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Mattertal western skyline from Castorstreapadair218-Nov-20
Beinn nan Eachanstreapadair130-Jun-19
After a chossfest on the Parrachee, Sonya enjoys a screetastic descent.streapadair209-Dec-11
Chris Daleā€ streapadair125-Feb-11
RB tackles Tower Gapstreapadair226-Aug-10
Bordier hut, looking north to the Oberland.streapadair108-Aug-10
SonyaD on Bruach na Frithe NW ridge.streapadair111-Feb-10
Near Coupall Bridge.streapadair218-Sep-09
Purple saxifrage / Saxifraga oppositofoliastreapadair113-Apr-09
Misty evening on Sgurr Mor.streapadair205-Jan-09
Sunset +6h45m. Moonlit view NW from an Caisteal.streapadair129-Dec-08
I saw the new moon late yestreen . . .streapadair129-Dec-08
Sunset +0h10m. From Cruach Innse.streapadair228-Dec-08
Sunset +2h40m. Quinag and Foinaven from Suilven.streapadair127-Dec-08
Sunset +1h45m. Stornoway from Kintail.streapadair124-Dec-08
The Earth shadowstreapadair218-Nov-08
The lost little rainbowstreapadair210-Nov-08
The Fogstreapadair110-Nov-08
The pancake sunstreapadair110-Nov-08
Camp at Coruisk, midnight.streapadair129-Apr-08
Fawksey - here's one for you. The yellow bag by the night lake.streapadair224-Apr-08
Maol Chean-dearg and an Ruadh-stac, from Beinn Damh.streapadair115-Apr-08
A fine weekend - 2.15pm, Monday.streapadair207-Apr-08
It is the land of lost content.streapadair207-Apr-08
Any 40-somethings recognise themselves?streapadair105-Apr-08
From Beinn a'Chliabhain.streapadair105-Apr-08
Ben More of Mull from Rois-bheinn.streapadair105-Apr-08
A fine weekend - 11.30am, Saturday.streapadair216-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 9.45pm, Sunday.streapadair216-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 3.30pm, Saturday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 8.30pm, Saturday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 5.40am, Sunday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 5.50am, Sunday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 6am, Sunday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 6.20am, Sunday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 6.45am, Sunday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 8.15am, Sunday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 8.45am, Sunday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 10am, Sunday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 8pm, Sundaystreapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend -, Sundaystreapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 7am, Monday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 11am, Monday.streapadair110-Mar-08
A fine weekend - 1pm, Mondaystreapadair110-Mar-08
Feannagan - old rig-and-furrow cultivation at Kinlochmorar.streapadair115-Feb-08
Travels with a Phoxhole - Beinn Challum, a perishing morning, 3/5/93streapadair205-Jun-07
Beinn Fhada from upper Glen Affric, December morning.streapadair120-May-07
Contentment - Strathan bothy, wild April nightstreapadair314-May-07
Sunrise over the Grey Corries, from Sgurr a'Mhaimstreapadair211-May-07
Nice sunset, daft camp site. The folly of inexperience.streapadair115-Apr-07
The Saddle from the 5 Sisters ridge, sleek and fat under April snow.streapadair115-Apr-07
The luminosity of snow in May. Someone has misgivings.streapadair115-Apr-07
Happy Ne'erdays - 01/01/00 sunrise from Mount Keen.streapadair123-Mar-07
Happy Ne'erdays - 01/01/90 on Cruachan (ah well, can't win 'em all).streapadair118-Mar-07
My magic mountain in the sky - Suilvenstreapadair307-Feb-07
Devils Claw - high up in the Dolomitesstreapadair107-Feb-07
Allalinhorn from the NE, looking quite imposing.streapadair125-Jan-07
Nadelhorn and its neighbours, from the Balfrinstreapadair124-Jan-07
On Beinn a'Chroin (after the coldest night on record in the UK).streapadair307-Jan-07
The Angel of Camasunary. Freya, where are you now?streapadair109-Oct-06
Cuillin ridge (Dubhs to Gillean) from Sgurr na Stristreapadair102-Oct-06
