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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.
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Will Gadd Climbing Masterclasses22,95524-Jun-14
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IBS Sufferers who run1764717:14 Fri
8 weeks to go and I've broken my toe. 1654305:35 Fri
Rapid conversion from half to (first) full marathon1638301:37 Fri
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My Legs don't work1660817:10 Wed
Replacement for race walking?531,02423:24 Tue
Salomon Switch - wow!-21511:58 Tue
Marathon du Mont Blanc registration dates?210122:51 Mon
NEW ROUTE CARD: Ultra Tour of Suffolk-7225-Aug-14
Very stiff lower calf/achilles area1656623-Aug-14
Berghaus trail chase638721-Aug-14
Ultra Tour of Snowdonia545621-Aug-14
Hadrians wall327820-Aug-14
Slow runner - joining a running club161,42219-Aug-14
UTMB (CCC) - Plan d’Aiguille117918-Aug-14
Pain in lower shin area1237914-Aug-14
Lakeland 50/100 341,84004-Aug-14
Running socks1954904-Aug-14
North Downs Way 100-8901-Aug-14
Lowe Alpine MM 2014331,26501-Aug-14
GPS device and Strava niggles419631-Jul-14
Why did Osagie complain?-23629-Jul-14
Hoka running shoes435924-Jul-14
Tranter's Round452021-Jul-14
Loch Ness Marathon - room available-12421-Jul-14
Insurance for running?738921-Jul-14
Strava Segments and accuracy1363718-Jul-14
Sub 3hrs at next VLM530417-Jul-14
Orthotics for runners.1036216-Jul-14
Marathon training advice: feasibiltiy and training pace1468315-Jul-14
Recommend me a shop/some shoes931414-Jul-14
Anyone else doing the Saunders this weekend?742714-Jul-14
Running pack for tall people1032511-Jul-14
Mountain running shoes2794411-Jul-14
Innov8 sizing?1229010-Jul-14
Basic running training - distance vs technique241,13009-Jul-14
(relatively) flat running routes High Peak?422408-Jul-14
Marathon Des Sables on s4c120707-Jul-14
calculating calories in/out?1440707-Jul-14
15 miles run from Burley in Wharfedale1230701-Jul-14
Half Iron-man training?1158226-Jun-14
Steve Birkinshaw's Wainwright round201,56725-Jun-14
Rigby Round news220825-Jun-14
Small / Light stoves for MM use?2899125-Jun-14
GPS Long Life Watch1553224-Jun-14
New West Highland Way Race record...1070923-Jun-14
Garmin Connect Upload Problem721323-Jun-14
Stud Marks on the Summits111,19322-Jun-14
corfu trail running115519-Jun-14
Dehydrated food recommendations427018-Jun-14
VO2 Max334617-Jun-14
South Downs Way 100745317-Jun-14
UTMB qual races2098016-Jun-14
First triathlon - yet again271,04815-Jun-14
Running Achilles Tendon Injury - Experiences of Others?2589314-Jun-14
Nicky Spinks breaks ladies' record for Ramsay's Round171,29913-Jun-14
Tasting blood while running859313-Jun-14
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