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still climbingboje109-Apr-21
An early (1950s) traverse of the Promontory, Black Rocksboje112-Mar-19
Identification help? Definitely Olympic Slab: thanks allboje105-Mar-19
Tremadoc Group 2boje218-Aug-18
Tremadoc Group 1boje117-Aug-18
Second ascent of Great Wallboje127-Jul-18
Dave higher up on the wallboje127-Jul-18
Second ascent of Great Wallboje127-Jul-18
Second ascent of Great Wallboje127-Jul-18
Go on Al jump it (1)boje125-Feb-18
Old School Geezers! Clive Rowlands, Paul Nunn and John Smithboje117-Apr-16
Sheffield University Mountaineering Club '60sboje117-Apr-16
Olympus Trip 35 - they don't make them like that anymore !boje114-Feb-16
FA Girdle Lower Amphitheatre Wall Craig yr Ysfa1966boje312-Feb-16
I need a little help with an ID here.boje225-Sep-15
Dangle and Whackboje113-Sep-15
Traverse of Rochefort-Jorassesboje113-Sep-15
No wonder there are so many accidents in the winter !boje107-Sep-15
Joel Evans and Ali Hurst make the final moves towards the Dent du Géant's summitboje103-Sep-15
Diary from Day 1 - 30th August 1965boje131-Aug-15
Tie a Yellow Ribbonboje119-Aug-15
Woubits 1969boje108-Aug-15
BillBriggs Al Randall Bloody Slab Cloggyboje130-Jul-15
Mur y Niwl / Pinnacle Wall 2. 1973boje130-Jul-15
Photo Quiz 22boje314-Jul-15
Photo Quiz 21boje214-Jul-15
Summit of the Greponboje213-Jul-15
I have to go, but I won't be sorry to leave my friends behind !boje313-Jul-15
The late George Homer on Salathe Wall Yosemite 1973boje210-Jul-15
A weekend of laughter: the 2015 BMC Cornish Climbing Festivalboje109-Jul-15
Boldest, first ascentboje123-Jun-15
Bas Ingleboje123-Jun-15
"It is not logical to be scared"boje219-Jun-15
Coffin Dodgers Cycling Club of Cumbria.Still alive (just) and Well.78-78-82-78boje207-Jun-15
It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it !boje105-Jun-15
Somewhere on Gritboje105-Jun-15
Rod Wilson on first ascent of Troach, Cloggy, 4 Oct 1959boje118-May-15
Martin Harris. In memoriam 20.4.15boje129-Apr-15
live to climbboje123-Apr-15
view to Tryfanboje114-Apr-15
Photo Quiz 20boje206-Apr-15
Brit Campsite Yosemite 1973. Some weird guy showing us his new white shorts.boje102-Apr-15
Paul Ross ,Hamish MacInnes on the first British ascent Bonatti Pillar Aiguille du Dru CBboje126-Feb-15
Reunion - let's get our priorities right !boje124-Feb-15
Rope Boy 1973,,, Below Shepherds Cragboje121-Feb-15
Bernard Newman and John Stainforth after completing Cloggy Corner (HVS), September 1972boje117-Jan-15
John Stainforth completing Holly Tree Wall (VS), Cwm Idwal, in big boots and carrying a sack.boje117-Jan-15
Abseiling on Clogwyn y Grochan, August 1968boje117-Jan-15
John on second pitch of Charity, April 1969boje117-Jan-15
Liverpool University Night Climbersboje102-Jan-15
Early climbsboje217-Dec-14
Early climbs 2.boje117-Dec-14
Who are these two ?boje228-Nov-14
Demonstration of à cheval climbing Pyramide du Tacul summit 1965boje126-Nov-14
Pitch 1 of Brant c 1970; photo by Jim Wiggintonboje126-Oct-14
Paul Ingham on Desperate Den, Highcliffe Nab. 1983.boje126-Oct-14
Brrrrm Brrrrm - Leader of the Pack !boje323-Sep-14
Al Hunt on Cenotaph Cornerboje323-Sep-14
Dent du Geant (Haute Savoie) from Tour Rondeboje108-Sep-14
Langtang Lirungboje103-Sep-14
Small holds on Capel Pinnaclesboje221-Aug-14
Himalayan Summitboje112-Aug-14
Photo Quiz 19boje107-May-14
Photo quiz 18.boje306-May-14
