First Base: Winter Climbing and Base Jumping

© Jöttnar

Tim Howell and Mike Pescod

During a stellar week in early February, Jöttnar Pro Team members Tim Howell and Mike Pescod roped up together. Together they cut a swathe through the Scottish Highlands, climbing and jumping, each taking the other out of their comfort zone.

21 Mar, 2019

Well it might be a giant advert but I don’t mind, that video is stunning and the jumps are really impressive! Well done!

Does anyone know what the grade VI route is? Looks mint!


21 Mar, 2019

I agree, Advert but still great shots, I believe the climb was ‘Promised Land’ VI/6 on Beinn Dorain, Mike posted a pick on his facebook page the other day.

21 Mar, 2019

That ice looked seriously fragile!

21 Mar, 2019

Not as fragile as the jumper-chap's crampon attaching! :-o

Nice film, I still find base a bit alarming though. Wasn't it Emmett who retired from doing it after just seeing too many friends die? Tommy at Jöttnar said that sponsoring the canopy turned out to be one of their best marketing moves because the footage was so great and dramatic it got showed on news websites and maybe even on actual TV all around the world - Scotland looking at its best!

21 Mar, 2019

That must have been a worrying moment!

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