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RB on Schoolboy AlcoholicSonyaD101-Jul-13
Bill, high on Direct Nose Route.SonyaD120-Apr-12
The Central Corner, Sandstone TierSonyaD126-May-11
Coire Mhic Fhearchair and Flowerdale from Rhuad-stac MorSonyaD115-May-11
Pick Nicker, Quinag, NW HighlandsSonyaD129-Nov-10
Seconding pitch 2 The SecretSonyaD124-Nov-10
Robbie being reborn by the mountain motherSonyaD116-Nov-10
First pitchSonyaD107-Nov-10
The best multi-pitch sport route in the world? 'Fiesta de los biceps' (F7a), RiglosSonyaD113-Oct-10
Tiny Tiny holds!SonyaD107-Sep-10
RB tackles Tower GapSonyaD126-Aug-10
Christina Schmid, Mammut AthleteSonyaD124-Aug-10
Pizzi Gemelli areaSonyaD124-Aug-10
Nice pocketed rock on the MarmoladaSonyaD120-Aug-10
Wind sculpted perfection, NamibiaSonyaD128-Jun-10
Sector Streap Cliff, right hand side leading into the easier sector L'GazonSonyaD123-Jun-10
Fracis enjoying a dramatic day...SonyaD122-Jun-10
Great day at Badrallach crag, wonderful weather and no midges.SonyaD122-Jun-10
Chasm Face scrambleSonyaD108-Jun-10
Me managing to get a no hands rest whilst seconding BlimpSonyaD125-May-10
easy goingSonyaD120-May-10
evening climbsSonyaD118-May-10
the slabs of meall sanna westSonyaD110-May-10
rest before the cruxSonyaD103-May-10
April on The Grey Corries ridgeSonyaD125-Apr-10
Solo on Sword of GideonSonyaD116-Apr-10
Ardgour SpringSonyaD113-Apr-10
Lukasz Warzecha and Thomas Mazur setting upSonyaD207-Apr-10
Stags and An TeallachSonyaD105-Apr-10
Mountain HareSonyaD109-Mar-10
Mountain hareSonyaD128-Feb-10
pitch 6 Marathon CornerSonyaD126-Feb-10
Stevo on the pre-crux pitchSonyaD122-Feb-10
Dragonfly with beeSonyaD131-Jan-10
Rescue Groove - Dollywagon NorthSonyaD128-Jan-10
Encased in Verglass FA The Silver FoxSonyaD123-Jan-10
New Routing...SonyaD117-Jan-10
Mike on the Second pitch of ScamadamadindongSonyaD115-Jan-10
biscuit tin!SonyaD128-Dec-09
FA of The Gruffalo V,6 Druim ShionnachSonyaD124-Dec-09
The incredibly steep pitch 2 War and Peace VII.8SonyaD213-Dec-09
Theres a good reason its called ZionSonyaD111-Nov-09
the torridon forestSonyaD111-Nov-09
The last place for a great shower on the way to Everest (N) base campSonyaD205-Nov-09
In patagoniaSonyaD101-Oct-09
Sue leading on vertical cheeseSonyaD129-Sep-09
Approaching belay on the mid section ice pitchesSonyaD127-Sep-09
Tour Ronde NF 2nd July 2009SonyaD127-Sep-09
Ski touring on Cairngorms PlateauSonyaD125-Sep-09
Chilling in FontSonyaD123-Sep-09
Fabtastic weather gorgeous rock amazing placeSonyaD109-Sep-09
Dun MingulaySonyaD102-Sep-09
Playing ballSonyaD128-Aug-09
north ridge zinalrothornSonyaD103-Aug-09
Kirstin at Logie HeadSonyaD106-Jul-09
The amazing and world class Indian Creek, Utah.SonyaD106-Jul-09
The brilliant second pitch of ScabbardSonyaD203-Jul-09
Diocese Pitch 1SonyaD102-Jul-09
On Pabbay beachSonyaD130-Jun-09
Magic CrackSonyaD129-Jun-09
