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9 Dec 2016

This August, 'Wideboyz' Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker broke the Staffordshire Nose Challenge record, knocking two and a quarter hours off the previous record and finishing in 2 hours 44 minutes.

UKC were present throughout each stage of their journey, and can vouch for how exhausting just keeping up with Pete and Tom on foot was, let alone actually climbing the routes! A video has just been released by Dark Sky Media of their valiant effort...

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Wideboyz and the Staffs Nose, 71 kb

More Climbing News

8 Dec 2016

thumb The late Dan Osman achieved fame through a widely-shared video of a speed solo ascent of Bear's Reach 5.7 on Lover's Leap,... Read more

8 Dec 2016

thumb Melissa LeNevé has made the first female ascent of Arnaud Ceintre's La cicatrice de l'ohm, ~8B,... Read more

8 Dec 2016

thumb The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that Sport Climbing (lead, bouldering and speed climbing) will join the... Read more

7 Dec 2016

thumb British alpinist Tom Ballard and his Polish climbing partner Marcin Tomaszewski have established a new route up the North... Read more

7 Dec 2016

thumb In early May, Seb Bouin made the first ascent of Mangarbo in the Villanueva del Rosario cave in Andalusia, Spain. Now there is a... Read more

6 Dec 2016

thumb We recently reported on Dave Sharpe and John Crook's expedition to the Miyar Valley area of the Indian Himalaya. The pair... Read more

2 Dec 2016

thumb In October 2016 Nick Bullock and Paul Ramsden made the first ascent of a 1600m, ED+ route up the North Buttress of... Read more

2 Dec 2016

thumb Alastair Lee of Posing Productions has shared some extra footage from his award-winning documentary on the colourful... Read more

1 Dec 2016

thumb Greg Boswell is one of the UK’s strongest Scottish winter climbers, motivated by the drive to push his physical limit and... Read more

1 Dec 2016

thumb Inspired by last year's Kendal Mountain Festival, Tom Pearce - aged 11 - decided he wanted to make a film about his love of... Read more

30 Nov 2016

thumb Last month we reported on the successful British expedition to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia that made a 16-day ski... Read more

28 Nov 2016

thumb Wise from previous years, I won't give anything away, but let's just say it was a good show with some mind blowing... Read more

28 Nov 2016

thumb Calum Muskett and Dan McManus have just returned from Wadi Rum in southern Jordan, where they scoped out and bolted a... Read more

Press Releases

7 Dec 2016

thumb Iconic Swedish stove brand Primus is delighted to announce that it has appointed 23 year old Scottish climber Uisdean Hawthorn as... Read more

23 Nov 2016

thumb Even Osprey Europe's HQ isn't immune to the internet. The staff over at Talon House (Osprey Europe headquarters) have been very... Read more

22 Nov 2016

thumb Simon McCartney's mountaineering epic The Bond has won the 2016 Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature. McCartney was... Read more

17 Nov 2016

thumb Visit the Climbers Against Cancer stand in the brand new Shackleton Tent at Kendal Mountain festival and, in return for a... Read more

16 Nov 2016

thumb At this years Kendal Mountain Festival, Rab have partnered with the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) to host a... Read more


8 Dec 2016

thumb Love your down jacket but wish you could wear it in the rain?  Well thanks to Nikwax and its revolutionary, environmentally... Read more

5 Dec 2016

thumb LEKI poles have just got media friendly: they can now accommodate a GoPro.  This feature has been added to LEKI's entire racing... Read more

1 Dec 2016

thumb Organic Climbing and Friction Labs are teaming up to give away the perfect accessories bundle for any climber. The bundle is... Read more

Outdoor Industry Jobs

5 Dec 2016

thumb We have two positions at our fantastic new bouldering wall in, Hackney Wick, East London. The wall is due to open in January 2017... Read more

28 Nov 2016

thumb CLIMBING THE WALLS is a new Climbing Centre in the heart for Shrewsbury and we are looking to put together an experienced team... Read more