Resoling Climbing Shoes - Is it worth it?

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Resoling Climbing Shoes - Is it worth it?

Resoling Climbing Shoes - Is it worth it?

Resoling your climbing shoes is a great way to save money, save on waste, and breathe new life into footwear that you've already spent months, sometimes years breaking in. Torquil at Llanberis Resoles has been perfecting the art of resoling climbing shoes for the past twelve years, during which, brands like La Sportiva have begun to partner with him to provide the expertise and parts needed to return your shoes better than before.

To get your shoes resoled by Torquil and his pixies, visit his website.

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4 Nov, 2022

Great video. Thanks for putting that together.

I highly rate Llanberis Resoles and have used their resoled shoes for a lot of my outdoor climbing in the last couple of years.


4 Nov, 2022

Another vote for Llanberis resoles. Never had a bad shoe back

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