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2 Feb 2016

This is a good book, well written and engaging, very much typifying the understated British mountaineer, and somehow including some incredible achievements, yet making them sound like everyone could reach those heights.

Scott's wonderfully matter of fact prose, which is an absolute antidote to today's hype, is juxtaposed with short bursts of interesting description that open a window to his real character and his experiences on the top of the world, where he speaks of 'tapping in to morphic fields'... Read more

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12 Feb 2016

thumb New from Evolv this year are two great all day rockshoes perfect for entry level and those seeking optimum comfort. For the men... Read more

5 Feb 2016

thumb The Zenith pant are 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex and compliments the ABK range by giving you a light weight climbing pant at a very... Read more

3 Feb 2016

thumb The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is ISPO in Munich. There were some exciting new products on offer... Read more

3 Feb 2016

thumb The next generation of Cornish guidebooks from The Climbers' Club is off to a terrific start with publication of the definitive... Read more

2 Feb 2016

thumb The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is ISPO in Munich. There were some exciting new products on offer... Read more

29 Jan 2016

thumb ABK's classic climbing pant with euroflair Read more

27 Jan 2016

thumb New for this year from the Chris Sharma signiture series is the Shaman 2. Superb high performance rockshoe offering downturned... Read more

21 Jan 2016

thumb Berghaus is celebrating after its latest product innovation was crowned the best in class at the 2016 ISPO Awards. The Extrem... Read more

20 Jan 2016

thumb We at Moon climbing are Proud to support local Sheffield artists and businesses where we can. To this end we have worked with... Read more

14 Jan 2016

thumb If you thought the Scarpa Furia looked technical, here is a boot that makes it look pre-historic. Welcome to the stage the... Read more

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4 Feb 2016

thumb Introducing the latest addition to the Arc'teryx Atom family: the Atom SL Hoody. Hitting the shops in Spring/Summer 2016, this... Read more

18 Jan 2016

thumb There are many ways to wreck a pair of poles. My favoured approach is to pick a course back and forth across huge piles of... Read more

Dec 2015

thumb If we had to sum this up in one word... it's BIG! The basic design follows the traditional centre-fold mat design but it... Read more

Dec 2015

thumb Established in 1967, Lowe Alpine has a reputation for making high quality and long lasting, climbing packs, backpacks, and travel... Read more

Dec 2015

thumb Stuck for a few last minute stocking fillers for the climber in your life? Here's a few quick ideas for small gifts that could... Read more

Dec 2015

thumb Rob Greenwood reviews the Organic Big Pad and concludes that it is, indeed very BIG, very good, and very expensive! Read more

Dec 2015

thumb Christmas is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time of year to settle in front of the fire with a glass of wine and a... Read more

Dec 2015

thumb Fenrir means 'he who dwells in the marshes' in old Norse... Although marshes aren't the first environment I'd associate with... Read more

Dec 2015

thumb With its wet and windy weather, high aerobic output and general wear and tear, winter is hard on your waterproofs. So what makes... Read more

Nov 2015

thumb Rab have been synonymous with down products ever since they were founded back in the 1980s, here's how one of their latest... Read more

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