Tower ridgeSonyaD128-Jun-09
The view from Ben NevisSonyaD126-Jun-09
An update on the Elgol classic - Skye Cuillin from ElgolSonyaD125-Jun-09
Tigers overhangSonyaD124-Jun-09
How did this get there?SonyaD124-Jun-09
Local activist kindly warns aspirant visitors that Craig Cywarch is a heap of rambling bollox.SonyaD122-Jun-09
Me on the shield, pitch 2 of Gob on Carnmore CragSonyaD121-Jun-09
The Majestic Djupfjord in Lofoten, Norway.SonyaD114-Jun-09
Al and Paul on The Harbinger, VS 4c, 1st Ascent, The Faither, ShetlandSonyaD108-Jun-09
Classic April Rock climbing in the NW of ScotlandSonyaD307-Jun-09
Spot the climber, a tad flooded Clachaig GullySonyaD104-Jun-09
Baosbheinn and the Torridon peaks seen from the summit of Raven's Crag (Gairloch area)SonyaD226-May-09
The big traverse on Arch DeaconSonyaD125-May-09
a good finish to a good day.SonyaD110-May-09
"...... awww too late!"SonyaD105-May-09
Andy NisbetSonyaD105-May-09
Ueli Steck racing up the lower ice field on the Colton Macintyre- Grandes JorassesSonyaD104-May-09
The Secret Garden Left Hand Undercut Variation (probably not 6a)SonyaD104-May-09
Sandy enjoying diabaigSonyaD128-Apr-09
The claw!SonyaD128-Apr-09
"One day like this a year would see me right"SonyaD124-Apr-09
Will topping out on a very greasy One Below The BeltSonyaD123-Apr-09
When Hell Freezes overSonyaD121-Apr-09
Kinked out on crimpsSonyaD120-Apr-09
Bidean nam Bian on a warm day.SonyaD118-Apr-09
Billy Whizz!SonyaD130-Mar-09
Neptune's after me!!!SonyaD123-Mar-09
View from my window,Tatras, PolandSonyaD103-Mar-09
Fiona at belay stance between 3rd and 4th pitch, Taxus with icefall finish (IV 4)Beinn an Dothaidh, North East CorrieSonyaD101-Feb-09
No blue skies VI,7** in poor conditionsSonyaD125-Jan-09
Abseiling from propeller in Fuselage GullySonyaD224-Jan-09
Aonach BeagSonyaD123-Jan-09
The delights of base camp, Peruvian sardines everyday! We couldn't think of anything else....SonyaD123-Jan-09
A biting wind in Glen Clova!SonyaD106-Jan-09
Tim discovering that this cranny is too crumblySonyaD119-Dec-08
High on the West face of Naranjo de Bulnes beginning the descent.SonyaD118-Dec-08
Ben seconding pitch 4 Tango in the night VI,7SonyaD306-Dec-08
Erik on the "easy ground" that went on foreverSonyaD104-Dec-08
the northern corriesSonyaD104-Nov-08
Leading Deception Crack in a fine positionSonyaD120-Oct-08
No.1 ChimneySonyaD124-Sep-08
Final pitch of SquarefaceSonyaD115-Sep-08
Coffin corner or Norrie Muir's adventureSonyaD111-Sep-08
Gurning on black is beautifulSonyaD106-Sep-08
6am, looking down to Ben - high on the French direct of Alpamayo, Peru (5947m)SonyaD127-Aug-08
Corner system left of Maelstrom, West Central Wall, pitch 1SonyaD221-Aug-08
Evening in the Watkins Mountains, GreenlandSonyaD103-Aug-08
Greenland Panorama, Watkins MountainsSonyaD103-Aug-08
