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User(s): Astral Highway
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I like climbingAstral Highway108-Apr-14
Climbing the second pitch of Patey's RouteAstral Highway129-Jan-10
A' Mhòr BheinnAstral Highway103-Nov-09
Sector LaperneAstral Highway125-May-09
Lou FerrinoAstral Highway124-Apr-09
Spot the climber--sea of rock on the NoseAstral Highway123-Apr-09
60 metres of calf-burning agony: El MatAstral Highway123-Apr-09
FroggatAstral Highway120-Apr-09
SlateAstral Highway120-Apr-09
Luisa on The RippleAstral Highway103-Apr-09
Committed to that turn. Through the seracs on the Toula Glacier.Astral Highway102-Apr-09
ledge routeAstral Highway102-Apr-09
drowning pool (v7)Astral Highway102-Apr-09
MarblesAstral Highway130-Mar-09
Cheeky climb by -7C at Harrisons RocksAstral Highway129-Mar-09
Astral HighwayAstral Highway123-Mar-09
1st PitchAstral Highway123-Mar-09
One of the largest avalanches ever recorded in Scotland, Coire an Lochain, March 2004.Astral Highway120-Mar-09
Spindrift and glacial ice. The steep entry to the Toula Glacier above Courmayeur. A bit chilly at -15C and 40kph winds.Astral Highway120-Mar-09
Looking towards Beinn Macduibh, Carn an t-sabhail and Sgor an lochain UaineAstral Highway112-Mar-09
Marsco and Beinn Dearg Mhor, Cuillin, Skye.Astral Highway112-Mar-09
The Endless Winter Desert Of The Cairngorm PlateauAstral Highway109-Mar-09
Ed on Crux Blood sweat and frozen tearsAstral Highway109-Mar-09
ben nevis, from corrour halt, dec 08Astral Highway109-Mar-09
Grey Corries, WinterAstral Highway103-Mar-09
sgoran dubh mor, loch einichAstral Highway103-Mar-09
Here Hare Here - Beinn DorainAstral Highway128-Feb-09
Joshua treeAstral Highway127-Feb-09
Towards Pic de la Vignole. PyreneesAstral Highway126-Feb-09
Industry, religion, nature.Astral Highway126-Feb-09
CIC HutAstral Highway125-Feb-09
First Winter RouteAstral Highway125-Feb-09
brixton climber in the pyrennesAstral Highway125-Feb-09
head torch attempt at Brown's crackAstral Highway125-Feb-09
Midi AreteAstral Highway123-Feb-09
A British climber on Generic Crack 5.9 at Indian CreekAstral Highway122-Feb-09
Fairy cave Quarry Rescue Me!Astral Highway122-Feb-09
Classic winter weather on Ledge RouteAstral Highway122-Feb-09
Pitch 2 FWA The Minge VII,8 Ben NevisAstral Highway122-Feb-09
Astral HighwayAstral Highway121-Feb-09
An icy belay on Astral Highway, Ben Nevis.Astral Highway121-Feb-09
Crux pitch, Green Gully (IV)Astral Highway118-Feb-09
Climber: Tony Shepherd. Pitch 3 Diana V 5***, Ben NevisAstral Highway117-Feb-09
Shelterstone cragAstral Highway117-Feb-09
Gardoms Crossroads 1730 25/06/07Astral Highway117-Feb-09
Robin at Loch Ossian-CorrourAstral Highway117-Feb-09
the north face expedition fleece bibsAstral Highway117-Feb-09
Pateys route hiding its iceAstral Highway115-Feb-09
Baggy & Adam on Reade's Route (v, 6?), Crib GochAstral Highway112-Feb-09
The North Face of The Ben in all it's glory!Astral Highway110-Feb-09
Ed on Pitch 2 FWA The Minge VII,8 Ben NevisAstral Highway109-Feb-09
View from Ha, Bit på den Martin.Astral Highway109-Feb-09
Ed on pitch 3 FWA The Minge VII,8 Ben NevisAstral Highway109-Feb-09
Natalie WilsonAstral Highway109-Feb-09
JohnnyWAstral Highway109-Feb-09
White Faced Dragonfly on Cairngorm GraniteAstral Highway108-Feb-09
Ichneumon fly in Whinfell ForestAstral Highway108-Feb-09
Andy on Peg Wall, V4Astral Highway129-Jan-09
Stonemason's ViewAstral Highway129-Jan-09
Sareks National ParkAstral Highway129-Jan-09
vortexAstral Highway127-Jan-09
No blue skies VI,7** in poor conditionsAstral Highway127-Jan-09
Kirkjufell by NightAstral Highway119-Jan-09
Bob latching dynoAstral Highway115-Apr-08
BellaAstral Highway109-Apr-08
Stu on The Groove V0Astral Highway126-Mar-08
Stu on Slim Groove V0, on The Yawning Stone.Astral Highway126-Mar-08
Doorstep Challenge D8Astral Highway124-Mar-08
Near The TopAstral Highway124-Mar-08
Feeling a little grey?Astral Highway124-Mar-08
Approach to Sharpnose (original pre fiend copycat shot)Astral Highway122-Mar-08
