The Story of the Indian Face: the UK's first E9 climb

“A pitch of such appalling difficulty as to be almost beyond the realms of human comprehension,” said Paul Williams in his 1989 guidebook. The Indian Face might not be the UK's hardest rock climb, but it's probably it's most infamous. This tenuous climb, high on the sides of Snowdon was the UK's first E9. With hardly any protection, falling off from the upper sections is thought to be fatal. When Johnny Dawes made the first ascent in October 1986, it made headlines for being "the world's hardest climb"

1 Jun, 2020

Enjoyed it muchly. Redhead's contribution was informative.

2 Jun, 2020

Yeah! The greatest UK climber on the greatest UK crag?

4 Jun, 2020

Grammar police indicate that ascents are not measured in amounts, they are measured in numbers.

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