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Welcome to Ben Nevis Film+ II. Last year we premi?red "The Hidden Side" which focused on the North Face Survey and the team involved in exploring the geology and botany of Ben Nevis; this year we are exploring the human history of the area from the first families who lived at Steall to the current British Fell-running Champion Finlay Wild.

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24 Mar, 2016
Nice wee film with some strong resonances for me. Pity we never hear 'Steall' pronounced right, but still really nice!
24 Mar, 2016
How should Steall be pronounced, Pete?
24 Mar, 2016
Not a speaker myself, but Gaelic t's are typically a "ch". And 'ea' as far as I can think is typically flatter and two-syllable, rather than the English "ee".
24 Mar, 2016
But on topic, loved the film. I once inadvertently picked up (what's left of?) the old path under Meall Cumhainn by accident - assumed it was only an erosion track leading to Edgehog. Interesting to know of more... Enjoyed the choice of music, too. 'Wedding' blows me away every time.
24 Mar, 2016
Soundfile here: More like Schtey-all. An Steall Ban= The white spout or falls. So 'Steall Falls' is like saying the 'waterfall waterfalls'.
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