Classic Llanberis Pass SunsetAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Steve Large tops out on Side Slip Shelter StoneAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Guillotine (V,6)- Carn Etchachan.Astral Highway122-Mar-08
Eilean Tioram near Sourlies bothy, KnoydartAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Dave Jones on the North Buttress, TryfanAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Will soloin' Northumberland Wall E2 5c - alternate viewAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Gurning at EastbyAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Will degearing at the top of HodgeAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Red Dell BeckAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Kennicott Glacier, AlaskaAstral Highway122-Mar-08
brixton climber in south sandstone.bassett's farm rockAstral Highway122-Mar-08
Sun, sea, cloud and snow. The Northern Carneddau from Drosgl, Great Orme in the distance.Astral Highway122-Mar-08
Dave Birkett on 'Impact Day' E8/9 6c, Pavey Ark.Astral Highway121-Mar-08
The Knock, E4 5cAstral Highway121-Mar-08
Ali on Flashdance E3 5CAstral Highway121-Mar-08
Ouch! Watch those cows at the Eaglestone.Astral Highway107-Mar-08
brixton climber in south sandstone.Bowles RocksAstral Highway228-Feb-08
Steve McClure on Mecca Extension (8c) during the filming of 'Magic Numbers' from the Psyche dvd.Astral Highway227-Feb-08
brixton climber in south sandstone.Bowles RocksAstral Highway127-Feb-08
Castles Made of Sand - Final Pitch Reuploaded at 250kbAstral Highway117-Feb-08
Alex Mason, Tower Chimney, E1 5b, Stanage PlantationAstral Highway110-Aug-06
Sunset from the PYG trackAstral Highway130-Jul-06
Taking a whipper at the Climbing World Cup.Astral Highway123-Jul-06
Helm Crag, GrasmereAstral Highway120-Jul-06
Snowdon From Capel CurigAstral Highway120-Jul-06
Panoramic shot of Cuzco, PeruAstral Highway118-Jul-06
Sron na CicheAstral Highway127-Jun-06
Erick and The Big Stone from Lower Cathedral SpireAstral Highway126-Jun-06
Dagger hanging belayAstral Highway121-Jun-06
RubiconAstral Highway114-Jun-06
The Master's Edge, E7 6c, no pads (ie no cheating)Astral Highway109-Jun-06
The Master's Edge, E7 6c, no pads (ie no cheating)Astral Highway109-Jun-06
Training for a front leverAstral Highway113-Mar-06
RobcAstral Highway112-Mar-06
Grovel Wall-Ian Duckworth about to ab off a tied off blade...Astral Highway127-Feb-06
NATO assault on poor old Garbh-eilean (Cape Wrath area).Astral Highway126-Feb-06
Hitchcock in India ;-)Astral Highway126-Feb-06
The Crannach WoodsAstral Highway126-Feb-06
brixton climber in south sandstone.Under rockes AnnexeAstral Highway110-Feb-06
Glen FeshieAstral Highway127-Jan-06
Sunset from Mt Paranal, Atacama, ChileAstral Highway127-Jan-06
Burdah Rock BridgeAstral Highway127-Jan-06
viking contemplating the 80 meter drop from his bucket seat belayAstral Highway124-Jan-06
Very thin conditions in the Northern Corries!Astral Highway124-Jan-06
Exiting the basin, Orion Face, Ben NevisAstral Highway122-Jan-06
Cerro CuernoAstral Highway107-Jan-06
JetsettingAstral Highway124-Dec-05
Mont Blanc du TaculAstral Highway124-Dec-05
Prayer FlagsAstral Highway124-Dec-05
Tom Hodgkinson being winched out of coire nan lochainAstral Highway102-Dec-05
Sam Whittaker making the first ascent of Appointment with Death, WimberryAstral Highway101-Dec-05
Sarah giving it her allAstral Highway128-Nov-05
Charlotte in Anni's BasementAstral Highway128-Nov-05
Kodachrome BasinAstral Highway128-Nov-05
DIY clipper leash, for those who wanted to see a siddons113-Apr-05
Hookers Corneral siddons112-Apr-05
Grandes Jorassesal siddons110-Apr-05
the notorious spindrift of Point 5al siddons108-Apr-05
Alec Agnew, siddons107-Apr-05
Marla Sal siddons106-Apr-05
The Cutting Edge 6c, Portlandal siddons106-Apr-05
Stu Tyrrellal siddons104-Apr-05
Kevin Thaw seen from above on Chalkstorm (E4 5c), Roaches Lower Tieral siddons131-Mar-05
Indicator Wallal siddons124-Mar-05
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