360 Ascent - The world’s longest artificial multi-pitch route

© Red Bull

World-class climbers Janja Garnbret and Domen Škofic tackle the tallest artificial multi-pitch route in the world when they climb the highest chimney in Europe at Slovenia's Trbovlje Power Station.

27 Jan

Could definitely have been climbed on gear.

27 Jan

Could have saved a lot of money and effort and just climbed an actual multi-pitch route.

I'm sure there is plenty knocking about in Slovenia.

The lengths Red Bull will go to ey..

Obviously artifical and commercial, but a nice film and good to see the satisfaction they seem to have got from pushing themselves into something more intimidating and challenging than many competition climbers do.

27 Jan

This is pretty much exactly what I thought of this. It is a credit to the makers that they didn't go overboard with the "worlds hardest" and "world's first" and "Constant danger" and so on like many other films are wont to. It's also nice that the climbers don't seem to be hamming it up, they look genuinely terrified on the first try (as I'm darn sure I would if my first multi-pitch was 350m high and completely exposed on every side!).

It was quite funny to see such incredibly strong and talented climbers learning multi-pitch rope management like beginners, such a strange juxtaposition (pretty sure Janja actually gets shortroped for first dyno, it does look rather like it).

28 Jan

Heehee, could be the future as so many people who've come into climbing on plastic want to have a go outside. All those cooling towers available as power stations get switched off!

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