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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.
Seasonal Climbing Wall Instructor -789
Trainee Instructor 182,261
Climbing/Ropes Course Jobs - USA-104
Andy Cave Lecture - RGS, London-247
BMC Climbing Injury Symposium-229
Any events in the Peak over Christmas?3196
Who exercises/does physio while brushing teeth?17842
Iliotibial Band Syndrome 6261
Road equivalent of a Salomon Speedcross 38201
Badger Chasing2402
Marathon du Mont Blanc18703
Beachy Head Marathon-71
Amsterdam Marathon11552
Dragons Back Race 20153251
OMM 2014 entry wanted (any class:)1262
Ankle strengthening 7410
My 5k run time disappointment 12871
Ultra near Manchester7273
Guiding blind runners1120
10+km to half in six weeks?9358
What pace should I race my half at?481,812
Cheltenham runners-88
From marathon to fell running24957
Trail des Aiguilles Rouges 20145371
Strava or Nike+?16662
park running in london4236
Royal Parks Half Marathon-80
Where did you run at weekend? 18545
Marathon record gets broken.171,282
place on the snowdon marathon-129
Marathon du Mont Blanc registration dates?4277
RAB Mountain Marathon Entry 1203
Advice on starting to take running more seriously.391,266
Blood blisters and calluses7275
Calf Problems3244
Llanberis Recommendations9569
Torch for running16788
Loch Ness Marathon - midge fest?2216
IBS Sufferers who run20961
snowdon marathon2269
GPS device and Strava niggles12464
Explorer Events Raid 3-77
Rab mountain marathon 3314
Ben Nevis Race16775
Why go running?391,865
A marathon a day... and a bit more14634
Recommendations for a minimal road shoe please6297
ultra marathon training8558
UK version of I Run Far7571
Gait analysis4412
Rapid conversion from half to (first) full marathon19600
Lung Pain Running Outdoors6299
Cheap isotonic drink181,260
bumbag or small rucksack? 6368
8 weeks to go and I've broken my toe. 16604
Sites listing forthcoming races?12318
My Legs don't work16690
Replacement for race walking?531,082
Salomon Switch - wow!-319
NEW ROUTE CARD: Ultra Tour of Suffolk-127
Very stiff lower calf/achilles area16627
Berghaus trail chase6436
Ultra Tour of Snowdonia5535
Hadrians wall3327

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