The Tenaya Mastia - Ideal for soft & sensitive rock

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The Tenaya Mastia - Ideal for soft & sensitive rock

The Tenaya Mastia - Ideal for soft & sensitive rock

When Tenaya conceived the new Mastia, they wanted to create an aggressively curved shoe that delivered maximum power for standing on tiny holds, but also one which provided unrivalled responsiveness in all situations.

At the start of its life, the Mastia has a good amount of stiffness and a sharp edge, but once they're worn in, they come into their own on more soft and sensitive rock types.

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21 Dec, 2020

"Sensitive rock types" ???

If you watched the video you'd see what I meant, but as a sweeping summary I was referring to rock types which require sensitivity over stiffness - not those who's feelings are easily hurt.

Clearly exceptions occur, but by and large gritstone, sandstone and granite benefit from something you can feel the rock through, as they're more friction based rock types. More edge based rock types such as rhyolite don't (necessarily) require the same level of sensitivity, as they benefit more from a stiffer shoe which will allow you to push off the most marginal footholds, which are - by their very nature - more positive (i.e. edge, not smear).

Either way, that should clarify my meaning.

24 Dec, 2020

"not those who's feelings are easily hurt"

Haha, I interpreted the title as being that the shoes are designed for climbing especially loose rock - that they'd been designed in a way to stop you breaking off holds!

24 Dec, 2020

Wasn't soft and sensitive a slogan for Andrex in the early 90's?

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