A valley under the radar - Uskedalen, Norway

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A valley under the radar - Uskedalen, Norway

A valley under the radar - Uskedalen, Norway

Climbing in Uskedalen, a climbing area sometimes referred to as 'Norway's Yosemite'. The valley has roughly 60 routes on walls that rise up to 600 meters, and holds potential for many new routes.

2 Jun, 2018

My sort of climbing. Nice

But why does one cook cams in hot water? 

3 Jun, 2018

Maybe the word "Friend" is also Norwegian for "Tea bag"?

3 Jun, 2018

No it isn't.

But these guys aren't Norwegians so maybe in another language..? ;-)

4 Jun, 2018

Swishing the cams around in hot water is to easier loosen up and remove any old grease/oil and trapped dirt/dust. A standard practice:

It's also in the care and instructions of the BD camalots. 



4 Jun, 2018

I've been there and it's brilliant. Huge amounts of pristine granite and almost nobody there, even on a summer weekend. There are massive gaps between the routes, if you can climb solid E2-E3* ish then you can do new routes there. 


* This is very approximate as I only climb VS but there are big gaps in the guide book which aren't featureless slabs etc. 

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