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This is Yorkshire N?All

© Highball Productions
Filmed over the last three winters, this film captures the beauty of Yorkshire bouldering and the people operating in it. From well known to lesser known classics, including some first ascents and unseen footage. Featuring; Rob Lay, Ben Freeman, Will Buck, Tim Palmer, Tom Woodcock, Dan Turner, Kate Ennis and James Turnbull.

31 Oct, 2016
Nice one DT. It's nice to see a good Yarkshire boulderin vid with the players playin. lookin forward to This is Yorkshire tha' nos
I watched this on Friday night, got psyched out of my mind, then with optimistic vigour drove to Caley, then Ilkley, then Crookrise early Saturday morning - all of them wet. I should have known better really, but enthusiasm does occasionally blind logic... Still, I ended up at Almscliffe (which was reliably in condition) and clearly amazing. Keep the videos coming Dan.
1 Nov, 2016
3 Nov, 2016
Great to see a Yorkshire video, I hope it doesn't attract loads of people to the crags tho... haha Remember Ben from Uni, he was our best boulderer back then too!