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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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Quick way to get rid of blisters1690618-Apr-13
If you put a runner on a treadmill that is travelling at...492,63917-Apr-13
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kinder downfall race1477917-Apr-13
Running in serious snow251,34716-Apr-13
Heart rate spikes749915-Apr-13
running in the cold.....301,32815-Apr-13
Recommend a trail running shoe?281,50613-Apr-13
running with wet feet1057613-Apr-13
Tomorrow's run - tell me what to do547512-Apr-13
10k, half, full & ultra marathon entry Endurancelife Exmoor CTS1973712-Apr-13
Cooper Memorial Hill Race - Loch Muick-22712-Apr-13
help finding a shop selling running shoes in south wales229911-Apr-13
Height gain query (run mapping on UKC)1151010-Apr-13
40 minute 10k191,84908-Apr-13
How to toughen my feet1668708-Apr-13
1st 10k under my belt336407-Apr-13
Pen y Fan running conditions. 125806-Apr-13
What size trail shoes should I buy?1045705-Apr-13
Snowdonia winter running conditions151,29203-Apr-13
More miles? Or quicker?1647703-Apr-13
Last week preps for a 10k635002-Apr-13
Running/Trail/Outdoor shops in London432302-Apr-13
Recommend a buggy!329102-Apr-13
Highlander Mountain Marathon - Creag Meagaidh138829-Mar-13
mixed running shoe1249929-Mar-13
Stitch, again!!!!1153128-Mar-13
Free cross training for a runner855428-Mar-13
Shin Splints741627-Mar-13
Bad toe - foot specialist needed-23327-Mar-13 - Any thoughts?337325-Mar-13
runkesboyrun- a new take on running-31024-Mar-13
The deer stalker2013-23824-Mar-13
smoothie/milkshake revelation391,20723-Mar-13
Newbie runner seeks help :)775122-Mar-13
Pulling out of a race271,44621-Mar-13
Worth reading running etc blogs436121-Mar-13
10K postmortem - anyone with patience?181,56121-Mar-13
Becoming the All-Terrain Human452921-Mar-13
Running close to Beppu, Japan-18219-Mar-13
Sore Feet936018-Mar-13
Old School Training251,62118-Mar-13
knee pain1977515-Mar-13
Polished project - short film558613-Mar-13
Books about hill-running941913-Mar-13
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