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Blue sky’s and a full moonCaptain Solo121-Jan-20
Shooting galleryCaptain Solo217-Jan-20
Enjoying spectacular scenery in LandmannalaugarCaptain Solo118-Nov-19
Castle Stalker and maybe Creach Beinn?Captain Solo108-Nov-19
Creeping up the areteCaptain Solo101-Jul-19
Starting up first pitchCaptain Solo101-Jul-19
Starting up MedusaCaptain Solo114-May-19
A walk underneath the rooftopsCaptain Solo114-May-19
return of the jediCaptain Solo130-Apr-19
Taken before I started climbing, I don't know which crags theses are. Try this zoomed view Solo119-Sep-18
Gargantua areaCaptain Solo114-Sep-18
Contemplating the cornerCaptain Solo110-Jun-18
Fidden Farm MullCaptain Solo105-Jun-18
Taking a swing on the 3D route Witch Hazel. Photo credit Jamie McKinnonCaptain Solo203-Apr-18
Direct finish on the ChasmCaptain Solo102-Apr-18
Dave starting up first pitchCaptain Solo106-Mar-18
The view from Viking GullyCaptain Solo113-Feb-18
The bottom of Viking GullyCaptain Solo113-Feb-18
Knoydart dawnCaptain Solo113-Feb-18
Team on Splintery Edge (I think)Captain Solo110-Feb-18
West Coast BoomerCaptain Solo109-Feb-18
Checkmate ChimneyCaptain Solo113-Jan-18
The guardian of GlencoeCaptain Solo118-Dec-17
First pitch. climbed on icy slabs to the right, main flow on the left is still awaiting a true first ascent.Captain Solo116-Dec-17
Not a bad view.Captain Solo108-Aug-17
She said I could have a climbing wall in the house, so I did.Captain Solo116-Mar-17
An original Underwood whole-plate camera in action. One used by the Abraham BrothersCaptain Solo113-Mar-17
Katja Broadbent making the unusual move off The Priest, high on Labyrinth Ridge (VS 5a), Aylim during the first ascent.Captain Solo111-Feb-17
Sunshine on ReiffCaptain Solo126-Jun-16
Harris ButtressCaptain Solo114-Jun-16
Bardo Thodol and Land of the Dancing DeadCaptain Solo114-Jun-16
Negotiating the middle pitch.Captain Solo114-Jun-16
The Hansom Cab Stance?Captain Solo114-Jun-16
Seen above Capel on Sunday.. It is a ?Captain Solo112-Apr-16
Triple ButtressCaptain Solo104-Apr-16
Smears for FearsCaptain Solo203-Apr-16
Nearing the end of a very snowy Chasm to Crowberry TraverseCaptain Solo103-Apr-16
East Central Gully, upper reachesCaptain Solo103-Apr-16
East Central Gully, half way upCaptain Solo103-Apr-16
Far East Wall and Triple ButtressCaptain Solo103-Apr-16
Very snowy on the CC traverseCaptain Solo119-Feb-16
The first of the two steep stepsCaptain Solo119-Feb-16
Easier grade IV ground higher upCaptain Solo119-Feb-16
The crux awaitsCaptain Solo119-Feb-16
Climb anywhere you like iceCaptain Solo119-Feb-16
Old man of Storr isle of SkyeCaptain Solo106-Jan-16
Ewan on 2nd pitchCaptain Solo211-Nov-15
The penultimate pitchCaptain Solo110-Oct-15
South Crag, Coir a GhrunndaCaptain Solo127-Sep-15
Topo of WigwagCaptain Solo127-Sep-15
Very relieved on reaching the haven of the Inbred nicheCaptain Solo127-Sep-15
Blissfully unaware that the good holds are about to run out...Captain Solo127-Sep-15
Topo of recent new routesCaptain Solo127-Sep-15
The start to BonebagCaptain Solo127-Sep-15