Paul Ingham on Archangel, Stanage. 1979.boje104-May-14
Photo Quiz 17boje329-Apr-14
Rocksport February 1973boje223-Apr-14
Rocksport 1970boje123-Apr-14
Tony Marr repeating "Marr's Variation" on Central Buttress, Scafell.2006.boje121-Apr-14
Last cigarette before the swim.boje219-Apr-14
Best dressed Himalayan climberboje215-Apr-14
Mo on the way off.boje115-Apr-14
Mo Anthoine getting ready for the swim.boje115-Apr-14
Look at the footwear !boje301-Apr-14
Dave Garnett, Hilary Sharp and Ian Parsons at Bournebrook wall 1981.boje101-Apr-14
the original Burnley team in glen brittle 1964boje101-Apr-14
Leech stop.boje129-Mar-14
Cuffed off the road.boje129-Mar-14
With the greatest but not so good.boje217-Mar-14
The Thank God holds at the top of Shrike. Barbara James.boje115-Feb-14
Great and must be good: he's got an MBEboje130-Jan-14
Anyone know who this is ?boje229-Jan-14
Caught in the act 2 !!boje225-Nov-13
Accident prone ?boje221-Nov-13
Jockey Jim on Brant Directboje116-Nov-13
Himalayan summit - looking down the final ridge.boje211-Nov-13
First beer in a month.boje211-Nov-13
Self timer shot on the Cantileverboje104-Nov-13
Well known climber relaxing on the beach.boje103-Nov-13
Old chap above the crux pitch. On Seven pitch route Peacemaker 5c.. Southern Arizona.. Best winter crags in the USboje127-Oct-13
Rescue on Shepherds Cragboje108-Oct-13
Sean Leary leads onto the final headwall, NE ridge of Ulvetanna, Antarctica. Taken from 'The Last Great Climb'.boje123-Sep-13
Sunset with the Matterhorn (Italian side) in the distance taken from the Margherita Hut on the top of Signalkuppe (the highestboje120-Sep-13
Desert Days. Utah Andy Ross. Paul Ross . Jim Howeboje118-Sep-13
Tom Randall after climbing the easier (7b) crack at le Couteray in the rain.boje110-Aug-13
The old tea shack (Ref previous photo by Sean Kelly)boje108-Aug-13
Dad on Slanting Buttress Ridge Route.boje123-Jul-13
Foxy and Lees celebrate after climbing the first route on Craig Bodlyn.boje320-Jul-13
Evening sun below Craig Bodlynboje210-Jul-13
PHOTO QUIZ 16 (Paul Ross joined in with No 15)boje204-Jul-13
Everest, before the fixed ropesboje102-Jul-13
A determined lead, White Slab 1966boje110-Jun-13
Cloggy mon amourboje123-May-13
Walking up to Cloggy 1966boje117-May-13
Early bird catches the worm!boje102-May-13
Scott Karabiners.boje201-May-13
Pitch 5 of Positive Vibrations, Incredible Hulk, California.boje221-Apr-13
At the hut the night before (Albert Ier)boje119-Apr-13
What a bore !boje210-Apr-13
No need to introduce these two.boje105-Apr-13
Scrambling in wintery conditionsboje131-Mar-13
CC Lundy trip,2001, Bideford Quay.boje431-Mar-13
Lenspitz North Faceboje219-Mar-13
Nev Crowther, Mike James and Syd Clark at the Hathersage SUMC Reunion in March 2013boje119-Mar-13
Mountain rescue - 1961/1962boje110-Mar-13
Contemplating Suicideboje129-Dec-12
A Manchester Institutionboje220-Dec-12
First ascent Kripling Groove.IV C2 5b. 330'4 pitches. Ross/Potterboje118-Dec-12
PHOTO QUIZ 14boje214-Dec-12
Speedy lady about to head down the Borrowdale Roadboje212-Dec-12
55+ Years at Ogwen Cottage.boje111-Dec-12
Herd of Desert Cows on the way out us.boje108-Dec-12
Mur y Niwl / Pinnacle Wall 1973boje107-Dec-12
Point Five Gully in February 2009boje118-Nov-12
Bar group at the first Kendal Festivalboje217-Nov-12
Second free ascent of Scoop Wall, Stoney Middleton.boje117-Nov-12
