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I grew up with a background in sport, competing in gymnastics and then rugby from an early age. I got into climbing when I was around 14 or 15. Straight away I knew that I was in love with the sport, I bought some shoes and a chalk bag and ended up going down to a local beach everyday after school for months just climbing around on some choss but it taught me a lot about climbing and I then 6 months later I’d climbed my first Font 7C, shortly afterward I managed my first Font 7C+’s and 8A’s.

I then discovered sport climbing when I first visited Anstey’s Cove with good friend Jamie Parffrey and Lewis Richardson, Lewis was trying the classic Cider Soak 8a and I knew instantly that I wanted to get involved with a route like this, even after doing 8A boulders, the thought of doing an 8a route seemed tricky. Cider Soak ended up taking a fair amount of time but I didn’t know much about reappointing at the time so I used to just fall off the last move, lower down, tie back in and have another burn. Often having around 10-15 redpoints in a session. Cider Soak went down, a couple of months later I ended up doing New Power Generation 8b in Gorges du Loup.


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