
Thick Wall Special Bosigran, first ascent E4 5c, 1976,Al Evans220-Dec-09
Heather Aston on a severe at PorthclaisAl Evans120-Dec-09
The Great Buttress 1965Al Evans116-Dec-09
Lt Col Dougie Keelan and (I think) Cpl Luke Hughes at Everest West Ridge base camp 1988.Al Evans316-Dec-09
The 1988 West Ridge Everest team pic.Al Evans116-Dec-09
On the way to Mera Peak, NepalAl Evans114-Dec-09
Kestrel and chick on PlexityAl Evans113-Dec-09
A Peck peg circa 1969.Al Evans113-Dec-09
The final approach to Ri Ring summit, no pics of me, I was in my own :-(Al Evans112-Dec-09
Roadrunner, Landing Craft BayAl Evans312-Dec-09
Trek a bit further.Al Evans112-Dec-09
Higher on the trek.Al Evans112-Dec-09
Looking out to the Morecambe Bay estuary from the top of Trowbarrow at the end of a perfect winter's day.Al Evans112-Dec-09
Early morning mist over Penya Roja (or Capo del Moro, take your pick.Al Evans212-Dec-09
The best unclimbed crag in Yorkshire!Al Evans212-Dec-09
Ron Fawcett on the first ascent of Lord of the FliesAl Evans211-Dec-09
Buzzard Chick in Derwent ValleyAl Evans209-Dec-09
PMC1, CurbarAl Evans109-Dec-09
Henry Folkard climbing Tempest, at Mother Carey's Kitchen.Al Evans209-Dec-09
After the Club Dinner....Al Evans208-Dec-09
Segaria Main Ridge in profile, from the 'dark side'Al Evans108-Dec-09
Consensus says PumoriAl Evans303-Dec-09
Windy LedgeAl Evans502-Dec-09
Bloque, Los Pinos.Al Evans129-Nov-09
Robin Hood's Stride - PDB problem 31. Slab TraverseAl Evans226-Nov-09
Probably an adder on MontesaAl Evans125-Nov-09
Langtang LirungAl Evans116-Nov-09
Sandinista Buttress, Purley Quarry, South London.Al Evans104-Nov-09
The last place for a great shower on the way to Everest (N) base campAl Evans203-Nov-09
The last pub in NepalAl Evans103-Nov-09
Watching telly at Everest North base camp, 1988.Al Evans203-Nov-09
PDB problem 34 - stepped areteAl Evans103-Nov-09
The Eastern section of Segaria Great RidgeAl Evans121-Oct-09
El Sol, Gandia.Al Evans118-Oct-09
Nick Colton on Painted Wall, Toix TV AmpitheatreAl Evans115-Oct-09
Ruth Colton on Pocket Wall, Segaria Roadside Boulder.Al Evans114-Oct-09
First Ascent, Nicks Arete, Segaria Roadside Boulder.Al Evans114-Oct-09
Prayer flags at the summit of Xegar Dzong, looking down at Xegar on the road to Everest North Base Camp.Al Evans113-Oct-09
Another first ascent on Raven Tor, may still be Hubris?Al Evans112-Oct-09
Ron Fawcett on first free ascent (one peg) of the old aid route Hubris at Raven Tor.Al Evans112-Oct-09
Pete Gomersall on the first ascent of Mongoose, Craig Bwlch y Moch. 1977Al Evans111-Oct-09
First ascent of Paternoster, Gully One, Rora Head, HoyAl Evans209-Oct-09
the mourne wall from high on donardAl Evans109-Oct-09
Lunakhod,Lower SharpnoseAl Evans307-Oct-09
Al Evans on Troutdale Pinnacle, 1965.Al Evans106-Oct-09
ClimbingPixie on Armorican VS 4cAl Evans104-Oct-09
Agave plants flowering with Segaria Ridge in background.Al Evans101-Oct-09
Green Crack, VS 4c. It follows the right hand corner crack.Al Evans101-Oct-09
Nick. One Step in the Clouds 1966. (Check the tie in)Al Evans130-Sep-09
Fairy StepsAl Evans127-Sep-09
Guess the crag!Al Evans227-Sep-09
Jean of Jean Jeanie fameAl Evans126-Sep-09
First published tech grades for lakes, CC new climbe supplement 1967Al Evans126-Sep-09
Al Evans on the first ascent of Stormbringer,Millhead QuarryAl Evans125-Sep-09
Keith Bradbury on Cornelius, highball 7C, Ina's Rock.Al Evans123-Sep-09
Salathe Wall. Blond Nick Donnelly on the first day - Free Blast. 1981.Al Evans122-Sep-09
The original route description for Sin at Stoney Middleton.Al Evans122-Sep-09
A historic New Climbs supplement 1967Al Evans120-Sep-09
