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Alex Honnold: At Home off the Wall

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14 Dec, 2015
You want to hug this guy for his honesty. Mick
14 Dec, 2015
It's basically an advert for health insurance isn't it? Says a lot about post Obama-care America that a health insurance company would sponsor Honnold, in a good way mind.
14 Dec, 2015
And slap him for the constant use of 'like' three times per sentence, grrr a very annoying all pervading speech tic nowadays. ;-) But I agree with you about his honesty. I thought his comments about risk-taking lifestyles were spot-on.
14 Dec, 2015
A thoroughly intriguing chap - and doesn't come across at all like the stereotypical adrenaline junkie. Looking forward to reading his book. I wonder what grade he gets to before he bothers to ties his shoe laces?
16 Dec, 2015
I thought it shows just how much money the insurers make that they can put together quite a nice video and sponsor people. Just think, if the conservative government keep dismantling the NHS, we too could be paying for adverts like this.