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Cam inspection
©cider nut
Camera used: Casio QV-R4
Date taken: 20th August 2005

User Comments

Hmmm... this one went into a category that doesn't allow voting. Feel free to leave comments, I'm interested what people think of the pic cos I like it!
Fidget - 24/Aug/05
In a google search for something completely different, I found out that this is a 'southern green stink bug'. Nice!
Fidget - 30/Aug/05
the colour's a bit washed out and it's out of focus.
CJD - 06/Oct/05
My camera has a tendancy to over expose things in sunlight. I don't think it's much out of focus though, especially since it's such a close up. Cheers for the comments though ;)
Fidget - 06/Oct/05
Someone'll probably know more about it than me and give better advice, but I've learnt to shoot macro from slightly further away and crop it down afterwards - the camera doesn't struggle so much to focus then. Dunno if that's what happened here, it just looks like the ones I used to get when I tried to fill the whole viewfinder with the subject.
Nice idea for a photo though.
psd - 06/Oct/05
It's already cropped :(
Fidget - 06/Oct/05
Great fun! Hope its not art, because I don't get that at all, but as an 'Wow, man, look at that green bug on my gear' photo I love it :o)
Simon Rorke - 06/Oct/05
nice pic, shame you didn't get a really sharp focus on the bug tho.
From an artistic point of view, getting that sunlight on the bug & cams rather than just the ground behind might add to the contrast between the colours & add depth of shadows.
Pics like this are never easy to get perfect tho because they are opportunist, not planned & staged ;0)
haze01 - 06/Oct/05
Simon - yep, fun not art.
haze - cheers!
Fidget - 06/Oct/05
" I don't think it's much out of focus though, especially since it's such a close up."
'Out of focus' is 'out of focus'
Having said that, I don't think the focus is bad, it's the actual SHARPNESS (a different parameter) that lets it down, and the colours are muted (easy fix, boost the RGB saturation by, ooh, 15%). Did you apply the Unsharp Mask or any other filter? It's a fun snapshot, no more, no less.
Kenny - 06/Oct/05
It's out of focus, or digitally zoomed too much, and so this ruins the photo. If the bug and cam were pin sharp and crystal clear, 'twould be a nice shot.
Alun - 06/Oct/05
It's not digitally zoomed, I turned that off because it's useless. My eyes must be strange, I still think the cams are in focus, even if the bug isn't.
Fidget - 06/Oct/05
Unfortunately everything is ever so slightly out of focus and it's overexposed. Have you tried dialing back the brightness and applying a 'sharpen' filter in photoshop? It's not one that I usually use (because it's a fairly twitchy filter and can produce some weird results) but you never know.
Other people's advice about shooting macros from a bit further away and then cropping the bits you want are bang on the money btw.
However, despite the fact that it's out of focus and overexposed, I like it, it's got really good composition.
Matt Wilson - 06/Oct/05
Cheers. I'm always a bit reluctant to digitally change/enhance photos (except for cropping/rotating etc). Plus as I put above it was taken from further away and already cropped. Cheers for the comment though, I'll experiment with some more close ups.
Fidget - 07/Oct/05
These bugs ooze really luminous green stuff when you squash em ;o) Nice pic.
Anni - 20/Nov/06
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This picture is copyright. If you want to reproduce or otherwise re-use it, please email the photographer direct via their user profile. Photo added August 24 2005.
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