Starting out on the Midi-Plan traverseboje117-Nov-12
Emma on the 3rd pitch of Tan y Draig, E1, on the FAboje117-Nov-12
Classic waist belayboje115-Nov-12
Late sixties on Dinas Motboje208-Nov-12
Jess patelboje102-Nov-12
Christmas at Mount Bakerboje425-Oct-12
Dovedale group nov 82boje114-Oct-12
Posing on Patienceboje111-Oct-12
An Easter,1951, ascent of Belle View Bastionboje223-Sep-12
ALPINE BOZOESboje111-Sep-12
Dwm p3. The way it used to be doneboje103-Sep-12
Not a good head of hair between them !boje216-Aug-12
Yellow Slabboje108-Aug-12
PHOTO QUIZ 13boje306-Aug-12
Walkers on Stanageboje222-Jul-12
One way to do it.boje110-Jul-12
Nutcracker - Eric "Spider" Penman climbingboje106-Jul-12
Pitch 3 The Spade - First ascentboje105-Jul-12
At the old bivi hut - long gone.boje104-Jul-12
PHOTO QUIZ 11boje210-Jun-12
Innocents on Y Garn (1)boje206-Jun-12
Innocents on Y Garn (2)boje104-Jun-12
P.Ross on the bivy. FA The 1000' Labyrinth Wall, Cannon Cliff, New hamshire.July 1971boje130-May-12
The arms are a giveaway !boje226-May-12
A motley crew - who do you recognise ?boje226-May-12
The wee famous guy and his wife is Patsy Walshboje122-May-12
PHOTO QUIZ 13boje222-May-12
Alpha Club and others below Goat Crag ,Borrowdale 1960'sboje117-May-12
Richard McHardy preparing for Salathe Wall, Yosimite, 1973 with Nancy Homerboje116-May-12
A long time ago on the Grochanboje212-May-12
Kaisergebirge Wall.Clogwyn y Grochan.Llanberis Pass c1959. John Irelandboje211-May-12
Keith Carr Summit of Aiguille du Moine Summer 1965boje111-May-12
Top Half Kaisergebirge Wall John Irelandboje110-May-12
Bar scene - Victoria hotel Llanberis.boje129-Apr-12
Sixties hoodlums - Ogwen Cottage group 1961boje429-Apr-12
PHOTO QUIZ 4 - WHO'S THIS ?boje318-Apr-12
PHOTO QUIZ 10boje218-Apr-12
BELOW!! and Duck.... FA "The Rolling Stones"boje106-Apr-12
Demo Routeboje101-Apr-12
Himalayan Avalancheboje130-Mar-12
Himalayan Avalancheboje130-Mar-12
my great uncle john glencoe 1954boje127-Mar-12
MIDGES GALOREboje319-Jan-12
A CLIMB WITH TUTboje110-Jan-12
The Thing, Dinas Cromlechboje219-Dec-11
Paul and Richard below Gimmer Crag in 1973boje214-Dec-11
Skye 1974 - who are these guys ?boje314-Dec-11
Ben Nevis winter 1972 - conditions were excellentboje214-Dec-11
Instructors sat on the "guides bench" outside Ogwen Cottage.boje210-Dec-11
Some of the original Burnley team below the Grochan early 60'sboje110-Dec-11
Old timers party - who do you recognise ?boje409-Dec-11
Mount Baker, Washington State, USA.boje103-Dec-11
Ogwen boulders - Pod and Moboje223-Nov-11
PHOTO QUIZ 12boje416-Nov-11
The Charmoz, the Moon and the Blaitière.boje116-Nov-11
LUNCH WITH BRIANboje330-Oct-11
Martin Burrows Smith models his girlfriend's trousers while I pick my nose.boje109-Sep-11
Moroccan Team 1996 . Can you name a few ?boje308-Sep-11
1982 search Mt Washington,New Hampshire for Hugh Herr.Herr lost both legs below knee from frost bite.One rescue member killed.boje108-Sep-11
Classic abseilboje112-Aug-11
John (Jud) Jordan on Pedestal Directboje103-Aug-11
John (Jud) Jordan on Mur y Niwlboje101-Aug-11
Hazel Gilpin. Paul Ross. Pete Greenwood. Langdale.1955.To the 5th ascent "Do Not",12th ascent "Kipling Groove.boje128-Jul-11
Embankment Route 3boje120-Jul-11
Offspring of the famous Blencathra Badger, hanging out in the desert with some old bloke.boje115-Jul-11
Tremadoc group 1979 - well turned out as usual !boje212-Jul-11