Maura Folsom second ascent Toviah Tower. Utah 2006 .With mini whisky left by the FA party.Captain Solo129-Aug-15
Richard Doody on The Great Escape VSCaptain Solo105-Aug-15
Arkle and Ben StackCaptain Solo117-Jul-15
"Dru dreaming"Captain Solo115-Apr-15
The dreaded Greenland Black FlyCaptain Solo106-Oct-14
Buachaille Etive Mor from the River Coupall.Captain Solo118-Aug-14
Spider Buttress, Coire Sputan DeargCaptain Solo105-Aug-14
Alladale WallCaptain Solo203-Aug-14
Top pitch of The SnakeCaptain Solo127-Jul-14
The upper left wall of North Blackmount Buttress.Captain Solo127-Jul-14
Climbers on the 3rd pitchCaptain Solo103-Jul-14
Bastion, Meall nan EunCaptain Solo104-May-14
Main (upper) pitch of gremlins, rarely formed thin face iceCaptain Solo106-Apr-14
Tom descending Sgurr a Ghreadaidh on firm snow, as part of a one day winter traverse.Captain Solo115-Mar-14
Tango in the Night areaCaptain Solo114-Mar-14
Guy seconding the intense second pitch of 'One step beyond'Captain Solo130-Jan-14
Start of P3, Damnation, in very snowy conditions.Captain Solo124-Jan-14
K9 (L) and Central Gully (R) on Lurcher's Crag.Captain Solo105-Jan-14
Snow country for old sheepCaptain Solo118-Nov-13
Is this in winter condition then?Captain Solo118-Nov-13
Two unknown climbers high on Mess of PottageCaptain Solo113-Nov-13
Raven and the CuillinCaptain Solo105-Oct-13
my crack amchine and system board.Captain Solo127-Sep-13
Late afternoon soloing on the Rosetta Stone, ArranCaptain Solo105-Aug-13
The fine cliff on the south side of Sgurr AlasdairCaptain Solo124-Jul-13
Colin moving up to the crux of Cioch GroovesCaptain Solo124-Jul-13
Looking towards Meall Ghaordaidh from Glen LyonCaptain Solo104-Jul-13
Off the beaten trackCaptain Solo101-Jul-13
The Bell's! The Bell's Variation!Captain Solo101-Jul-13
Glen Torridon at its best.Captain Solo101-Jul-13
Rewarded with a decent view at the top of Hairy MairyCaptain Solo101-Jul-13
Easy fun in the sun by the seaCaptain Solo105-Jun-13
ChopperCaptain Solo105-Jun-13
Pitch 2 Jamies Lum DirectCaptain Solo102-Jun-13
Divino from the Sella valley.Captain Solo126-May-13
Pitch 1 Salamander, Creag GhlasCaptain Solo113-May-13
The perfect intro to outdoor climbing for a wall climber? Angel of SharknessCaptain Solo112-May-13
The approach route to Seana MheallanCaptain Solo208-May-13
Lost Valley from stob-coire-sgreamhach summitCaptain Solo114-Apr-13
AlHCaptain Solo108-Apr-13
Slav route and Zero GullyCaptain Solo108-Apr-13
Topo of Silver TearCaptain Solo104-Apr-13
A cold day.Captain Solo125-Mar-13
Topping out on The Milky Way after an enjoyable climb.Captain Solo125-Mar-13
oliverkCaptain Solo215-Mar-13
Right End ButtressCaptain Solo115-Mar-13
Climber SilhouetteCaptain Solo128-Feb-13
Red Gully AreaCaptain Solo220-Feb-13
the gashCaptain Solo114-Feb-13
no6 gullyCaptain Solo114-Feb-13
New Routes?Captain Solo114-Feb-13
Near the bottom of the Long LeachasCaptain Solo130-Jan-13
Crevasse negotiation, Argentiere GlacierCaptain Solo130-Jan-13
topping out, ben nevisCaptain Solo127-Jan-13
Descent from Old Man of Hoy...!!!Captain Solo117-Jan-13
