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A Brief History of Friends

© Wild Country

Mark Vallance

An interview with Mark Vallance, founder of Wild Country and the man who brought friends to the world.

28 Apr, 2018

marvellous. Thank you

29 Apr, 2018

Great video and great testament to Mark's work and vision. Has anyone tried tracking down the Tomorrow's World footage? I've heard it referenced a few times now but never heard of anyone seeing it recently.

Is the route Wide Country by Ferguson on the Cobbler? I seem to remember that from my Glasgow youth although the routes in that sector were all to hard for me! :-)

29 Apr, 2018

I thought he was referring to the route in Eldorado Canyon. 

29 Apr, 2018

Wonderful. Thanks

29 Apr, 2018

I'm sure you're right Jon. It does seem though that there are two, No match for climb id:61193, 5.11b in Eldorado Canyon and Wide Country E5 on the Cobbler, so I'm not getting too forgetful with age!

Edit: the Cobbler one says first climbed in 1994 so doesn't make sense. I think it has a neighbour called Wild Country (you lose the route find function on edit!) which might be an earlier Cubby route. Perhaps named because Friends made it possible?

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