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NEWS: WARNING: Dangerous Bolts on Welsh Slate71,07227-Mar-14
VIDEO: INTERVIEW: James McHaffie on Indian Face, 9a and Extreme Solo Plans51,17927-Mar-14
VIDEO: INTERVIEW: Jordan Buys on Climbing Malham 9a-23927-Mar-14
NEWS: La Dura Dura 9b+, Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma - FULL MOVIE111,55527-Mar-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Potential New 8A for West Penwith111,06027-Mar-14
NEWS: CWIF Report 2014-14026-Mar-14
NEW ARTICLE: UKC/UKH Mountain Photography Awards 2013131,34226-Mar-14
NEWS: 4th ascent of Corona, 9a+, by Neumärker125426-Mar-14
EVENT: Save £200 with our Ama Dablam Early Booking Discount-9626-Mar-14
VIDEO: Winter Climbing in Iceland-12826-Mar-14
NEWS: The Story of two worlds, ~8C, by Jimmy Webb-13025-Mar-14
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Sharma and Glowacz - the Full Story372,37125-Mar-14
NEWS: NEWSFLASH: 2nd Ascent of Baron Greenback for Bransby-25825-Mar-14
OI NEWS: Berghaus adds ski alpinist Ross Hewitt to team of athletes-11225-Mar-14
NEWS: Sean 'Stanley' Leary Killed BASE Jumping187424-Mar-14
NEWS: Favela, 8c+, by Ashima Shiraishi361024-Mar-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Eliot Stephens Climbs Multiple Peak 8A's268224-Mar-14
OI NEWS: La Sportiva Weekend feat. Adam Ondra at Outside-20424-Mar-14
NEWS: China Crisis, 8b+, for Katy Whittaker450223-Mar-14
NEWS: Pure Now, E9 6c, FA at Millstone for Tom Randall243,97422-Mar-14
JOBS: New Jobs this week-22721-Mar-14
NEWS: 8A+ and 8A flash for Puccio-13621-Mar-14
NEWS: VIDEOS: Nalle & Niky at Red Rocks-10020-Mar-14
NEWS: DWS in the Philippines with James & Caro118020-Mar-14
NEWS: Friday Vid: One-day Winter Cuillin Traverse181,25520-Mar-14
NEWS: Quick Grit 8As for 17 year old James Squire150219-Mar-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Nalle Hukkataival repeats Gioia81,64019-Mar-14
OI NEWS: Arc'teryx Alpine Academy: 2014 Workshop Schedule Announced-10819-Mar-14
OI NEWS: UKC Visit to Mammut HQ, Switzerland - Design Team Q&A325419-Mar-14
VIDEO: Expedition Approach To Kistwar - Scariest Road Ever?!328218-Mar-14
NEWS: Jacob Cook Climbs New Gritstone E9 at Ilkley163,26218-Mar-14
NEWS: Got a View On How Stanage Should Be Run?132718-Mar-14
NEWS: NEWSFLASH: 8b+ for Katy Whittaker244918-Mar-14
NEW ARTICLE: Competition - Win a Pair of 5.10 Anasazi Pinks-33117-Mar-14
VIDEO: Hazel Findlay and Jack Geldard - Alpine First Ascent - Chamonix872215-Mar-14
NEWS: Toupie Carnivore assis, ~8C, by Hukkataival-11115-Mar-14
NEW ARTICLE: Ultimate UK Trad: Pabbay & Mingulay512,37114-Mar-14
NEWS: Multiple ascent by Jimmy Webb & Co.-12314-Mar-14
LIVE on UKC: Tom Randall 8 - 9 pm TONIGHT 672,51314-Mar-14
OI NEWS: The CWIF 2014 - This Weekend-17714-Mar-14
OI NEWS: La Sportiva Ski Mountaineering Boots-12914-Mar-14
JOBS: New Jobs this week-14814-Mar-14
NEWS: VIDEO; Secret New Route for Sharma and Glowacz132,72413-Mar-14
NEWS: The Story of 2 worlds, ~8C, by Toru Nakajima150313-Mar-14
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Babsi Zangerl climbs Prinzip Hoffnung, 8b+ E9/10-13912-Mar-14
VIDEO: CWIF Preview for 2014-10812-Mar-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Dave Graham vs Foundation's Edge391111-Mar-14
NEWS: VIDEOS: The Nest, 8C, x 2 and more-11011-Mar-14
NEWS: 3rd Ascent of Melody E8 for Benno Wagner-22911-Mar-14
OI NEWS: 'A Grand Day' In at Kendal Wall-14611-Mar-14
VIDEO: Adam Watson - Hueco 2014 Bouldering Trip-11211-Mar-14
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Yosemite HD II340910-Mar-14
When using Report Abuse, please give us the time of the post1396510-Mar-14
OI NEWS: PODSACS - Living at Planet X134910-Mar-14
OI NEWS: The CWIF 2014 - Video Preview-10110-Mar-14
OI NEWS: Mammut Q&A - what would you like to know?959410-Mar-14
NEWS: NEWSFLASH: Terrier's Tooth Damaged in Major Storm262,76809-Mar-14
NEWS: La Toupie Carnivore assis. ~8C FA by Guillaume Glairon Mondet-8709-Mar-14
VIDEO: Yosemite HD II220409-Mar-14
NEWS: Good start by Webb in Switzerland-12509-Mar-14
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