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I'm a 26 year-old climber from Yorkshire in the North of England. I got into climbing the old fashioned way and am now learning the potential of modern training.  My formative years were spent trying to establish the hardest and boldest routes I could in the North York Moors. These days I've branched out from my home turf and am beginning to explore Northumberland, The Lake District, Scotland and even the odd route in the Alps. Some of the most magical moments of my climbing so far:

  • First ascent of Nothing Lasts (E11 7a), Sandy Crag, Northumberland
  • Surviving a 20m groundfall in 2011
  • First ascent of I Am You (E7 7b), Coquette View, Northumberland
  • Tucking into dinner below a perfect Chamonix sunset at the bivi with my good friend, the late Ian Jackson
  • Flashing Dave MacLeod's Apophenia (E7 6c), Glen Shian, Scotland
  • First Ascent of Sky Burial (E10 6b), Maiden's Bluff, North York Moors
  • First Ascent of Divine Moments of Truth (E10 7a), Kay Nest, North York Moors
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