Tom parrott approaching the crux on pitch 6 of 'the cracks'boje112-Jul-11
Climbing in style !boje403-Jul-11
Writing up a first ascent....after a big night on the ale .. Who's Who?boje103-Jul-11
Blowing the cobwebs awayboje128-Jun-11
PHOTO QUIZ 9boje127-Jun-11
Starting Pinacle Flakeboje127-Jun-11
Caught in the act !boje211-Jun-11
Trilon - my first VS lead.boje210-Jun-11
Winter walk up Snowdonboje110-Jun-11
Ship Rock ,New Mexico.boje125-May-11
P.Ross on speed machine 1937 Royal Enfield side valve about 1954. Pint of oil from Keswick to Seathwaite and backboje124-May-11
Laverado - 42 years on.boje122-May-11
You haven't changed a bit !boje311-May-11
Langtang Himal - the walk out.boje111-May-11
Summit bivouac - Aiguille du Planboje410-May-11
1 hour long exposure, North Face Everestboje105-May-11
Camp 2.9 on Ama Dablamboje105-May-11
Reaching the belay on Bloody Slabboje329-Apr-11
Happy days on Angleseyboje329-Apr-11
"The Bun" in action.boje406-Apr-11
Early attempt on Strandboje104-Apr-11
The Usual Suspectsboje402-Apr-11
PHOTO QUIZ 8boje215-Mar-11
Alpine bivouacboje315-Mar-11
Paul and Stan and Tremadocboje211-Mar-11
PHOTO QUIZ 7boje209-Feb-11
Sea level traverse - Anglesey 1972boje103-Feb-11
Crispin Waddy ,Tryfan, during Hardye's School Dorchester CCF Adventurous Training Camp Capel Curig 1982boje103-Feb-11
Paul Ross on the South Face of the Dent du Geant 1959. photo Eric Raysonboje103-Feb-11
The Team on top of FA. Last of the Summer Wine E1 5b.L to R.. Peare, Bonington,Greenwood, Ross 1989 photo. Boningtonboje128-Jan-11
Pete Greenwood on the crux of the First Ascent Last of the Summer Wine,Gowder Crag ,Borrowdale. 1989.boje128-Jan-11
Paul Ross on Sepulchre, Kern Knotts . 1954boje122-Jan-11
How about this one ?boje218-Jan-11
Life in the fast lane.boje217-Jan-11
Lakes climbers on the Old Man of Stoerboje217-Jan-11
When we all had a van.boje106-Jan-11
Mo and Jackie getting over to the Old Man of Stoerboje127-Nov-10
PHOTO QUIZ 5 - WHO'S THIS ?boje226-Nov-10
PHOTO QUIZ 6 - WHO'S THIS ?boje126-Nov-10
Tricouni-equipped winter boots (brand new and nailed by hand)boje108-Oct-10
Who/where is this?boje106-Sep-10
PHOTO QUIZ 3 -WHO'S THIS ?boje306-Sep-10
PHOTO QUIZ 2 - WHO'S THIS ?boje231-Aug-10
TRIVIA QUIZ - WHO'S THIS ?boje231-Aug-10
On top of Carreg Wastad in 1959 after my first VS lead, Trilon.boje315-Aug-10
Langtang Himal 1974 - Jackie Anthointe talks to our portersboje102-Aug-10
Langtang Himal 1974 - yak hut base camp.boje102-Aug-10
Why did Joe tie me up like this ?boje215-Jul-10
.... and here ?boje227-May-10
Who have we here ?boje127-May-10
Llithrig - the classic wayboje113-Apr-10
Smokin Joe (Brown)boje116-Feb-10
Switzerland 1973 - who are these guys ?boje302-Oct-09
A CLIMB WITH HENRYboje113-Jun-09
A wet Alvarezboje118-May-09
Sea level traverse Anglesey 1972 - Joe Brown assists Al Alvarez.boje118-May-09
Mr Birtles - midfield schemer for Edale FCboje218-May-09
Bloody Slab - Consulation Prizeboje218-May-09
Bloody Slab - Consulation Prizeboje218-May-09
Ian Campbell retreating from Slanting Slab in 1962boje106-Feb-09
Ian Campbell attempting Slanting Slab in 1962boje106-Feb-09
Busy car park at Stanage on 25th December 2008boje125-Dec-08
Mr Birtles outlins his tactics for the second half to a bored audienceboje218-Jun-08
Ian (Cam) Campbell leading Shrike in 1962boje118-Jun-08
Hot Henry at Helsbyboje118-Jun-08
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