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DMM - Dragonfly Micro Cams

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The Dragonfly Micro Cams provide versatile protection for narrow cracks and pockets. The size 1 Dragonfly is DMM's smallest certified climbing cam. The six cams in the range cover placements from 7.8mm – 28.3mm.

The same camming angle of 13.75°, as used with their Dragons, provides the optimum balance of holding power and range. You will appreciate the holding power of the TripleGrip lobes with their ‘raw alu’ surface, particularly on smooth rock types such as slate and limestone. The narrow head width and compact trigger allow the cams to be placed deep in small pockets.

25 Sep, 2019

These do look nice.

(Was the route Rugosity crack?)


Think Theo did it three times by the end of the filming, so just about had it dialled ;-)

I'll leave him to respond to any direct questions, as he's in the process writing the review.

25 Sep, 2019

it defo was!

25 Sep, 2019

I wonder when the next run of them will hit the stores?

25 Sep, 2019

Looking good! I've got the smallest size and already found it useful! nifty pieces!