Be a Better Climber

The BMC headed to the wall with pro climber and BMC ambassador Steve McClure, GB Climbing Coach Rachel Carr and GB Climbing Team member Billy Ridal. Their mission? To run through the essential pre-flight safety checks – and any Coronavirus adaptations – to get you back up to speed.

Wear a mask when breathing gently but not when breathing heavily.

I know we are all keen to get back to normal but this is emporer's new clothes.

12 Apr

So when are walls actually opening in each nation?

13 Apr

I believe it’s April 26th in Scotland.

13 Apr

Yesterday in England.

15 Apr

Staying at home is an option if you prefer it. I've had a vaccine (healthcare worker), am in no risk categories and the case rate is low where I live, so for me the cost/benefit is in favour of going to the wall. If it's different for you then that's a shame, but it doesn't mean others are deluding themselves.

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