Left and Right Hand Icefalls, Lurcher's CragCaptain Solo123-Dec-12
lurchers cragCaptain Solo123-Dec-12
Ice on LurchersCaptain Solo123-Dec-12
Chris looking for somewhere to place gear.Captain Solo123-Dec-12
Looking east from Am Bodach, MamoresCaptain Solo106-Dec-12
Safe descent from CMD arete down to SteallCaptain Solo106-Dec-12
West Face Aonach MorCaptain Solo106-Dec-12
Looking towards Beinn Ruadh and Clach Bheinn from the summit of Beinn Bheag.Captain Solo105-Dec-12
Looking east from summit of SuilvenCaptain Solo106-Nov-12
On the crux of Pinnacle ridge, not much ice but great conditionsCaptain Solo105-Nov-12
What grade is this supposed to be!Captain Solo105-Nov-12
Morven from ScarabenCaptain Solo103-Nov-12
Schistomania, Sgurr na Muice, Glen StrathfarrerCaptain Solo102-Nov-12
Gary gearing up for Pale RiderCaptain Solo102-Nov-12
B Gully, Clach Glas, Blaven.Captain Solo102-Nov-12
Self knotting ropeCaptain Solo120-Sep-12
Irn Bru and tablet, a very Scottish feel to a Mont Blanc summit!Captain Solo128-Aug-12
Topo of Direct Nose RouteCaptain Solo106-Jun-12
Innocents on Y Garn (1)Captain Solo106-Jun-12
Rob moving up from the rarely seen chin smear on Sunset SlabCaptain Solo115-May-12
Fruity Crag near Raven's Crag, Gairloch.Captain Solo110-May-12
Me yet again !!Captain Solo110-May-12
First Gorilla ascent of Banana FingerCaptain Solo108-May-12
Finding crux at start of 2nd pitch quite intimidatingCaptain Solo206-May-12
Martin Olslund (Petzl) on-sighting Fission (M10) at the Rjukan Ice FestivalCaptain Solo113-Apr-12
The Bonaid Dhonn, Beinn a MhuinidhCaptain Solo101-Apr-12
Inbhirpollaidh Rock Gym left hand side.Captain Solo101-Apr-12
A busy Seal Song area.Captain Solo101-Apr-12
Corrag Bhuidhe, An TeallachCaptain Solo127-Mar-12
Diamond BackCaptain Solo126-Mar-12
Climbers on Castle ridgeCaptain Solo101-Mar-12
Swans glide across Loch na Barrack below Suilven, with Quinag at rearCaptain Solo124-Feb-12
Not a bad view from the top out.Captain Solo104-Feb-12
Inspecting the rock further up.Captain Solo117-Jan-12
sunny!Captain Solo117-Jan-12
climbers on escalatorCaptain Solo117-Jan-12
Second Accent of the route,Will Sim leading the second Pitch The Gathering . What a day.Captain Solo116-Jan-12
The buttresses of Seana BhraighCaptain Solo110-Jan-12
A bare Jacobs LadderCaptain Solo101-Jan-12
JeanGCaptain Solo231-Dec-11
Atmospheric views from Aonach air Chrith down towards Kinloch HournCaptain Solo118-Dec-11
Ponte Brolla.Captain Solo106-Dec-11
Luzzone Dam, SwitzerlandCaptain Solo124-Nov-11
Loch Hourn from Ben AdenCaptain Solo110-Nov-11
Johnny's Morning CuppaCaptain Solo103-Nov-11
Low down on No.6Captain Solo130-Oct-11
A quiet october day at Popular endCaptain Solo121-Oct-11
Northern Corries on 20th Oct.Captain Solo121-Oct-11
Garbh Chioch Mhor, Sgurr na Ciche and Knoydart.Captain Solo120-Oct-11
Even further into the wildernessCaptain Solo120-Oct-11
2nd Pitch.Captain Solo108-Oct-11
Hidden Ridge from Glas Bheinn MhorCaptain Solo125-Sep-11
Ben Starav from Glas Bheinn Mhor spot 892m.Captain Solo125-Sep-11
West Section, NE Face of Beinn LairCaptain Solo104-Sep-11
MoyCaptain Solo102-Sep-11
