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High-performance and Lightweight: The Petzl IKO Headlamp

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What if a headlamp was both high-performance and lightweight? Comfortable and well-balanced? Versatile and inventive?

Conceived after months of research, testing, brainstorming, and innovating, the Petzl IKO headlamp, little by little, began to see the light.

I'm currently writing up the review, but if anyone has any questions in the meanwhile feel free to fire them across - happy to help!

28 Oct

Cheers... looks good - does the cradle work with helmets?

A very good question...

The answer is that it'll fit some, but not others, and even those it does fit it'll be very tight - hence not something you'd want to be doing with cold hands.

Unsurprisingly it fits Petzl helmets such as the Meteor and the Sirocco. I also tried it out on one of Black Diamond's new Capitan helmets, which are coming out next year, and it just fit a size one, but there was no way it was fitting on a size two.

As such, it probably won't be the first choice for climbers, although the irony is that once it is on its low profile nature means you're far less likely to bash it.

28 Oct

Thanks for that. I had wondered if there was a clever 'unslinging' option for the cradle to leave a cord-only attachment for a helmet. My winter lid is a Petzl Boreo, though TBH I most often use a headtorch for dark o'clock starts and late descents rather than when climbing. Round the neck might be less comfortable with this setup?

28 Oct

Does it fit a Black Diamond Vector helmet by any chance? It looks great for trail running but if it has no crossover for climbing its a no go!

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