Photo gallery: Right-Hand Crack at Brimham Rocks

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Kai Seth Robertson Seconding Right-hand Crack
Mandy Robertson, Apr 2016 © Karl Bromelow
Classic Spring Conditions at Brimham Rocks.
© Kai Seth Robertson, Apr 2016
Frank Fitzgerald preparing for Right-Hand Crack. Tony Marr feeds his new friend. Brimham...
© Tony Marr, Jan 2004
Topping out Right-Hand Crack on a sunny day at Brimham
© betamonkey, Jul 2012
Phill Climbing Right-Hand Crack (Cracked Buttress) At Brimham Rocks
© phillydc, Apr 2011
Me on Right-Hand Crack, should have been wary of the VDiff grade given in the 1989 guide!
© Haighy, Mar 2011
bit of a struggle as just getting used to jamming but ace climb!
© soph_the_loaf