Creag-Na-H-Eighe in beautiful sunshine when the rest of scotland was under snow - one unusual example of the BBC being right!SonyaD231-Jul-08
The start of an unsuccesful attempt on a 98m virgin seastack, Co DonegalSonyaD122-Jul-08
Little CenotaphSonyaD113-Jul-08
crux of deep cut chimney, snowy conditionsSonyaD104-Jul-08
The HandSonyaD102-Jul-08
Alan Wilson on the` first pitch of sword of GideonSonyaD118-Jun-08
My side profile via a MRI (C6-C7 Left Paracentral Disk prolapse)SonyaD111-Jun-08
Dolphins in the Moray FirthSonyaD110-Jun-08
The BatSonyaD110-Jun-08
Highland Ponies at dawn, Glen Feshie.SonyaD102-Jun-08
Scottish "Winter Season" bollox finally over, thank god.SonyaD121-May-08
Trapeze, Cornflake Walls, CummingstonSonyaD105-May-08
Mitre Ridge in full conditionsSonyaD231-Mar-08
Dr.Strangeglove not looking relaxedSonyaD131-Mar-08
nick looks the other waySonyaD131-Mar-08
Pitch 1 of Breaking into HeavenSonyaD128-Mar-08
Breaking into Heaven II/IIISonyaD128-Mar-08
looking down clen clova at sunriseSonyaD103-Feb-08
Pinnacles on Hidden RidgeSonyaD113-Jan-08
On The Forcan RidgeSonyaD305-Jan-08
Minime Ver-1 bouldering at RathoSonyaD118-Aug-07
Minime Ver-2 bouldering at RathoSonyaD118-Aug-07
Cullenary DelightSonyaD530-Jul-07
Alpamayo, with a hooooge corniceSonyaD120-Jul-07
Devils Claw - high up in the DolomitesSonyaD219-Jul-07
Cerro Torre hiding in the cloudsSonyaD118-Jun-07
Guillotine Towers, Ardspach, Czech ReplublicSonyaD118-Jun-07
Stretching out across the gapSonyaD114-Jun-07
Sgurr Dearg and In Pin from the South, with rescue below An StacSonyaD114-Jun-07
The Wall WithinSonyaD111-Jun-07
The Devils KitchenSonyaD103-Jun-07
Strawberry RippleSonyaD102-Jun-07
Hazel taming the Rats Tail, Higgar TorSonyaD127-May-07
Approaching the horrible crux top-out on Quartz DeviantSonyaD125-May-07
Dunbuy Rock from Meikle PartansSonyaD120-May-07
pete.t nd jonny tee 69 trying to decide on something!!SonyaD118-Apr-07
HA! E2, nae probs! (VS more like!) ;O)SonyaD116-Apr-07
The Body JamSonyaD116-Apr-07
Lasonj made me put this photo on!SonyaD108-Apr-07
Two Step CornerSonyaD105-Apr-07
Schist Happens.SonyaD122-Mar-07
Ben LuiSonyaD120-Feb-07
On Beinn Narnain, late December afternoon.SonyaD106-Jan-07
Red Gully-Second pitchSonyaD116-Dec-06
An early ascent of Crocodile, Glen CoeSonyaD115-Nov-06
Anakin senses the exposureSonyaD131-Oct-06
The Stack, CummingstonSonyaD119-Oct-06
RB at LuathSonyaD119-Oct-06
The HornsSonyaD116-Oct-06
Playing around on the rocks at Elgol.SonyaD110-Oct-06
Direct Route, Milestone ButtressSonyaD101-Oct-06
'twixt light and shade - Fiend keeping his toes intact on The Pobble, Souter Head, AberdeenSonyaD130-Aug-06
20 Minute Route, Glen ClovaSonyaD119-Jul-06
Wander, Glen ClovaSonyaD118-Jul-06
Mountains of TorridonSonyaD114-Jun-06
Dagger hanging belaySonyaD110-May-06
God is angry with Glasgow.SonyaD110-May-06
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