Pete Crew on the first ascent of Mousetrap, GogarthAl Evans119-Sep-09
Editorial staff and advisors for Mountain magazineAl Evans119-Sep-09
Our hero summits.Al Evans315-Sep-09
Elm Street, Millstone when it was only A2!Al Evans104-Sep-09
Prototype FriendsAl Evans201-Sep-09
Golden Eagle (I think) in Glen PeanAl Evans120-Aug-09
Cat in The Hat - Final PitchAl Evans119-Aug-09
First ascent of Paternoster, Rora Head Gulley One.HoyAl Evans112-Aug-09
GlacierAl Evans127-Jul-09
Dreamboat Annie E1 5a, Porthclais, North Pembroke.Al Evans113-Jul-09
'My Tent',from 'Mountaineering in the Land of the Midnight Sun', by Mrs Aubrey Le Blond, pub. T. Fisher Unwin, 1908Al Evans124-May-09
Ron Fawcett on top of High Tor having just soloed Darius live on TVAl Evans322-May-09
John Gill in beanie and klettershueAl Evans115-May-09
Levitation, Crystal Slabs, Pembroke, climber Al EvansAl Evans214-May-09
The counterbalanceAl Evans112-May-09
Worn belay krab.Al Evans112-May-09
Al Evans leading Crewcut at Millstone in 1966Al Evans210-May-09
Everest West RidgeAl Evans230-Apr-09
Welcome to the future, welcome to the new summit of Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa.....and weep. Oh well, I suppose it was lost already!Al Evans129-Apr-09
Warton Pinnacle, 1974Al Evans529-Apr-09
Italy's answer to Satan's Slip - with roadside access and bolts - Corno di Bo, Lake GardaAl Evans129-Apr-09
Deteriorating bolt placement, Price of Silence, PortlandAl Evans127-Apr-09
Burnt treesAl Evans114-Apr-09
The bat that bit me!Al Evans209-Apr-09
Where is this, Chamonix?Al Evans306-Apr-09
All these toes recovered fully.Al Evans106-Apr-09
brixton climber in south sandstone.Sandfield House QuarryAl Evans102-Apr-09
brixton climbers in the peaks district.Millstone EdgeAl Evans131-Mar-09
Seconding on Apple AreteAl Evans127-Mar-09
Segaria Roadside Boulders, roadside boulder, the white streak is from a single bolt.Al Evans125-Mar-09
Mr Birtles - midfield schemer for Edale FCAl Evans125-Mar-09
Paul Nunn at the belay on Point FiveAl Evans125-Mar-09
An early UKC picnic meet at BowlesAl Evans123-Mar-09
Rose Amongst ThornsAl Evans121-Mar-09
Frogs in the pool at LawrencefieldAl Evans118-Mar-09
Coaley wood cragAl Evans112-Mar-09
The relief of latching the top hold!! What a run out!!Al Evans112-Mar-09
Eileen Noble on Alto a new crag in the Echo Valley.Al Evans111-Mar-09
Dévers Emossionnel, Barrage d'Emosson. Pitch 5.Al Evans109-Mar-09
My first ever climbing photograph,1964Al Evans304-Mar-09
Bob Nunns and the PearsonsAl Evans219-Feb-09
Dali's Hole circa 1993, but I'm not sure. Negative badly degradedAl Evans118-Feb-09
Andean Condor, PeruAl Evans115-Feb-09
Jack Street on the first free ascent of The PendulumAl Evans314-Feb-09
East Ridge end of Segaria.Al Evans208-Feb-09
Unintentionally posing on a boulder at AlmscliffAl Evans104-Feb-09
The 'Cream Team' at Cratcliffe.Al Evans204-Feb-09
Tegness Pinnacle - 10th April 1976Al Evans103-Feb-09
POD, skateboarding down from CurbarAl Evans103-Feb-09
Freda VS 5a - a variationAl Evans201-Feb-09
Ron Fawcett on the first free ascent of Paradise Lost, Cheddar.Al Evans231-Jan-09
AdderAl Evans127-Jan-09
a wet vicaridge ooooohhhhh (didnt take long to dry tho so all was good!!!!!)Al Evans127-Jan-09
The Cliff,Route 1 Rannoch Wall.Al Evans127-Jan-09
Cneifion AreteAl Evans126-Jan-09
Cneifion AreteAl Evans126-Jan-09
First ascent of The Bat, Dovedale.Al Evans122-Jan-09
Surg Lt Andy Hughes and Ghurka Maj 'Kit' Spencer on the walk to Tatapani. 1988 West Ridge Everest Expedition..Al Evans119-Jan-09
Gwen Moffat bouldering barefoot at Harrison's Rocks, East Sussex, in the 1940sAl Evans118-Jan-09
