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ROCUPtv - Applying Pressure & Understanding Heel Positions


Do you know what your heels are doing when climbing and how important it is to the rest of your body? One of the first things I look out for when assessing new clients is what their heels are up to. This is because it has such a knock-on effect to the rest of the body. If you have low heels on a positive foothold, it will push your body weight and centre of mass away from the wall. This will mean to get closer and to get higher, you will pull. Your core will be disengaged and if you are trying to do a dynamic move with low heels (on a positive foothold), your body will fly away from the wall. 

Another important point is that if you have low heels on a positive hold, chances are, you aren’t applying the pressure through your big toe onto the hold. On the contrary, if you have higher heels on a slopey hold, you will be reducing the contact area and are far more likely to slip. You need to push through your heels and apply as much pressure through your shoe as possible. The two require very different techniques and body positioning. Watch the video to find out more.