Bouldering in Chile and Las Vegas with Nalle Hukkataival

Nalle Hukkatiaval is driven by first ascents. For him, the moment of actually climbing a boulder problem is secondary—a mere 10%—compared to the hard work of actually unearthing the line. But just because you have the vision of how a sequence should unfold doesn’t guarantee that you can do the moves. Is it too hard? Does it even go? Check out this new film documenting Nalle’s battle with one of America’s hardest boulder problems.

9 Oct, 2019

Is he flying first class in that? Haha - things are on the up in the pro game clearly. Good vid, always like watching Nalle climb, such a smooth climber.

9 Oct, 2019

A good film which builds the story well. The middle section in Chile with some spectacular boulders was spoilt by some music that was at odds with the climbing and location. I would have preferred the ambient sounds of the altiplano to enhance the great visuals. As he says, a major part of the experience is being out in the environment. When he came to climb Sleepwalker we had some good sound effects with minimal music. Climbing and landscape of this quality doesn't need excessive music.

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