New DMM Big Cams

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New DMM Big Cams

New DMM Big Cams

What's worse than climbing an offwidth? Climbing an offwidth without the relevant size cam to protect it?€? The DMM Dragon 7 and 8 represent the upper end of the scale, protecting wide cracks with their signature duel axel design and 13.75 camming angle. The TripleGrip lobes improve the contact area on the rock, whilst the springs offer greater stability to prevent it walking.
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Another title for this could have been "the art of climbing an offwidth, without actually climbing it as an offwidth". 

My excuse is that I couldn't bring myself to do Right Eliminate again, which would have revealed the true horror of the medium, as well as my shortfall in technique! Left Eliminate isn't quite a full blown offwidth, as there's the occasional face hold + hand jam in the back of the crack.

Still, it's yet another reminder of the skills Joe Brown possessed back in 1951. Not sure how I'd have felt without the Big Cams beside (or above) me.

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