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The forum used by UKC Staff for News Items, Articles and to make general announcements. Only UKC Staff can start a thread in this forum although all registered users can reply. This forum is heavily moderated and, although we welcome discussion, please make it positive and on the topic of the threads. These forum messages are embedded in to our News and Articles pages, integrating the forum comments in to the actual editorial parts of the site. Consequently this isn't the place for the "This isn't news", or "I bet it's not really E9", comments. Please keep those to ROCKTALK or one of the other forums.

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NEWS: VIDEO: Paige Claassen in Italy, featuring Art Attack, 8c slabUKC News352808-Nov-13
NEWS: Vivian quarry major rockfallaled butler143,09908-Nov-13
NEWS: Winter is Here! Routes Ticked in ScotlandUKC News131108-Nov-13
NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: Lucy Creamer's 'Hand Picked' Avon GorgeUKC Articles372,68708-Nov-13
NEWS: REPORT: 2013 Women's Climbing SymposiumUKC News-22007-Nov-13
NEW ARTICLE: Mammut Competition - WIN a down jacketUKC Articles-22507-Nov-13
VIDEO: Live your DreamsUKC Videos562606-Nov-13
NEWS: Coma sant pere, 8c+, by DufraisseUKC News-8306-Nov-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Alexander Megos climbs Wheelchair, ~9a+UKC News81,46506-Nov-13
OI NEWS: Equip sell Podsacs to Planet XUKC Gear581506-Nov-13
COMPETITION: Win a Carousel CalendarUKC Articles-10806-Nov-13
NEW ARTICLE: DWS Round-Up 2013UKC Articles146705-Nov-13
NEWS: UKC Forums Q & A with Alan JamesUKC News2608,86305-Nov-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Nalle Hukkataival in the Grampians, part IIUKC News125605-Nov-13
OI NEWS: Andy Turner Joins Marmot Athlete TeamUKC Gear-20504-Nov-13
NEW ARTICLE: COMPETITION: Win An Exped DownMat UL 7 Sleeping MatUKC Articles360504-Nov-13
UKC Logbook ChangesAlan James - UKC and UKH492,69604-Nov-13
NEWS: Woods climbs The Ice knife sds. ~8C(?)UKC News250303-Nov-13
OI NEWS: Kendal Mountain Festival 2013 - Film PreviewUKC Gear760202-Nov-13
NEWS: Two ~8c's by Alexandra TaistraUKC News233301-Nov-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Happy Winter - Ski Mountaineering with Andreas FranssonUKC News1185701-Nov-13
COMPETITION: Win An Outdoor Research Maximus JacketUKC Articles125401-Nov-13
NEWS: Rebecca Kinghorn (14) climbs Daniboy 8aUKC News261,97801-Nov-13
NEWS: Jan Hojer climbs Mecanique Elementaire, ~8CUKC News128731-Oct-13
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Hazel Findlay Climbs Freerider on El CapitanUKC News41,31131-Oct-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Ciavaldini & Pearson in MeteoraUKC News268531-Oct-13
NEWS: Battle Of Britian Comp Report 2013UKC News245730-Oct-13
NEWS: Paul Robinson climbs Jaws II, 9a+UKC News134630-Oct-13
NEWS: Chris Sharma To Try Dawn Wall Project On El CapitanUKC News223,00030-Oct-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Nalle Hukkataival in the GrampiansUKC News127730-Oct-13
NEWS: Three 9a's in a day by OndraUKC News111,39229-Oct-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Ashima Shiraishi in ColoradoUKC News233429-Oct-13
NEWS: FRIDAY MORNING VIDEO (and Interview): Pete Whittaker on Baron Greenback UKC News61,53229-Oct-13
NEW ARTICLE: TRIP REPORT: Hazel Findlay and Alex Honnold in South AfricaUKC Articles290929-Oct-13
NEWS: Another 8B flash by Jimmy WebbUKC News-7829-Oct-13
NEWS: Euan McFadyn climbs font 8A aged 15UKC News101,68728-Oct-13
NEWS: Two 8B+'s by Camargo in SwitzerlandUKC News-6628-Oct-13
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Emma Twyford Climbs E9UKC News486727-Oct-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Chris Sharma in AustraliaUKC News383727-Oct-13
NEWS: Gekko, ~8B+, first ascent by KoyamadaUKC News-10126-Oct-13
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-30925-Oct-13
NEWS: Richard Waterton Climbs The Kepwick Groove - E8UKC News152,39524-Oct-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Alexander Megos in the GrampiansUKC News261924-Oct-13
NEWS: Fowler & Ramsden: 1st Ascent of Kishtwar KailashUKC News122,12024-Oct-13
NEW ARTICLE: The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival ReportUKC Articles91,14923-Oct-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Anam Cara, ~8B+, by Fabian BuhlUKC News-6523-Oct-13
NEWS: El Capitan Climbed Despite Closure And Without Use of LegsUKC News267723-Oct-13
NEWS: 4th ascent of Jaws II, 9a+, by Andrew PalmerUKC News-15122-Oct-13
NEWS: Graham makes FA of Foundation's edge, ~8C, at FionnayUKC News61,18521-Oct-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Ueli Steck on the South Face of Annapurna UKC News101,57921-Oct-13
COMP: Jöttnar: Two Years in Design, Development and TestingUKC Articles111,45421-Oct-13
NEWS: Finlay Wild on His New Cuillin Record UKC News-37021-Oct-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: WCJ - A Few Hidden ClassicsUKC News181,59820-Oct-13
News: Finlay Wild Runs Sub 3hr Cuillin Ridge Traversemountaineer884,81319-Oct-13
NEWS: Dog Saved From a Tight SpotUKC News332,85218-Oct-13
NEWS: Nalle Hukkataival closing in on the next levelUKC News166818-Oct-13
NEWS: Ueli Steck - Annapurna South Face Solo - 28 HoursUKC News456,49218-Oct-13
OI NEWS: New Climbers Shop WebsiteUKC Gear-23618-Oct-13
NEWS: Nostalgia, ~8B+, first ascent by KoyamadaUKC News-10218-Oct-13
NEWS: Potemkin, 8c+, by Eva LopezUKC News1560617-Oct-13
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