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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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Road ID Bracelets231,26702-Jan-13
Physio Ambleside334202-Jan-13
Recommend me a running jacket241,30502-Jan-13
Brown Willy run - new year's day1365501-Jan-13
Runner's knee advice/treatments/spells2292731-Dec-12
Record broken for Winter Ramsay Round151,09528-Dec-12
Inspirer me570525-Dec-12
Rain and long hair111,07224-Dec-12
Managing Deceleration246724-Dec-12
Running Routes near Hawes433723-Dec-12
Xmas Eve (Monday) 3 peaks run? -33622-Dec-12
NO Lamm 2013!699022-Dec-12
Inov8 advice2798422-Dec-12
Windproof Gilet1579221-Dec-12
How fast is fast372,12220-Dec-12
Snow/Ice Running2085620-Dec-12
NEW ROUTE CARD: Dig Deep - Intro Ultra 30 mile race-42319-Dec-12
Navigation books - suggestions for present840818-Dec-12
Milford Track in a day.181,35718-Dec-12
Peak run from Chapel 132717-Dec-12
Winter Paddy723,14617-Dec-12
Recommended Physios. podiatrists in Stockport/Manchester area631316-Dec-12
Silva wrist compass - anyone got any experience?135215-Dec-12
100k a week 111,11512-Dec-12
Extra places in the Highland Fling next year131210-Dec-12
Heart Rate Monitors962506-Dec-12
Recommend a 10 mile run the Peak to me please757106-Dec-12
Long Distance Runners beware!151,43105-Dec-12
Anglesey ultra for Mountain Rescue233405-Dec-12
Upping the distance439404-Dec-12
4 weeks to train for a Marathon?582,97903-Dec-12
Get up and go..391,63630-Nov-12
recommend me a wimmins running jacket440729-Nov-12
Alberto Salazar -Mo farah's coach653329-Nov-12
Highlander Mountain Marathon249128-Nov-12
Music to run to?1794227-Nov-12
GU Canal Race 20131677526-Nov-12
Running/Climbing compatability141026-Nov-12
Best gym exercices to improve running251,31925-Nov-12
Hoka bondi b running shoe wanted size 8227523-Nov-12
Mountain Running Recommendation accessible from Edinburgh 2188723-Nov-12
Running (training) books1387822-Nov-12
80km Mont blanc Marathon345922-Nov-12
Changing a battery on a Garmin 405-27122-Nov-12
Which marathon331,38821-Nov-12
Training for Beep Test211,07219-Nov-12
trainers found: road below millstone -24216-Nov-12
Suggestions for fell running shoes-particularly of a large size252315-Nov-12
Waterproof running kit1697914-Nov-12
Fell Running171,58213-Nov-12
Fell running - does it get any easier?192,34413-Nov-12
Tankys Trog 2012335713-Nov-12
Shin Splints? Do I have them? How to recover?1568913-Nov-12
Heel pain 331612-Nov-12
How painful are eccentric loading exercises?754311-Nov-12
Inov8 Running Socks for men137211-Nov-12
Trail vs Road shoes1572911-Nov-12
Running shoe advice / help1248508-Nov-12
Improving running speed1573907-Nov-12
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