3rd Rock Portable Fingerboard

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3rd Rock Portable Fingerboard

3rd Rock Portable Fingerboard

3RD ROCK have teamed up with North Wales-based Taylor Made Holds to bring us three products that are perfect Christmas pressies! The portable fingerboard is perfect for training on the go or warming up at the crag.

Rounded edges mean the board can be used as a jug and with three slots, 2x 20mm & 1x 25mm you can hang with both hands or just the one in the middle (if you’re that way inclined!). Comes with 5mm prussic cord for attaching to a designated space.

These hangboards are lovingly made in the heart of North Wales from FSC certified Sapele hardwood; each board has a small Taylor Made x 3RD ROCK logo on the back panel and contorted edges for ultimate comfort when ‘hanging out’.

The team have also released a customisable climbing hold and a mono training ring, for the more dedicated climbers in your life.

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