Ron Fawcett on the first ascent of SupersonicAl Evans317-Jan-09
Al Evans on first ascent of Hollow Earth, Trowbarrow, 1977.Al Evans116-Jan-09
Al Evans on the first ascent of The Baldrick extension, Segaria, 2004Al Evans116-Jan-09
Dennis Orwin on Alcassan, Stoney Middleton, 1967Al Evans116-Jan-09
Al Evans leading the first ascent of the top pitch of Xanadu, 1969Al Evans115-Jan-09
Keith Myhill on the first ascent of Xanadu, Millstone Edge, 1969Al Evans115-Jan-09
Creased WallAl Evans114-Jan-09
Patch off Mark of the BeastAl Evans112-Jan-09
Me on the first ascent of "coconut tree", a new V6 problem on Phi Phi IslandAl Evans112-Jan-09
Jim Moran (L) on The Pinch and Simon Horrox (R) on the first ascent of Borstal Breakout, both 1978Al Evans107-Jan-09
Wild goat on SegariaAl Evans105-Jan-09
BrimstoneAl Evans105-Jan-09
First ascent of Belladonna, Castle Naze,1977Al Evans104-Jan-09
Angola (?) Foxhold slabsAl Evans202-Jan-09
Modifyed X Monster 1Al Evans131-Dec-08
Oscar Eckenstein and Friends on Lliwedd circa 1890Al Evans329-Dec-08
Gabriel Regan on Flying Buttress Direct, 1976Al Evans126-Dec-08
believe it ir not this is a mole in my climbing fell out of my ropeAl Evans125-Dec-08
Wild tortoise in Turkey. We cooked it Bear Grills style!Al Evans122-Dec-08
Red Kite near AlmscliffAl Evans122-Dec-08
First ascent of something (possibly Barcelona) on Devils CheesewringAl Evans116-Dec-08
The 10,000 Steps, Fleix, Costa Blanca.Al Evans106-Nov-08
Nick and Al at Les RotesAl Evans106-Nov-08
Light AreaAl Evans106-Nov-08
Montgo from the SouthAl Evans103-Nov-08
Les Rotes, DeniaAl Evans131-Oct-08
Fairy Steps, Heptonstall quarryAl Evans130-Oct-08
First ascent of Pagan, Lester Mill Quarry.Al Evans124-Oct-08
Juvenile Knot on LundyAl Evans215-Oct-08
Sabre CutAl Evans114-Oct-08
pottersAl Evans114-Oct-08
Millie - Kirkstone Pass, Lake District Aug 31st 1927Al Evans114-Oct-08
A gatenear Blackstone EdgeAl Evans112-Oct-08
brixton climbers in the peaks district.Millstone EdgeAl Evans111-Oct-08
Excessive use of chalkAl Evans109-Oct-08
Duck trying to cross full river Wye at BakewellAl Evans101-Oct-08
Nick Colton about to start the FA of 'The Screw' Segaria N Face.Al Evans130-Sep-08
King Jack on the Ramparts of Lundy Castle (the 'cavern') foreground.Al Evans126-Sep-08
Climbing up the Gervasutti Couloir at sunriseAl Evans114-Sep-08
Nigel Prestidge jumps for the good hold at the top of Master's Edge, Millstone, on the fourth or fifth (?) ascentAl Evans113-Sep-08
LleynAl Evans113-Sep-08
Ed Ward Drummond and Jack Street, on the way to St Johns HeadAl Evans113-Sep-08
Strawberry RocksAl Evans113-Sep-08
Dave Parker on Malham.Al Evans207-Sep-08
Liz on the rickety bridge, Della TrinceeAl Evans131-Aug-08
Lin at the top of Right Angle, Gurnard's Head, 1980.Al Evans123-Aug-08
Al EvansAl Evans222-Aug-08
The Penon D'Ifach from Olta.Al Evans116-Aug-08
Ste on Technical slabAl Evans113-Aug-08
SecretSquirrelAl Evans113-Aug-08
senility hvsAl Evans112-Aug-08
Cresta del Benicadell, Grade III ridge near Salem, Costa Blanca.Al Evans111-Aug-08
Segaria Main RidgeAl Evans211-Aug-08
Sutty's Birthday ClimbAl Evans110-Aug-08
Langdale Pikes with Langdale Boulders in foregroundAl Evans107-Aug-08
Joe Tasker,Chamonix.1970'sAl Evans118-Jul-08
Herford's Girdle Traverse Castle Naze, Stephen martin and Jim Goodman VSAl Evans114-Jul-08
Herford's Girdle Traverse Castle Naze, Stephen Martin and Jim Goodman VSAl Evans114-Jul-08
Spiral Stairs 1964Al Evans114-Jul-08
Leading up the first boulder problemAl Evans107-Jul-08
sishawAl Evans107-Jul-08
Extreme lightweight - descent of the Aiguille du Midi arete in tennis shoes and crampons. Worked fine and super light!Al Evans106-Jul-08
