A Dream of Edwin Drummond

Edwin Drummond was known for his poetic writings, bold first ascents and urban protest climbs; such as his 1978 anti-apartheid ascent of Nelson Column. He combined philosophy, talent and a greatly individual approach to leave an immense physical and literary legacy. The film makes use of archive material, reconstructions and animation to take you on a journey through the mind and climbs of one of the greatest characters to ever grace the UK climbing scene.

"Ed Drummond was by turns imaginative and infuriating, brilliant but flawed. Few have got as close to unpicking his genius as Paul Diffley." - Ed Douglas (The Alpine Journal)


24 Mar

Enjoyed the chat, thanks!

24 Mar

Brilliant! Can't wait to see the full film

25 Mar

So glad Diff is doing Ed Justice. I've always loved the Scottish narrator reading the poems on The Long Hope, so having more is a real treat!

Hi All,

Thanks for the positive feedback.

I watched the film twice and enjoyed it both times, so much so that I'll likely go back for a third. Ed Drummond really is an fascinating character and this interview gave me a good excuse to delve back into his writing, his routes and the experiences I've had on them (something I recommend everyone do anyway - irrespective of whether or not they watch the film).

That said, I'm sure Paul would appreciate you watching the film, and I can guarantee you it'll be an unforgettable experience - seeing the world through Ed Drummond's eyes.

On that note, I'd like to see the world through those eyes again sometime, as/when I'm next out climbing...

26 Mar

I saw the original film/performance/event at Kendal. It was very memorable, interesting but most of all, an emotional journey. Great mix of archive footage, specially shot film and live readings and music. To have his family members taking part added depth. Ed's character and complexity came across and his climbs and his climbs got their just recognition.

I have to declare I played a minor part in the proceedings, but I can objectively say this film has captured the essence of the one off live event and is well worth a look, or several!



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