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There are over 2,210 videos on We welcome all climbing and mountaineering related video contributions – please contact us if you've got some video footage that you think UKC users would like to see.

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[Helium Friends - The cam is reborn...]

65 videos
[Berlin Urban Buildering]

571 videos
[BATTLE OF BRITAIN 2013 - Bouldering competition]

122 videos
[ OutDoor 2013 - Black Diamond X4]

313 videos
[Night Timelapse Demo - "Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike"]

Hill Walking
39 videos
[INTERVIEW: Stephen Venables]

16 videos
[Self Rescue for Climbers - How to Tie Off a Belay Plate]

68 videos
[INTERVIEW: Jordan Buys on Climbing Malham 9a]

84 videos
[How to create a UKHillwalking Route Card]

Site Usage
6 videos
[Daila Ojeda, Alizee Dufraisse: La Rambla 9a+ and More]

Sport climbing
307 videos
[Michele Caminati climbs 'The New Statesman' E8 7a, Ilkley, UK.]

Trad climbing
272 videos
[Brit Rock Fil Tour 2014]

99 videos