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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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Compression Tights637728-Oct-13
Trail marathon advice1259628-Oct-13
Wish me luck.1465627-Oct-13
Hoka Highland Fling. Anyone getting excited?1166225-Oct-13
OMM this weekend. Lift Needed227524-Oct-13
Baikal ice marathon116523-Oct-13
What does Max Heart Rate actually refer to ?221,05623-Oct-13
Compression socks - recommendations1458422-Oct-13
Last 10 days preparation857319-Oct-13
Memory Map122117-Oct-13
Running HR Zones1963817-Oct-13
Anyone want a half price OMM entry for 26th/27th Oct?-25016-Oct-13
Mont Blanc Marathon 2014-28016-Oct-13
DOMS and Body Weight555915-Oct-13
Running Websites334615-Oct-13
Pen Fell Race336715-Oct-13
Running advice271,11114-Oct-13
Calculating miles1288211-Oct-13
Killarney Adventure Race-12309-Oct-13
Camelback, bumbag or backpack1052309-Oct-13
Recovery from muscle cramps in the leg2078207-Oct-13
Salomon Speedcross 31172404-Oct-13
FRA website-hacked?241,92304-Oct-13
Which GPS running only watch?2870901-Oct-13
Royal Parks Half - Transferring Place213901-Oct-13
Over-pronation one foot only1440501-Oct-13
Badly sprained knee636730-Sep-13
Berlin marathon record broken758229-Sep-13
So near yet so far-26729-Sep-13
Ultra marathon tips291,45728-Sep-13
when are results of ballot for London marathon?2562927-Sep-13
compartment syndrome- non surgical treatment-14126-Sep-13
Shoe for road & trail - experiences/recommendations?842526-Sep-13
Patello-femoral syndrome841725-Sep-13
Cross Country2168223-Sep-13
Yoga, pilates, weights? What's better for running?1249521-Sep-13
Montane Trail 10/26231720-Sep-13
Walsh v Mudclaw 300s v Fellraisers972720-Sep-13
After the marathon, next steps?3193019-Sep-13
Triathlon article...2581419-Sep-13
Naylor, Bland, X?301,24818-Sep-13
Peris Horseshoe281,11317-Sep-13
Garmin 410 or 610519917-Sep-13
Callum Musket can not only climb-56817-Sep-13
Half marathon in a fortnight?782,69116-Sep-13
Wow! new Garmin watches246216-Sep-13
Mountain trial today.235116-Sep-13
GPX handling software112616-Sep-13
55 times over Shining Tor anyone?211,21116-Sep-13
Matterhorn Speed Record370316-Sep-13
The walk of shame..121,35415-Sep-13
Punter vs Pro speed Matterhorn 973813-Sep-13
Hako running shoes2787413-Sep-13
Running with music371,13711-Sep-13
Celibacy to improve focus341,87211-Sep-13
Autumn / Winter half marathons2181508-Sep-13
Ben Nevis Race.361,11207-Sep-13
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