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There are over 2,900 videos on We welcome all climbing and mountaineering related video contributions – please contact us if you've got some video footage that you think UKC users would like to see.

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[DMM Cosmetic Seconds Explained ]

76 videos
[Katha Saurwein and Jorg Verhoeven Highballing in Bishop. 'Ambrosia' V11, 'This side of Paradise' V10 etc]

706 videos
[World Championships Munich - Men's qualifications]

154 videos
[Easy Care of GORE-TEX Outerwear]

457 videos
[Crib Goch a Dog and a Quad]

Hill Walking
108 videos
[An interview with Martin Boysen]

24 videos
[Eccentric Exercise for Golfer's Elbow]

90 videos
[Skiing The Midnight Sun]

155 videos
[Route Card Waypoints]

Site Usage
6 videos
[Gabriele Moroni, Bella regis, 8c+, Trento]

Sport climbing
367 videos
[Google Maps of El Capitan]

Trad climbing
326 videos
[Jimmy Marshall, taken from the DVD extras on Echo Wall.  ]

116 videos