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24 Apr 2015

Bit of a laugh this week for Friday night - with the crazy Belgians and Captain Bob Shepton in Greenland aboard the 30ft boat - The Dodo's Delight.

They might have done a bit of climbing too - but that comes second place to this fantastic music video. Read more

Dodo's Delight, 72 kb

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23 Apr 2015

thumb In early March, Chris Sharma made what's probably his hardest first ascent to date, El bon combat at Cova de Ocell near... Read more

23 Apr 2015

thumb German competition climber Sebastian Halenke has continued his impressive run of form in ticking-off British testpieces whilst on... Read more

22 Apr 2015

thumb 18 year old Anak Verhoeven from Belgium has made the 4th female ascent of Chris Sharma's Era Vella, 9a, at Margalef,... Read more

21 Apr 2015

thumb Ted Kingsnorth has made the first ascent of a link-up joining 8b into 8b at , to produce The Terminator - at an unconfirmed... Read more

21 Apr 2015

thumb A major rockslide has occurred on the  - also known as the Stawamus Chief - in Canada. No climbers or... Read more

21 Apr 2015

thumb Dai Koyamada has repeated Yasha and Minerva, both ~8B+, at Mizugaki, Japan. I've done 2 problems of V14 [8B+] at Mizugaki in... Read more

20 Apr 2015

thumb A group of nine mountaineers have had thousands of pounds stolen by their Himalayan tour operator. The team of eight... Read more

20 Apr 2015

thumb Oli Grounsell has made the fourth ascent of 8c+ at Lower Pen Trwyn, North Wales, just two weeks after James Mchaffie... Read more

20 Apr 2015

thumb US climber Ronnie Dickson believes he has become the first above-knee amputee to climb V10/7C+ with an ascent of in... Read more

20 Apr 2015

thumb At the start of June last year, DMM loaded up the van with climbing gear and a small exhibition stand to visit Bornholm for... Read more

18 Apr 2015

thumb Toshi Takeuchi has made the 4th ascent of Dai Koyamda's Orochi, ~8C, at Kanoto, Japan. This was Toshi's first of the grade,... Read more

17 Apr 2015

thumb It's rare to see animated climbing and mountaineering films, and it's safe to say that tonight's Friday Night... Read more

17 Apr 2015

thumb The gritstone keeps on giving! In what seems to have become a rare occurrence these days, Dave Sutcliffe has found... Read more

Press Releases

17 Apr 2015

thumb From the 23rd of April until the 17th of May, EDELRID are bringing their rope making secrets to partner stores across the country. Read more

13 Apr 2015

thumb Through our $20 Million & Change venture fund, we're investing in a ground breaking company working to create better chemistry... Read more

11 Apr 2015

thumb Nikwax, the global leader in outdoor aftercare, is excited to introduce Down Wash Direct®, the first aftercare product... Read more

8 Apr 2015

thumb Win up to £250 in one of King Kong Climbing Centres competitions, for Keswick Mountain Festival 2015 Read more

Mar 2015

thumb There have been many exciting developments at Kendal Wall over the past year, with improvements to existing facilities and... Read more


24 Apr 2015

thumb In 1985 Five Ten made the world's first approach shoe with their ground-breaking product – the Five Tennie. It's gone through... Read more

15 Apr 2015

thumb A crash pad for the most demanding boulderers, suitable for highballs and equipped with a whole range of top-notch features.... Read more

Outdoor Industry Jobs

21 Apr 2015

thumb Alter Rock Climbing Gym and Activity Centre in Derby are looking for Part-time/Freelance Qualified Instructors (CWA or SPA). Read more

14 Apr 2015

thumb If you have a passion for the mountains and outdoor activity, Mountainsun Ltd have a vacancy for a Chalet Host/Bar Person /Driver... Read more

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