Stake from above Second Corner, Subluminal, SwanageAl Evans106-Jul-08
Ecrins sport via ferrata 2Al Evans101-Jul-08
Dali's Hole HighlineAl Evans130-Jun-08
Half Dome - Yosemite IconAl Evans128-Jun-08
climbing on Napes ridge Great Gable 1930Al Evans126-Jun-08
A quick break before the climb 1930'sAl Evans126-Jun-08
Bernard Newman and John Stainforth after completing Cloggy Corner (HVS), September 1972Al Evans126-Jun-08
''Camping is bad for you'' Brian at Winter Hill Summer of 1975 Having endured a night with no ground sheetAl Evans123-Jun-08
Dolphins in the Moray FirthAl Evans122-Jun-08
Stanage Edge, Derbyshire Peak DistrictAl Evans122-Jun-08
Teetering along the RainbowAl Evans122-Jun-08
Just a little further...Al Evans120-Jun-08
Slabs above the Inland Sea, GozoAl Evans119-Jun-08
Publicity shot put in local paper - can anyone identify the location?Al Evans318-Jun-08
Mr Birtles outlins his tactics for the second half to a bored audienceAl Evans118-Jun-08
Caterpillars at ApremontAl Evans106-Jun-08
One of the many uses of a rope bag ...Al Evans106-Jun-08
Red Wall - 1969Al Evans129-May-08
Peak through the millstoneAl Evans129-May-08
trowbarrowAl Evans129-May-08
TrowbarrowAl Evans229-May-08
Diamond Crack - 1975Al Evans129-May-08
Claudio Corti climbing the Great Groove on the North Face of the Piz BadileAl Evans127-May-08
Traverse of Central Buttress Water-cum-Jolly 1963Al Evans122-May-08
Lundy coastal view, St. John's StoneAl Evans115-May-08
Peas in the pod before the rain, peas spat out when the rain started.Al Evans125-Mar-08
Stag in Glen OrchyAl Evans123-Mar-08
Sunny day by the seaAl Evans116-Mar-08
Willie Todd, Our Father E4 6a (at that time), Stoney MiddletonAl Evans215-Mar-08
Jake on Dover's Wall, Route 3 at StanageAl Evans103-Mar-08
Superdirect, Dinas MotAl Evans129-Feb-08
Holly on Birch Tree WallAl Evans123-Feb-08
Alex climbing at Portland.Al Evans123-Feb-08
cider nut in SardiniaAl Evans123-Feb-08
El Chorro showing the walkway and the via ferrata beneath it. The gorge entrance is just hidden from view.Al Evans123-Feb-08
Nick leading Last Tango in ParisAl Evans118-Feb-08
A route we did at le CroisicAl Evans116-Feb-08
Al Evans DOES boulder!Al Evans116-Feb-08
Almost There. Johnny Woodward on FA of Beau Geste March ?? 1982Al Evans110-Feb-08
Grate GableAl Evans108-Feb-08
Half Dome half cloudedAl Evans107-Feb-08
MitaAl Evans206-Feb-08
canadiankateAl Evans105-Feb-08
Twenty Foot WallAl Evans105-Feb-08
Walk in to DiplodocusAl Evans105-Feb-08
broccoligirlAl Evans105-Feb-08
AlisonSmilesAl Evans105-Feb-08
Phra Nang Islands through boat wreck, ton saiAl Evans104-Feb-08
The fun you can have on ValkyrieAl Evans104-Feb-08
Never realised LJS was this steepAl Evans104-Feb-08
2nd pitchAl Evans104-Feb-08
soloing central trinity, Snowdon, 1980sAl Evans103-Feb-08
View from Fan y BigAl Evans103-Feb-08
Alicia on Super SlideAl Evans102-Feb-08
Alicia soloing Sunset SlabAl Evans102-Feb-08
Nick starting up a solo of Sunset SlabAl Evans102-Feb-08
Dinorwic Slate Cutting ShedAl Evans130-Jan-08
Interior of GerAl Evans130-Jan-08
The Climb....Al Evans129-Jan-08
Calanais, Isle of LewisAl Evans126-Jan-08
Karl Walton on the crux of "Big Wall" Shining Clough.Al Evans126-Jan-08
Me on 'Assembly Line'.Al Evans126-Jan-08
Tryvan somewhereAl Evans126-Jan-08
MatineeAl Evans120-Jan-08
Historical graffiti at CornakeyAl Evans121-Aug-07
Al "No need for an early start" Evans on Penon d'Ifach, 2 pitches to go and the sun is settingAl Evans103-Aug-07
Trowbarrow RockfallAl Evans105-May-06
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