Ever stood on Liathach and wondered what's behind Beinn Dearg?streapadair124-Sep-06
Midsummer moonrise over the Ben, from Sgurr Fhuaran.streapadair119-Sep-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - a'Mhaighdean, view SE, morning, 26/5/81streapadair114-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Blaven, view SW, 17/6/87streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Meall Meadhonach of Suilven, view NE, early morning, 14/6/88streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Stob Coire an Laoigh of the Grey Corries, view ENE, morning, 22/4/90streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Sgurr na Ciche, view SSE, morning, 3/5/90streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Caisteal Abhail (Arran), view S, evening, 6/5/89streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Rois-bheinn W top, late evening, 20/7/91streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe (Kintail), view SE, late evening, 4/9/93streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Beinn Gharbh (head of Glen Finnan), view S, early morning, 6/8/95streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Beinn Dorain, view NE, before sunrise, 20/8/95streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - head of Glen Ure, with a view of the wonderful Hale-Bopp comet, after midnight, 20/4/97streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Gulvain S top, morning, view N, 31/5/97streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Coireachain of Glen Finnan, view NW, late evening, 31/5/97streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Coireachain of Glen Finnan, view NE, early morning, 1/6/97streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - a serene night on Ben More of Mull, view SW, 1/8/98streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Comba Rossa, above the Moiry glacier, 24/9/98streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Zwischbergenpass, foot of the S ridge of the Weissmies, 12/8/00streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - Stob Dearg of Cruachan, late evening, 2/10/00streapadair113-Aug-06
Travels with a Phoxhole - SE ridge of the Bidean, morning, 26/8/01streapadair113-Aug-06
Nadelhorn (IX) - summit view SE - Lenzspitze, Egginergrat, Stellihornstreapadair128-May-06
God is angry with Glasgow.streapadair214-May-06
Camas Fhionnairigh from Sgurr na Stristreapadair213-May-06
Back of Sgurr nan Conbhairean. See me, see a coiled spring?streapadair130-Apr-06
The Maryon Cairn on Druim Hainstreapadair130-Apr-06
OK, who can name this Scottish hill?streapadair506-Apr-06
Head of Loch Duich, from Sgurr an Airgid. November.streapadair104-Apr-06
Gillean from Blaven. June afternoon.streapadair302-Apr-06
Suilven, Meall Meadhonach.streapadair102-Apr-06
C'mon love, it's only water . . . (Allt a'Choire Mhoir).streapadair102-Apr-06
Starry January night at Maol-bhuidhe [Orion & Procyon prominent].streapadair230-Mar-06
Thunderclouds over Italy, from the Weissmies.streapadair114-Mar-06
From Ghoulies and Ghosties . . . Hallowe'en at Cambanstreapadair207-Feb-06
Ben Lawers & Tarmachan- from Meall Ghaordiestreapadair105-Feb-06
Satin and lace. . . spindrift on Sgurr nan Conbhairean; mid Aprilstreapadair129-Jan-06
Sunset from Canisp (you'll have to take my word for that); Junestreapadair122-Jan-06
moon rising between Ben More and Stobinian, from an Caistealstreapadair218-Jan-06
Gulvain from Beinn an Tuim; early Januarystreapadair108-Jan-06
NATO assault on poor old Garbh-eilean (Cape Wrath area).streapadair106-Jan-06
Kinlochetive, October afternoonstreapadair111-Dec-05
Glencoe hills from Sgurr a'Mhaim; early June morningstreapadair107-Dec-05
Cruachan and Lui from an Caisteal, by moonlight (and Vango Force 10 by candlelight)streapadair106-Dec-05
Luchd Coire of Seana Bhraigh, from an Sgurr; mid April.streapadair106-Dec-05
summit of Ben Luistreapadair116-Nov-05
sun setting between Rum and Skye, from Rois-bheinnstreapadair116-Nov-05
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