Moy....Captain Solo102-Sep-11
Moy.....Captain Solo102-Sep-11
George Christie on Inbred HVS, Newtonmore. Note the flared trousersCaptain Solo122-Aug-11
Jonny TeeCaptain Solo108-Aug-11
Stewie Webb leading and me following, beautiful weather and a cracking day out.Captain Solo124-Jul-11
Now that's a chockstone- The First pitch of ExocetCaptain Solo124-Jul-11
Climbers on summit of Petit CharmozCaptain Solo117-Jul-11
Topping out on PicnicCaptain Solo110-Jul-11
First pitch, Master of MorganaCaptain Solo110-Jul-11
Meall Deas, Rubha HunishCaptain Solo110-Jul-11
Meall Deas, Rubha HunishCaptain Solo110-Jul-11
Meall Tuath, Rubha HunishCaptain Solo110-Jul-11
Squeezing up behind the blade of the Guillotine, March 2008Captain Solo123-Jun-11
Fixed rope on the MatterhornCaptain Solo110-Jun-11
South Face of Binnein Shuas from Creag PitridhCaptain Solo110-Jun-11
A gallant attempt by Heike on Madonna, Virgin and Child PinnacleCaptain Solo110-Jun-11
The Central Corner, Sandstone TierCaptain Solo226-May-11
South Face, Sgurr a ChaorachainCaptain Solo125-May-11
Crimson Slabs, Creagan a Coire EtchachanCaptain Solo125-May-11
The Meadow Face and Crimson Slabs, Creagan a Coire EtchachanCaptain Solo125-May-11
Coire LochanCaptain Solo110-May-11
Can anyone guess why the guy at the bottom isn't paying any attention to the rope? Ice Nine, Canada.Captain Solo130-Apr-11
Minister for Biking, Lairig Leacach, Grey CorriesCaptain Solo121-Apr-11
Caisteal Liath, SuilvenCaptain Solo119-Apr-11
Enjoying the run outCaptain Solo110-Mar-11
Possibly one of the finest locations for a bothy, Dibidil, RumCaptain Solo103-Mar-11
Creagan Coire Etchachan and the CairngormsCaptain Solo102-Mar-11
Climber on crux pitch of HaystackCaptain Solo101-Mar-11
Mary underneath penultimate pitch of VS RouteCaptain Solo101-Mar-11
Scoor Slab, MullCaptain Solo123-Feb-11
Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dumCaptain Solo123-Feb-11
Steep ramp above crux rock step on 4th pitchCaptain Solo117-Feb-11
Lost Valley Minor ButtressCaptain Solo116-Feb-11
Bottom of Broad Gully - Meall GarbhCaptain Solo216-Feb-11
Shadow Buttress BCaptain Solo116-Feb-11
Steall Falls Direct!Captain Solo114-Feb-11
Me leading direct finish to No.6Captain Solo114-Feb-11
Only a hillCaptain Solo121-Jan-11
Si ont top pitchCaptain Solo129-Dec-10
Scrambling up in Torridon!Captain Solo101-Dec-10
Failure !Captain Solo123-Nov-10
Approaching the Col de la Croix de FerCaptain Solo117-Nov-10
Glen Ogle looking South, Spring 2010Captain Solo119-Sep-10
Passing StormCaptain Solo119-Sep-10
Serrated ribCaptain Solo219-Sep-07
Zig-Zigs, East Face of Gearr AonachCaptain Solo201-Sep-07
On top of the cioch (and yes, that is a sword (it's in situ!).Captain Solo111-Oct-06
Head of Loch Shiel, November dusk.Captain Solo125-Sep-06
"Be the Best" - Army training climbing circa 1958Captain Solo122-Aug-06
Above Hells LumCaptain Solo119-Jul-06
Binnein Shuas - Rest between climbs... Graeme Hunter (R) & Doug Lang (L) - June 1967Captain Solo129-Jun-06
Route 3, HVS 5a, DiabegCaptain Solo126-Jun-06
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