The Most Psyched: Dylan Soin

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The Most Psyched: Dylan Soin

The Most Psyched: Dylan Soin

Dylan Soin is the most Psyched person you will ever meet. Born in England, he emigrated to Australia when he was 4 years old, and he started climbing at only 9 years of age. He can proudly say he has “bouldered his age”, after sending Deep Blue Sea, one of the iconic V12/13 boulders in Sydney, and he is currently projecting 33s/8C.

It is not just his climbing achievements that set him apart, but his psyche, his energy and his positive attitude, not only towards his climbing but also towards everyone around him. He is the first one to tell you “you can do it” and come and pat you on the back. “Wise Dylan” will always encourage you to try harder and when he gets to the crag, everyone instantly levels up! His psyche is more than contagious, it is a trait that inspires everyone around him.

Filmed by: Lucas Corroto Climber: Dylan Soin Best belayer: Gun Soin

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