V12 OUTDOOR: Five Gift Ideas for Climbers

by UKC Gear Dec/2008
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V12 Outdoor

The V12 Outdoor store is located in the main High Street of Llanberis and is the perfect place to stock up on your Mountain and Rock Climbing Gear. The shop is a main supplier of all specialist outdoor equipment. With an online store to service the customers who can't get to the spectacular Snowdonia; anyone can now buy leading equipment in the comfort of there home. These are our five gift ideas.

1. Set of RP's 0-5 with free prowire carabiner £74.99.

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The original and still the best brassy nuts you can get! Possibly the only time you would be proud to sport small nuts, any self respecting, hard climbing traddist would love a set of these for Christmas.

BUY AT: www.v12outdoor.com

2. DMM 3cu size 1.75 £19.56 down from £37.00.

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The last of the 3cu's and a good size, no one is going to be upset with this in their stocking.

BUY AT: www.v12outdoor.com

3. Grippy2 £6.84

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If you're starting to feel the strain of the in-laws coming around over the festive period and you want to go to the crag but you have to do the social thing, don't worry you can take your frustrations out on the Grip II instead of your partner. Then you get to feel better, work those all important forearm muscles and get in the good books.

BUY AT: www.v12outdoor.com

4. Tent Mule from The North Face £24.46.

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Limited edition Yellow version that comes with a lanyard and crab so when your a little the worse for wear you can clip them to your trousers before you jump into the icy plunge pool. Then of course you'll be the only one with warm feet when/if you emerge!

BUY AT: www.v12outdoor.com

5. The North Face Mini Base Camp Duffel £24.99

V12outdoor2, 54 kb

Need a toilet bag with kudos? Look no further you can now have a complete matching set of TNF Base Camp luggage with these mini accessory bags.

BUY AT: www.v12outdoor.com

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This article has been read 3,791 times
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